Speckle Park semen available for sale

35 Best Cattle Breeds for Milk – Dairy Cattle, 47 Best Cattle Breeds for Meat – Beef Cattle. Speckle Parks are moderate sized. The leopard also has a white top line and underline.

WSG J55 is from one of our original elite females WGS E17 She has supplied us with some outstanding females WSG K55 is no exception currently... WGS H104 2014 Sydney Royal Grand champion female is the complete package Large frame thickness depth and length,great feet and temperament.a one of a kind and... WGS 223 is a Oscar female and one of only 3 in Australia moderate in frame and correct in all areas and offers a unique combination... MINNAMURRA’S PADDOCK TO PALATE WIN Minnamurra won the 2015 JBS 70 day trade section at the Royal Brisbane Show out of a... BPT K17 absolutely nailed it by winning her class plus Junior Female and Overall Supreme Female Exhibit. AAA Speckle Park - Embryos available for Private Sale EOFY Embryo Sale!

They have easy births with little to no birthing problems are very fertile. Starting from $800 Enquiries always welcome . 26 talking about this. The reason is the rib-eye area. Speckle Parks have superior and high yielding carcass qualities. The consistently high quality of Speckle Park is demonstrated by their superior performance in carcass competitions at over many years.Another impressive fact about Speckle Park is their unique ability to produce AAA carcasses without an excess of outer fat cover. Some leopards have predominantly white sides with only a few black spots on their sides.

A example of award wining genetics' available... AAA Speckle Park is owned by Denis and Theresa Roberts, and the property is situated just outside Oberon, New South Wales.

AAA Speckle Park near Kingaroy Queensland flushed 10 very Content Donor Cows. Speckle Park can achieve a AAA carcass with minimal fat cover, thus grading YG1-AAA.

AAA Speckle Park Glengarry Speckle Park Almarlea Speckle Park Denis & Theresa Roberts Gary Linford Mark Pointon 0419603010 0425221875 0488363100 d_roberts@yamaha-motor.com.au garylinford4@bigpond.com mlpointon@activ8.net.au Hanging Rock Speckle Park Fish Creek Farm Jackungah Speckle Park John & Anne Ellis Jason &Sarah Keays Sam & Jack Nelson 0418313853 … Speckle Parks have moderately sized carcasses. Docile Nature –The key to more weight gain and less stress on man and beast. 100 talking about this. The white animals with some black hair on the body are considered 'leopards'. Cows lactation period can last for up to about 10 months (305) days. For the consumer the AAA well marbled beef ensures tender beef with excellent flavour. AAA Speckle Park, New South Wales, Australia, AAA Speckle Park has a selection of semen for stud…, AAA Speckle Park has an extensive range of unique genetic…, Speckle Park wins Paddock to Palate and Feed Lot Trials 2015, AAA Speckle Park Wins at Sydney Show 2016, AAA Speckle Park dominate Canberra Show 2016.

The second colour pattern is the leopard pattern. These same points are black on all of the patterns. The numbers demonstrate the consistency.

They come in a few color pattern variations. The management tag for 2019 is "Q".The management tag for 2020 is "R". Speckle Park cattle come in four colour patterns. The leopard pattern shows more white than the speckle pattern.

They are tough, real tough, you can throw any harsh climatic situation at them and they survive, get back in calf, rear a good one, yet are so easy to feed and come back in condition quickly after hard times. 1 calf at a time. The official test begins at the beginning of November of each year and ends when the last of the steers go to market at the end of April. The cow should have a 12 to 14-month inter-calving cycle. Being moderate framed, they are "easy doing" with impressive weight gains on both grass and grain.

Speckle Parks, the beef cattle breed created in Canada, are now an internationally sought after breed. They also have a lower level of outer layer fat which gives them good dress out percentages making them quite a profitable breed. Denis and Therese Roberts Ph: 0419 603 010 denis@aaaspecklepark.com.au

There is a percentage of blacks.

Speckle Parks can be finished naturally off grass with minimal, if any, grain inputs.Speckle Parks are also demonstrating that they retain these carcass advantages when crossed on other breeds, either beef or dairy. The breed is a combination of Red Roan Shorthorn, Angus and White Park. They are predominantly black with white top line and underline, with speckled hips and sometimes shoulders and with a black or black roan face. Beef from Speckle Park is typically finer grained with smaller but more numerous deposits of intramuscular fat (marbling).

They are excellent mothers with great maternal instincts and will protect their young with vigor. Consumers are looking for steaks of the right size and the best taste.

Hidden Valley Speckle Park : The leading provider of superior Speckle Park genetics. Bulls must always be treated with care and extreme caution. Early to reach puberty being "British bred" Speckle Park females cycle early and breed easy. Ad size should be 350 pixels wide x 230 pixels tall. The breed is a combination of Red Roan Shorthorn, Angus and White Park. Where Speckle Park are recognized and turn up in numbers, Speckle Park influenced feeder calves are topping the markets at the feeder sales such as the one every October in Ponoka, Alberta.Speckle Parks are giving every indication that they are efficient converters of feed. Your email address will not be published. Speckle Parks have been in Australia since 2007. The bulls tend to be beefier and round in appearance than the more squared off females. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. It isn't uncommon to get an exceptionally good carcass from any breed, but what is IMPRESSIVE is when the carcass from a particular breed is consistently good. Speckle Park consistently produce marbled meat with a minimum of fat cover. AAA Speckle Park is your premium Speckle Park breeder located at Kingaroy QLD AAA Speckle Park is your premium Speckle Park breeder located at Kingaroy QLD

With their fine skin and hair in summer and a quick to 'slick off' hair coat, Speckle Parks adapt well to hot summers as well as being able to 'coat up' when needed for cold winters.

