Chika and You struggled to find harmony in their dance, Chika being accustomed to the way Riko performed the dance moves. [3] After graduating from middle school, Takatsuki went to Himawari Theater Group where she studied acting. The next day at school, Aqours revisited the issue of a new practice space. Is Everyone Ready? Kanan payed Mari a visit to ask about the school shutting down, to which Mari replied that it was something they would have to fight for, and that she wanted Kanan to fight again. But of course the diamond needle (it's really made of diamond and thus would be perfect for a cringy pun here) damages the "minted" audiotrack more and more. Chika’s mention of μ's and how they must have struggled only having three members initially upset Dia, who corrected Chika on her pronunciation of the group name and started quizzing her on μ's trivia. In episode 12, the members of Aqours were happy and relieved to find out they made it through the regional qualifiers of the Love Live! preliminaries as guests. At school, Yoshiko had hair dressing problems, attended to by Ruby and Hanamaru, while Kanan talked to Chika about keeping the memories of Aqours in her heart forever. The next day, Ruby and Leah had to talk to the board of the christmas event they wanted to perform their song at. Go! Chika showed up just when the upcoming Love Live! Commercial, Limited Edition (4 CD + Blu-ray) published by Lantis on Oct 07, 2020 containing vocal from Love Live! Chika invited them to sing with Aqours at the Love Live!. Unit Live Adventure 2020 Determined to make it work, Chika spent the night on the beach practicing. victory, and Aozora Jumping Heart was used as an insert song. "Love Live! Songs. When the second years talked it over later, Chika seemed unreasonably happy that mikan season had begun. In order to better work together, the first and third years decided to spend some time together try to get to know each other better. You want to date a demon like me? Love Live! Together they confronted Dia once again, who rejected them once more, questioning how they were planning to compose songs. Forced to come up with an idea to replace the one she shot down, Dia led the group into setting up a stand at a flea market. You burst into the room, voicing everyone’s concerns about Riko and Yoshiko seeming so gloomy. Showing the chairwoman their promotional video, Mari told Chika and the rest of Aqours that they did not know what it was that made their town and their school great. After going on their respective excursions, the second years ended up where it all started: in front of UTX High School. They learned that μ's had not left anything from their school idol days at Otonokizaka, saying their hearts would be connected even without those things. Having been surprised to discover the first two Aqours members were Chika and You rather than Chika and Riko, Mari confronted You suggesting she was jealous of the relationship between Chika and Riko. Oh man i wish i were you, if i ever end up wealthy i’d be the first one to whale on LL merch. Discography:Aqours, Love Live! competition, and Dia had somehow managed to get her hands on the training schedule μ's used when they were active. Included in this release are performances from all three stops on the tour: Saitama, Osaka, and Fukuoka. They started handing out flyers in front of Numazu Station, where Riko unknowingly met a disguised Yoshiko while advertising their concert. ~LOST WORLD~ is a DVD/Blu-Ray of Aqours's Online live concert that took place on October 10 and 11, 2020. Love Live! Format Hearing this, Chika gathered everyone’s attention and introduced Aqours, saying they needed the help of everyone in town to save their school. Aqours First Stage Performance! Fan Page. Caption: For my first date, I hope it's a sports date that even I can understand easily!! Aqours Sky-High!" The sound is also said to contain a "special vibe" cause it's not "mathematically precise". Chika’s mother surprised both Riko and Chika by showing up, making for a short intermission in their conversation. Format.   Sub-Units  CYaRon!AZALEAGuilty Kiss Caption: I still don't know much about Uchiura--- so please lead me along♡, Even though you came all the way to Uchiura, I only just moved here so I'm still unfamiliar with the area, sorry for that---. I'll show off my Yousoro high dive♡♡, Tsushima Yoshiko In response, Chika again suggested trying out being a school idol, and Riko accepted. Dia showed the Aqours members that the initial boost in rankings the video had gotten them was already declining and their rank was dropping. Getting to Tokyo, the school idol club (sans transfer student Riko) tried not to let on that they were from the country side, without much success. When Dia arrived at the scene, Ruby ran into her arms, crying. Her unusual behaviour weirded out Chika, You, and Riko, and she was set back where she started when she could not help herself from reverting back to her usual harsh words and tone. Manga; School idol diary; Booklet Stories; ... Discography:Aqours. In episode 11, all the members of Aqours saw Riko off as she left for Tokyo to compete in a piano competition that would take place the same day as the regional Love Live! Sakurauchi Riko When they counted to nine, part of the audience yelled “ten”, pronouncing their being the tenth member of the group. After explaining to Hanamaru she wanted to have a do-over and live as a normal high school student, Yoshiko convinced Hanamaru to be her supervisor and make sure she did not let the fallen angel come out. At the end of the day, Yoshimi, Itsuki and Mutsu showed an impressive balloon display. Sunshine! As Chika was getting ready to try the move one last time the third years showed up, and the episode concluded with Chika perfectly landing the move during the performance of MIRACLE WAVE at the Love Live! School Idol Festival: All Stars, "[HD]No Game No Life OP [This game] Band cover", "Love Live! Sunshine!! With the Love Live! Ruby and Hanamaru were embraced by Yoshiko, while Mari, Kanan and Dia thanked each other for getting this far, and Chika told You and Riko she wanted to enjoy everything the future had in store together. lightly by a crying Leah. After Mari proclaimed she knew better herself, Chika decided not to ask, considering it something they had to figure out for themselves for it to be worth something. In the morning, Chika asked the other members of Aqours if they wanted to win the Love Live!. HAPPY PARTY TRAIN TOUR; Aqours 3rd LoveLive! "Kimeta yo Hand in Hand" was performed by Chika, You and Riko as an insert song, and the episode ended with Riko declining Chika’s request. You told Chika she would join the school idol club, saying she had always wanted to be passionate about something together with Chika. In Chika's house, Aqours continued to work on their dance steps until Riko and You noticed that Chika fell asleep, and decided to call it a day. as Hanamaru Kunikida and currently belongs to its group unit Aqours. Diving down again, Chika and You pointed to a spot where the sunlight hits the water, and the three of them managed to experience the sound of the ocean. They came back to the issue of choosing a team, and Kanan said that she just wanted to try her best in order to not have any regrets. At Riko’s suggestion, Aqours visited Otonokizaka High School.

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