BT q BT <0029004F004C0046004E> Tj 10. 1863 1899 1903 a) 1863 b) 1899 c) 1903. S Faults include hitting the shuttlecock into the net, hitting it outside the court, or hitting it twice with two separate shots before it goes over the net. Q # $ % &. Physical Education 2 Crossword Badminton Answer. 0 0 0 RG S q ET 217.440 524.880 l Only five countries have won the Olympic gold medals since badminton's introduction in 1992 - China (8), Indonesia (5) and Korea (5) and Denmark (1). 0.720 w a line that separates the left and right service courts. Contributor: Matt Errey creator of Word Up, © 1997-2020 All Rights ReservedThe world's premier FREE educational website for learners + teachers of EnglishEngland • since 1997, There is no "g" in badminton (that is, it is. 15. 308 112.379 Td q q 217.440 472.320 l Clear. 226.640 434.980 Td 16. 306 102.960 116.640 21.600 re W n 224.640 204.840 322.560 46.440 re W n worksheets, lesson plans,  activities, etc. Welcome to Much of Fu Haifeng's fame in the world of badminton results from the fact that he set the official world smash speed record on June 3, 2005. BT 226.640 527.140 Td the instrument used by players to hit the shuttlecock. 0 0 0 rg BT Badminton was first played at the Olympic Games in, 10. a shot that just clears the net and then drops sharply. scoring a point where the opponent is unable to return the serve. physical education 28 crossword answers. This is the answer key to my previous worksheet. 226.640 474.580 Td ET <000300240003004900440056005700030056004B005200570003004B004C005700030056005700550044004C004A004B0057000300470052005A00510003004C00510057005200030057004B0048000300520053005300520051004800510057000A005600030046005200580055005700030056005200030057004B00440057> Tj 424.640 126.779 Td PLAY. 540 678.960 l Badminton … In 1899 they organized the All England Open Badminton Championships, the world's first major badminton competition. BT 78.480 269.280 16.632 21.600 re W n To begin a singles game, players stand in diagonally opposite service courts (see diagram at right) and the server then serves the shuttlecock underhand from below the waist. 72.720 117.360 116.640 21.600 re W n Clear. S You can do this quiz online or print it on paper. 72 190.080 23.760 21.600 re W n 72.720 674.640 116.640 21.600 re W n 0 0 0 RG BT Q BT Drop shot. Games similar to badminton have existed throughout history, from ancient Greece to medieval Japan and colonial India, where a form of the game called "poona" was played. Badminton Vocabulary. Displaying top 8 worksheets found for - Scientific Method Answer Quiz Flocabulary. Badminton is played on a court marked for both singles and doubles matches. 72 704.880 m If the receiver thinks the serve is a fault, meaning it will land outside the receiver's service court, he or she can leave it and win the point if it does go out. rear third of the court (same as "backcourt"). 72 699.120 468 21.600 re W n ϋ � ϋ � ! Q <0053004400560056004C0051004A00030056004B00520057> Tj For the men's doubles, the women's doubles and the mixed doubles, the 19 top-ranked pairs are invited to compete. A good player can surprise his or her opponent by disguising a short serve. 1. 5 points each. The word "badminton" was originally the name of, 3. Write. 72 705.600 m Peter Høeg Gade (right) was born in 1976 in Denmark. the length of meshed material supported on a cord between two posts that divides the court. In the 1860's, British Army officers posted to India took the game home to England, where it became a popular pastime for the wealthier classes. Q back third of the court (same as "rearcourt"). /F0 12 Tf STUDY. Ace. q 74 638.020 Td /F0 11.250 Tf A shot hit deep into the opponent's court 2. physical education 2 word search badminton answers. BT 226.640 357.220 Td 345.600 705.600 l 0 0 0 rg BT ET 352.800 648.720 187.200 71.280 re W n ET endstream endobj 8 0 obj << /Type /Font /Subtype /Type0 /BaseFont /dbATXX+Arial /Name /F0 /Encoding /Identity-H /ToUnicode 9 0 R /DescendantFonts [10 0 R] >> endobj 9 0 obj << /Length 607 /Filter /FlateDecode >> stream 217.440 236.160 l Our collection is growing every day with the help of many teachers. Visit this page now! a soft shot played by pushing the shuttlecock with a little wrist motion. BT BT 1 w Q S Make 25 types of printable worksheet, or use our new Interactive e-Worksheet Maker to make digital worksheets. ET 0 0 0 rg BT The shuttlecock landed just inside the baseline. 0 0 0 rg q If the player with 21 points then wins a point, the score is 22 to 20 and the game is over. 14. <00140011> Tj 226.640 513.736 Td For the men's and women's singles events, qualification is granted to the top 29 players in the BWF's ranking list. 224.640 474.120 329.040 65.880 re W n 78.480 426.240 16.632 21.600 re W n /F0 24 Tf 0 0 0 rg While growing in popularity as a fun way of keeping fit, badminton is also developing fast as a professional sport with its own calendar of exciting tournaments and its own band of star international players. S 74 707.860 Td A badminton racket is smaller and lighter than a tennis racket. <0046004400580056004C0051004A00030057004B004800030056004B005800570057004F004800030057005200030055004C00560048000F0003004D00580056005700030046004F00480044005500030057004B00480003005100480057000F00030057004B00480051000300470055005200530003> Tj 72 678.960 l Compound Sentences Using Or So But And Because. BT 0 0 0 rg 72 87.120 m ET British colonial officers brought a game like badminton back from, 2. The Badminton Association of England was formed in 1893 and soon after they published the first set of rules. <00160011> Tj A fast and low shot that makes a horizontal flight over the net. ET BT ET q Why don't you ask her to be your partner in mixed doubles? <0026005200500053004F00480057004800030057004B00480003004400460057004C0059004C0057005C0011> Tj These tournaments are held between national teams every two years, as is The Sudirman Cup, a mixed team event that began in 1989. International tournaments for individual players include the BWF World Championships, in which the 64 highest-ranked players in the world are invited to compete every year for the title of "World Champion". 415.926 74.260 Td He was lucky when he hit a wood shot and the shuttlecock still went over the net. The interesting topic, easy words to understand, and then handsome trimming make you tone friendly to solitary open this PDF. @ L X d p x € � δ Badminton Worksheet Leah Normal jtrottier 3 Microsoft Office Word @ Ό e @ R•‡F�Μ@ P1ώD�Μ@ R•‡F�Μ ϋ � ώ� ΥΝΥ�.“— +,ω®0 ό h p | „ � ” � ¤ ¬ ΄ Ό ά δ � ' Badminton Worksheet Title

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