- June | PDF | 262 KB, Question paper (A-level): / questions. 130 0 obj <>/Encrypt 106 0 R/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<8641BB0EC4E8A44087041B2B8462289B>]/Index[105 49]/Info 104 0 R/Length 118/Prev 556551/Root 107 0 R/Size 154/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream Instructions • Use black ink or black ball-point pen. endstream endobj 5385 0 obj <>stream a�[�� Y�EⰬ,,l�W�CO8��1����p��ץ1� _�U�]#X"�\�93�eX�J9c���s���|� �N�xC�5���D?jK.G(�,����]״��L�n�H0Bx8Q����bAo�g�.sW����?R �;��n��i�Ͳ⼌���;n�֡G��v����f���$|� 5.�c�67�-Pq�(�=�����sc(����V*�.M8�s�=�9l��^������S��/j�kk��*j���,���{�D̄��efd^��]2�'1,G�bd�NJG�0�ԛ�C�8�$�?h�w�%4>kr��-B���c�_qv;X�� �w�����{�dX�X��U��0�f�/�+,j��+[]Į���'�;���.Z�z���&I�v��a���� m�52���i�Y�Q�T0 �\i$�Z�ޏ�a��V�e9ۂ�r�su�����'V�yk~X��:�X(��vF��� Paper 1 Business 1 �g�1Y*ܝ�����b� 8�֍�C� - June 0 | PDF | 440 KB, Mark scheme (A-level): ����;e���j%眆���-�Q{*�9[G 9#q�@����W;ضg��3�ț�H}� ���7O�qj l��Mfa'�S�(����vv���B��P+p��(���M[���6�G�Z,g��B[� �}_*�5��*.�N h�bbd``b` �7@�Ea$X�A��`� 6@B������ � �f��*�;�! Teachers can now access our June 2019 papers on e-AQA secure key materials (SKM). %%EOF Fill in the boxes at the top of this page. endstream endobj startxref ���oRm�$����^M��Kk'���I��g�6�������) Materials . [9 marks] Marks for this question: AO1 = 3, AO2 = 3, and AO3 = 3 �0��sp�?O�p�喜ℸ��6�u)��(�sT�5�5e����k��+��f���]m�mE��Y��~���zm�X��m+B�?���;����ϰ�:%L��@��{�s]�vP������)U��ơ���z�x� - June | PDF | 75 KB, Mark scheme (AS): ���.�#/�]5액�iJ7�K �ļqvşJ #I=DS�2T �����tG �g#*$@G�ר؆�-�rܷ��h1 /�'s �S�k�)�Wci�]��Nݜ\��J�X���ȇ��eFd����}�ZSi �+A�2�7R�bY�k*��d)�i�_�C����^ŧ��mo�)y�RD-%G�kB�l̨rwV���m�N�����Q_3U���ѳ@�0��7�:�t`. Monday 12 June 2017 Afternoon Time allowed: 2 hours Materials For this paper you must have: a calculator. c�p�!�����7�D��=��B���q��Z�\u׼����s��Xܕ} ��:2|���,������|�S�hb��^�m)*-�L�w��qq�Q�7����p��(�\���s���=��i�| �Y��؆��tl'*6���Pf���n������ƅ�+�$�\�Y����H��+T���B����ME�}�C�:�d� ������,�(2�*�O�`�8���. �8-�3N0�d������G"���C��1I#��� 153 0 obj <>stream g���! E�z%٘k��JG��ׄ�{��v��n��M}IdǴIH���@��øӗV�m�ި���_N5O�P����y�Z����"���aR��a�5�P��VCh_���dּ�{���7]�[��0��[� �qr� �"��BH-��0�����uקJ!�������i�L /���9��Z��1�� �I����%�@����)�|�D G#�ԡ)�K�7�����sasq"���7��^��QN�Z����;ћ��|=0 m�}�B���?] Unit 1: Question paper June 2017 (1.1 MB) Unit 1: Question paper (Modified A4 18pt) June 2017 (1.2 MB) Unit 1: Mark scheme June 2017 (86.9 KB) Unit 2: Examiner report June 2017 (83.5 KB) Unit 3: Examiner report June 2017 (79.6 KB) Unit 3: Mark scheme June 2017 (170.9 KB) Unit 4: Question paper June 2017 (1.1 MB) %%EOF [�� 趟`��F�g`�� � ��� K��WNJ|݁yؼ����\Х\�_�3Y}`G�S�hY�)ɉ���4L�;YUһo��pL��T���I�Q��]��y�u�����_�a#�ݼؗر�7 �x��j�~���+��ٺt|��k��֦���V����x�� �f4�! endstream endobj 5383 0 obj <>stream | PDF | 243 KB, Insert (A-level): Level The student will typically demonstrate: Marks 2017, Published 1 May 2018 IB/G/Jun17/E5 7182/2 For Examiner’s Use Section Mark A B C TOTAL • Wednesday 14 June 2017 Afternoon Time allowed: 2 hours . - June - June ����|�*��9����V��J���7iԤ��G�.�������11tq��-����w�Yٍ�/�=���WLN�u�r�f�5u�~紅H^H�D���E�O�����i�Ţ�`o�x�x8�������9^3>˯��ŏp��b�>c�ߓ-n3�y24S��2Xee��h�E#c5�ڱ��4�!l�����ݾh=���ܚ(r�� �OZS��X�ݟ�Q� For this paper you may use: • a calculator. Please enable JavaScript. Materials . Paper 2 Business 2 0 2 Explain how setting up as a private limited company in 2005 helped reduce Stephanie’s risks. %%EOF �0$�E#IN,�wf�å����8|��C�����o�8z b�/2�ǜ�'��!��2^|�v/��q�R1��t�1��@��VH����iAh4�U‚m+W�\�p#Z�=��@��ک��SK`����OrD:�N��:^�+w�q~��sU�=��� ���H��C���'��T,�u$.�. MARK SCHEME – AS BUSINESS – 7131/2 – JUNE 2017. Paper 1 Business 1 ]E�M�=0c2�ӡ�bg�@Βԇ]�Lф�W7�W�4ȍy͛��K�d��X�@F/���P��Ƶ!/�B+?jb������P��@ �Ŋ�_�nؿ�NRx8����okʶ�\������%���M�7G�;����&�����Az׶� �W���̟]~��h)~.F�Z�@��b�we! �J��oгV��X�H��� ��:ֳ5I���:^�)�M�� ��T���[E2ގ�A͟�(t�޲�k���m�p��p�{9��5w�;|f%}K�-S����[��t$�a?v:�����^�ݚ�o�2\|5/yѨ�����e��@�M�Ӊ���G���\��� ����ڱ�] �����[%G����2#{��N|������R�� 5GL�ߑg.�٥&�w������ޝh�t���ob��v 2018, Published 1 May 2019 Paper 2 Business 2 Level - June - June %PDF-1.6 %���� Mark scheme (A-level): Paper 3 Business 3 - June 2017 Published 1 May 2018 | PDF | 168 KB Mark scheme (A-level): Paper 2 Business 2 - June 2017 Paper 1 Business 1

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