How will we grow and flourish? “He could instantly zap us into his image the moment we decide to follow Jesus, or he could transport us into heaven the moment of our conversion. Author and speaker Beth Moore is a dynamic teacher whose conferences take her across the globe. She and her husband of forty years reside in Houston, Texas. This devotional incorporates teaching and themes from Beth’s latest book, Chasing Vines.

Come and meet Beth in the vineyard—tracing the images of the vinedresser, vine, branch, and fruit through Scripture—and see how everything changes when you let your Maker show you why you matter.

YouTube; Beth Moore's new gift devotional, Made to Flourish, is now available! In the past, I thought she seemed nice and funny, but maybe not for me, maybe for someone a little more church lady-ish than me. When Jesus began His ministry on earth, He took this idea to a whole new level, revealing that He Himself is the Vine. Nothing is for nothing. A ripe, garden tomato compared to a flavorless, watery lump of fruit is a superb word picture for sanctification and flourishing, but for most of the book, Moore roots herself not in the tomato vine but the grapevine as her metaphor. Why leave his desk and get his pant legs soiled? Come and meet Beth in the vineyard—tracing the images of the vinedresser, vine, branch, and fruit through Scripture—and see how everything changes when you let your Maker show you why you matter.

He uses all of it to help us flourish and be fruitful. Join Beth on her journey of discovering what it means to chase vines—and learn how everything changes when we understand and fully embrace God’s amazing design for growing us into fruitful, meaningful, abundant life. I closed the last pages of this book alight with new insights, having laughed way more often than I would have thought in a devotional book, and having cried, too. In Chasing Vines, Beth Moore gives us a new hope, revealing the abundant secrets of a fruitful, Kingdom-building, God-pleasing life. Beth founded Living Proof Ministries in 1994 with the purpose of encouraging women to know and love Jesus through the study of Scripture. Find her at or on Instagram @thebooksellersdaughter. Description: Carol Stream : Tyndale House Publishers, 2020. Because God likes watching things grow.” In other words, we are not meant to be store-bought tomatoes. In Chasing Vines, Beth shows us from Scripture how all of life’s concerns—the delights and the trials—matter to God.

In Chasing Vines, Beth Moore gives us fresh hope, revealing the abundant secrets of a fruitful, God-delighting life. Join Beth Moore in Chasing Vineson her transforming quest of vine-chasing, where she shows us how nothing in our lives is wasted. The author of 15 books, including Anne of Green Gables, My Daughter and Me, she is the Mixed Media editor of The Banner. YouTube; Beth Moore's new gift devotional, Made to Flourish, is now available! She can be seen teaching Bible studies on the television program Living Proof with Beth Moore, aired on the Trinity Broadcasting Network. Not the place we've been planted. g.type = 'text/javascript'; Really? Moore totally pulled it off, in part because the Bible is laden with the vine analogy. Tracing the images of vine, branch, and fruit through Scripture, and sharing stories from her own journey, Beth shows us that nothing in our lives is wasted. She is a dedicated wife, the mother of two adult daughters, and the grandmother of three delightful grandchildren. An entire book about the Bible’s references to vines and grapes and branches? But the way that woman has stood up to bullies on subjects of racial justice and #Churchtoo made me look at her in a new way. It’s tomato season, and I am gleefully relishing the harvest of my husband’s COVID-19-inspired garden in our side yard. Get updates from Beth and the LPM Team with our monthly newsletter.

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