It was on March 14, when Cotter was driving from his home in Cheshire to Cardiff for the Wales-Scotland Six Nations match, that he received the message that it had been called off. In April, Mabel and Olive shot to internet fame after Andrew Cotter posted a video of him commentating as the dogs competed in an eating race and a play fight over a toy. “If you add up everything it’s 50,000 or 60,000 messages on Twitter, emails a hundred a day. More proof England's lockdown was premature? Teaching unions ramp up strike threats over demands to SHUT schools during lockdown with claims coronavirus... End of lockdown loneliness for care home residents? But it is of these Cotter is proudest, especially the behind-the-scenes documentary that portrayed Olive and Mabel as struggling to deal with their success. Now the trio have returned in another video where they are holding a company meeting. You see the swapping of bowls there at the end.'. The Queen was 'worried' when her two direct heirs contracted COVID-19 but Prince William 'coped pretty well... RICHARD LITTLEJOHN: If this was 1940, Boris Johnson would stand down The Few to 'protect the RAF', North Korean Covid patients 'are being left to starve to death in quarantine camps'. © 2020 Andrew Cotter | Website designed by The Smarter Web Company. They haven’t even developed any more respect for their owner. Then it snowballs and exponentially grows and grows and grows. Towards the end of the video Mabel leaves the call and Andrew considers firing her but doesn’t because ‘she gets such good results’. Andrew Cotter was ready for a momentous 2020 with an epic summer of sport lined up – before Covid-19 blew the whistle on the lot. Among the many events he has covered are The Olympic Games, Wimbledon,The Masters, Open and Ryder Cup, The 6 Nations, Rugby World Cup, World Athletics Championships and The Boat Race. I hate the fake sounds because it’s not real.”. Olive and Mabel brightened the days of countless viewers too who immediately fell for the pair and their individual, but universal, personalities. Testing chief admits mass-swabbing scheme in Liverpool will NOT spot every Covid-19 patient but CBI... Lockdown-free Sweden ramps up coronavirus restrictions in its three biggest cities after seeing infections... Germany 'must delay all non-urgent surgeries to free up medical staff to treat coronavirus patients'. Andrew tells her to switch her camera off if she needs to scratch so that the rest of them don't have to see it. You try to develop and show those characters in the videos you make. Scots sports broadcaster Andrew Cotter has provided hilarious commentary for a stand-off between a dog and a bird.

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