Her hair was completely undone, and slightly messy despite her efforts to comb it through with her fingers. [7], It was finally fully revealed how much scar Ursa left upon Azula during the arrival of Sozin's Comet, where Azula hallucinated Ursa upon cutting her hair as she berated her for removing her beautiful hair. azula is crushing on a girl. Yes! Former Best Friends Azula and Ty Lee were childhood friends and classmates at the Royal Fire Academy for Girls. Sokka's reaction provided enough time for the eclipse to end, thus foiling Team Avatar's plans. When Azula returned to the house intent on killing Noriko, whom she learned was truly Ursa, she glared at the terrified Kiyi and asked her mother if the girl was meant to be her replacement, since she turned out to be a monster. Do you really want to do this out in the wild?". Little is known about the relationship between Azula and her mother, Ursa, granddaughter of Avatar Roku. ""Will you quit calling me that!?". "Let's go back inside," Azula told her, taking her hand and leading her back into her bedroom. Azula reunited with Ty Lee at the Fire Nation circus. She landed on her stomach with a soft moan. [14] She also called him "Uncle Fatso"[15] and "Old Fuddy-Duddy Uncle". Her eyes still glowing with desire, her mouth smiling a wicked grin, her soft breasts pressed up against her lover's. They had all spotted the giant bison lowering towards a cave just beyond the city's walls. Also Known As [23] During Azula's descent to madness, the sisters approached her, concerned for her mental state. Azula was no different despite the looming war and stress of commanding her military. When the two are paired up for a class project they have to start spending more time together. Not that either of them cared. With each cry, she thrust herself upwards, pushing herself down onto Azula's fingers. "Uh…you're going to make me lose it," Azula grumbled. She wasn't going to let Ty Lee come down anytime soon. "Yessss". Azula was named by Ozai after her grandfather, Azulon. Not that she wanted to claim such a woman, yet she definitely would not allow the girl's dizzying heat to will her towards another alpha. "What a beautiful night!" Panting, Azula eased herself out of the acrobat when her knot had softened enough. Meanwhile, the Gaang deals with rising homophobia in 1990s Oregon. "OHHHH, AZU-LA!" Since she constantly belittled him, Sokka was opposed to the idea of letting her come on their journey to Hira'a, though complied for Zuko's sake. She falsely claimed that Suki gave up on the chance of Sokka ever coming to rescue her, prompting him to attack the princess in a blind and emotional rage. The rush of the idea had the acrobat floating towards the heavens as she screamed towards the darkening sky. "You make my aura sparkle. She walked a little ways like that, slowly moving her hands one in front of the other. Her arms trembling, her hands gripping and tugging at the sheets, her feet pointed. She’d much rather take up her father’s mantle as Republic City’s new reigning crime lord, and minor bumps in the road like abduction, attempted assassinations, an overprotective big brother, and being trapped in a safe house with an uptight, very sexy bodyguard are not going to stop her. [12], After Azula ran away and vanished into Forgetful Valley, Aang voiced his optimism that Azula could change, citing her leaving behind the letter incriminating Zuko as illegitimate as proof. Azula responded to this by immediately challenging Zuko to an Agni Kai for the crown, which he eagerly accepted. Azula's life was perfect. [9], During the Hundred Year War, Azula never referred to Katara by name, but did so for the first time on the way to Hira'a when she was distracted by a hallucination of her mother.[12]. Animals are everywhere. His desire for her was fire red like the fire that was the cause of his scar. Tyzula most commo… The adrenaline from the daring ride as well as the thrill of the alpha she desperately needed pounding into her folds nearly sent the acrobat over the edge. [8], Ty Lee and Azula would meet face to face once again a year later when Ty Lee and Suki were assigned to guard the princess during her conversation with Ozai about Ursa's whereabouts. They always enjoyed being around each other, even though Azula picked on her occasionally. During the first half hour, they said nothing to each other, knowing that they were being watched. She was released from the mental institution and allowed to accompany her brother unbound and with dignity. Ty Lee had always known she was one of the most beautiful women in the Fire Nation. [4], During the eclipse, Zuko confessed to Ozai that it was Azula who failed to kill the Avatar and that she lied to him to avoid punishment. Azula sniffed twice more, shaking her head vigorously. The princess smacked her hand away. More for Azula and Ty Lee. Her body tensed as she rode the waves of pleasure. It's just your heat. She even chi-blocked Azula even though she was still in a straightjacket at the time. In the midst of Mai saving Zuko and in turn, betraying Azula, Ty Lee saved Mai from being struck down by Azula by attacking Azula's pressure points, temporarily paralyzing her. what will he do with azula when he knows the truth. "We have to get back to Mai and the others. She agreed at that time to help Zuko find Ursa, though she did so with her own agenda, as her paranoia led her to blame Ursa for every bad thing that had occurred in her life, and to conspire with her enemies. After defeating Azula, Katara went to heal Zuko. She had positioned herself upright on the animal and snapped the reigns despite leaving her trousers at the camp. Unable to resist, the alpha climbed onto the animal, at this Ty Lee released the beast from its tree post. The princess sat up, placing a cover over Ty Lee's naked form as she moved her off of her softened cock and shifted her slowly onto the throne to avoid awakening her. [10] Azula proved a competent opponent for Aang in their few face-to-face battles, even forcing Aang on the defensive when he used two elements at once, a testament to her level of skill.

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