The speckle pattern is preferred but the other patterns are very much accepted within the breed.

The Speckle Park is a Canadian beef breed that is internationally known for the good quality of beef, hardiness with a good temperament.

The high marbling meat with a perfect fat covering is being sought by restaurants and chefs worldwide for its taste, tenderness and softness. Supplying to Canada, Australia & USA. The third colour pattern is the 'white' pattern. Another impressive fact about Speckle Park is their unique ability to produce AAA carcasses without an excess of outer fat cover. Speckle Park are excellent foragers that have a fast weight gain of both grass and or grain. They are Polled and British Bred originating from Canada.

It is similar to the speckled pattern but there are definite black spots on the animal instead of just speckles. 3 entered 3 Ribbons 2 Broad ribbons. View all advertisers Speckle Park’s have desirable traits which are advantageous to the cow calf operator, the feed lot operator, the butcher and the consumer: The Speckle Park reputation for carcass consistency in terms of moderate size, well marbled with only the ideal fat cover was emphatically demonstrated in the 2010 Quality Beef Competition at the Calgary Stampede. and mature bulls 1000 kgs. Solid black animals are registrable and can be used in the purebred herd. Some Speckle Park animals are solid black. The breed has established this reputation primarily by means of its outstanding performance in carcass competitions and steer tests.Anecdotal evidence is abundant, but the competition and test results make the point.

Calf/cow skin leather products such as shoes, car seats, fine leather coats, gloves, handbags, belts, furniture, rugs, etc. Cows only calve once a year and should have 12 to 14-month inter-calving cycle. In Canada, butchers and meat graders are very impressed with the consistent high-quality of the Speckle Park carcass.

The number and size of the spots varies greatly from animal to animal. SUPREME Junior Female and Reserve Champion Senior Bull Class, thank you... Star  Dust WGS K105 wins Junior Female, Supreme Female and overall Supreme speckle park exhibit. Admin. Calves average 30 to 40kgs. Traits that will stand them in good stead in Australia's harsh environment.

The third colour pattern is the white with black points. Such is the case with Speckle Park. For these purposes speckle and leopard are in effect genetically the same with only a variation in the frequency of spots.

Feeders, meat graders and butchers are very impressed with the consistently high quality carcasses of the Speckle Park. The Speckle Park steers entered in this project have demonstrated their consistent high quality carcasses over the years.Speckle Park have gained a reputation as a carcass breed of the highest quality and moderate size. 'sNEWSLETTERSHOW RESULTSMEMBERSHIP APPLICATIONShow cards, if required, are now available at the Secretariat, ArmidaleSPI logo can be downloaded from the Members’ section of SPI Animal EnquiryShow Attire - blue jeans, long sleeve collared white shirt and a black vestWhere to obtain Show VestsRah CreativeP: 0428 816 823E: sales@rahwithus.com.au, P: (02) 6773 3056 Speckle Parks have moderately sized carcasses.

AAA Speckle Park is your premium Speckle Park breeder located at Kingaroy QLD They are a carcass orientated yet maternal Pure Bred (not a composite), breed of beef cattle. Most breeds are able to achieve AAA carcass but often at the expense of excess outer fat. For more information go to the Speckle Park International regulations. Speckle Park is a pure British breed. Moderate framed, they are "easy doing" with impressive weight gains on both grass and grain. Speckle Parks are a carcass orientated yet maternal Pure Bred (not a composite), breed of beef cattle. This should be used as a guide only.

AAA Speckle Park is your premium Speckle Park breeder located at Kingaroy QLD

365 talking about this. Speckle Park had six of the top ten placings (first to fourth, seventh and tenth). Oakey Creek Speckle Parks | 1409 Namoi River Road, Manilla, NSW 2346 | 0419-289-754, Web Design by Fairfax Marketing Services, All Rights Reserved, Consistent High-Quality Carcass (high marbling and tenderness, as well as a phenomenal yield), Maternal nature and excellent teat structure. eyes, ears, nose, and hooves. Mature cows range in weight from 600 kgs to 850 kgs and mature bulls 1,000 kgs + Calves average 30 to 40 kgs at birth and wean off at about 230 kgs to 370+ kgs.

i.e. F: (02) 6772 5376

AAA Speckle Park is excited to announce our first Bull and Gene c Online Sale . Their hides are a by-product of their meat production and are of good quality used in various leather products. New home for record breaking Speckle Park bull. There is always a strong market for Speckle Park beef among those who recognize quality eating.


Every year since 2000 Speckle Park have participated in this project. Animals with this pattern are predominantly white on the body and face but always have black points, that is the ears, nose, skin around the eyes, muzzle and the lower portions of the legs including the hooves are black. Carcasses in excess of 340 kilograms give rib-eyes too large to slice into 1" thick steaks and still maintain an 8 oz. The show team did exceptionally well. Email Speckle Park are genetically black with varying amounts of white in specific patterns. Cows that are carrying bull calf’s their gestation period is usually a little longer than cows that are carrying heifer calves.

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