Rath- Can dismember a tank and than lift it with two arms with minimal to no effort, tanks can weigh 30 tons. https://forums.spacebattles.com/threads/spacebattles-merchandise.398032/. 5. if you are so convinced that Tsunade doesn't stand a chance what is the point of this debate? Can't be sure but i am positive that with Humungosaurs growth ability he has a HUGE advantage. Reviews: 0. Princess Looma Red Wind is the princess of the desert planet Khoros and daughter of Warlord Gar. Ben 10. Cause he dosent want to kill people. Humungousaur first appeared in Ben 10 Returns: Part 2, where he battled some DNAliens, but was defeated by a Highbreed. That Is reasonable to point out ninja speed is inconsistent, but with shonenen emphasis on this guy faster/stronger/more powerful than this guy who than trains to become faster/stronger but than a new challenger comes along which can speedboats them both plus with it shoenen focus on eastern culture which has chi and enlightenment superpower justifying any Charles atlas super powers. I think both are still faster than Humongasaur by a lot though and have other ways to deal with him. Rath does have claws. Four Arms- He can lift several times his own body weight, can lift and throw big boulders, and can create shockwaves to knock down most bad guys, and you need to be at least class 50 or higher. it was still the hundred healing jutsu that reconnected her bottom half. It's nothing but a crutch. Four arms vs humungousaur || Hindi || Ben 10 || ultimate Ben crash RISHU GAMING. In regards to thread I don't think Luffy or Tsunade are surviving a punch to the moon. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. It dealthy injured her and she only survived because of the grand healing technique she saved up for years was in effect. 3. Total: 2 (0 by Ben) Ben 10 Edit. And I still don't understand what was the point of making that statement if you actually didn't mean that 'she can beat the kages', @sixpathsofcapra: I am just saying he would give them trouble also he is durable enough to tank missles from ultimate humungousaur and one of them can ko diamondhead who is durable enough to tank a punch that can send him to the moon and still remain conscious humungousaur will react to them and don’t downplay him also peak human reactions no you do realize others like vilgax reacted to Xlr8 who can move faster than lightning, Kevin was able to react to a radiation beam from pandor which I heard radiation moves faster than light, Heatblast reacted to lightning from megawatts and so had big chill and eco echo, and ghostfreak reacted to a beam of light in the original series, aggregor and Jetray reacted to lightning, also those other times are when Ben underestimates his opponents but in a serious fight he can be dangerous we are using a serious Ben here so if you say they only have peak human reactions then you are just downplaying And don’t know anything about how scaling works in that universe humungousaur reacted to lasers and only got tagged by people with faster than lightning reaction time so stop downplaying and he would give them trouble, Humungousaur should be able to beat Tsunade or at the very least fight on par with her, four arms could MAYBE give Tsunade a good fight but he’d still lose, and he’d lose to Luffy low diff. In Hijacked, Four Arms stopped Scooter and Frank from stealing the Rust Bucket. 1 Summary 2 Powers and Stats 3 Gallery 4 Others Humungousaur is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Vaxasaurian from the planet Terradino. You don't call people who take direct hits from full body or even partially full bodied Susano'o fragile. Tsunade is a CQC master in a world of experts. I honestly don't think Four Arms is doing much here. Rath is strong but not enough to hang with these behemoths. 0. All though I agree humongasaur is the strongest. That's what the definition is, it cant get anymore self explanatory. What tf was the point of stating 'tSuNaDe cAn oNeShoT tHe hOkAgEs' then?

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