Work from anywhere, using any device, with a secure and reliable video conferencing, chat, and business phone solution. Who says you have to wait for the boss to promote you to finally get that corner … Carving out a dedicated home office in your home not only gives you a place to focus on work—the right home office can also increase your productivity and inspire creativity. This article may include references and links to products and services from one or more of our advertisers. There is ample room to move around, which also is great for assessing, shipping, or organizing inventory or products, too. This lovely home office space from Paper and Stitch proves you can carve out a work oasis in a bedroom. Add an accent chair or a bookcase or two to complete the look. Keep a corner untethered by furnishings and add a plant or small tree for an eco-friendly focal point. We may be paid compensation when you click on links to those products and/or services. There is a clubhouse-feel to this unique office that makes you automatically at-ease. When I became a freelancer, I didn’t understand the value of dedicated office space. The side-chairs free up more room than a sofa, and the facing work surfaces are more compact and streamlined than a traditional desk. This office plan allows you to have sweeping space surrounding your chair, making use of corners for additional storage and seating. This office layout is crafted for the team, and to get things done! This lovely attic office from lauracoxhome proves that a well-placed window can transform an office and add maximum natural light. Take a look at some efficient home offices that make the most of a small space. First, I made a to-scale drawing of my room. The simple configuration is traditional, and this would appear very regal and well-thought-out when replicated in the home. To help get your creative juices flowing, we've rounded up some amazing home office ideas, such as this one from elizagranstudio. This is a space where things get done, congruent with productivity. 8x8 apps for desktop and mobile allow you to bring business communications with you everywhere you go. Bring life into your home office with greenery, like these cactus plants from houseoffprimrose. There are different sectors within the space that allow for separate functions, yet solidarity among those you are working with. From the desk facing the door, there is a feeling of calm control. It had been a spare room that now mostly serves as her husband’s office. Your home office can be a great place to experiment with textures, colors and designs. The workstation in the corner is expansive and offers plenty of room for spreading out and digging in. The walls anchor miles of surface space for spreading out materials and getting down to work. Can You Use a Condo or Townhouse Solely for Your Business Office? We also believe that the best video meetings are designed by all. A home office is much more than that for a telecommuter or at-home worker: at times, it is the only way that working from home is possible! You probably need a sturdy, ergonomic desk chair for your actual desk, but adding an accent chair like this one from thekiwihome can give you a place to step away and relax while you're working. The position of the door and the corner seating unit make this office space seem large and lofty. It's important to get the lighting right in your office and a mixture of soft and bright lighting can be a great way to change things up based on your mood. Each individual unit has ample space and surface area for whatever you do- and when not in use, these workstations are discreetly tucked along the wall, out of the way. We love this little office space from wishahmon that features a gallery wall with pieces filled with meaning. Surface space along a wall faces a wall with two empty corners- except for maybe a plant- to create the illusion of openness; it works! The way the two distinct areas of this home office layout are positioned, it is perfect for collaborating. The durable and spacious 60W surface provides plenty of room to spread out with a computer, paperwork and more while taking on your daily tasks. If you're into the Mid-century modern look, this decor style is a great way to create a calming, meditative mood in your home office. Trying to squeeze a dedicated home office into a small home can be a challenge. This beautiful home office from cazmyersdesign is giving us major retro vibes. Sometimes just moving locations can get your creative juices flowing and help you come up with that next big idea. Behind the plant is the end of the workstation that wraps around two entire walls, providing surface space for miles! The configuration demonstrated here allows for maximum seating, perfect for team meetings or small groups. This contemporary home office combines style, comfort and function. From team meetings to group projects, this configuration is convenient to work together but individually in the same space. A simple seating area separate from ‘control central’ makes the room have dimension and space that seems larger than it actually is. The way the door opens in this configuration creates a warm and wonderful welcome to your office space. Take a look at the room that interior designer Claire Botha restyled in her own home. Edit this example. The seating against the wall and the casual way that chairs surround the desk or workstation make it clear that whoever works from this office is busy and rarely sitting in front of their computer.

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