daily diet. unless otherwise noted: Bonito Roll (tuna, salmon, avocado, cucumber, masago), Nigiri sushi: rice (oblong shaped) topped with fish, Maki sushi (commonly referred to as sushi "rolls"): rice and other ingredients wrapped in sheets of seaweed and served in six or eight slices, California Roll (crab, avocado, cucumber, sesame seeds), Carolina Roll (crab, spicy tuna, salmon, cucumber, avocado), Crispy California Roll (crab, avocado, cucumber, tempura), Philadelphia Roll (smoked salmon, avocado, cream cheese), Rainbow Roll (snow crab, avocado, albacore, hamachi, salmon, flounder), Spider Roll (crab, avocado, masago, scallions, eel). MORE PHOTOS. Top: smoked salmon, pan fried garlic and tobiko. (DF shrimp, spicy tuna) avocado, scallop. Fresh blend of chopped ahi tuna, macadamia nuts, apple, avocado, pineapple and cucumber served with a side of sauteed shrimp and shiitake mushroom. Privacy Policy 2,000 calories a day is used for general nutrition advice. Call Menu Info. Larger portions or higher-fat foods may increase calorie counts. Assortment of ahi tuna, salmon and yellowtail. Choice of BN House Roll & Fire Cracker (6 pcs). Check with this restaurant for current pricing and menu information. (DF shrimp, spicy tuna, lemon, basil) avocado, scallop, albacore (torched). (DF shrimp, spicy tuna) avocado, yellowtail, sea steak. The material appearing on LIVESTRONG.COM is for educational use only. Delivery & Pickup Options - 1084 reviews of Blue Nami "I have been waiting to come and try out Blue Nami since I saw it under construction, and I got my chance last night. Deep fried jalapeno stuffed with spicy crab mix (6pieces). any of the products or services that are advertised on the web site. 8 %2 gFat. in Roseville which houses my other new favorite restaurant, Costa Vida. Community See All. Shrimp, crab, lemon, cilantro, spicy tuna, wasabi tobiko, D.F. 55 %30 gCarbs. Menu for Blue Nami Sushi & Sake House provided by Allmenus.com. Nami is a 100% vegan coffee, pastry, and ice-cream shop in Phoenix, AZ. The size of the bento box determines the portion size and can impact the total calorie count, as can the food choices you make for your bento. nigiri&temaki. Cucumber slices with sweet vinaigrette sauce. used as a substitute for professional medical advice, Appetizers & Salad. (Chopped shrimp tempura, crab mix, avocado, masago) soy wrap. Top: cilantro and black tobiko. Thick wheat flour noodles with tempura and vegetables served in broth. 1,055 people like this. Shrimp, avocado, cucumber, albacore, tobiko torched, D.F. Restaurant menu, map for Blue Nami Sushi & Sake House located in 95662, Orangevale CA, 8807 Greenback Lane. MENU. Lightly breaded and deep fried pork cutlet stuffed with mozzarella cheese. diagnosis or treatment. Seared tuna garnished with thinly sliced jalapeno. Calories for popular fast food restaurants: find the restaurant‘s complete nutrition facts including calories, fat, sugars, protein, carbs and more. Nutrition information for sushi rolls is for one piece, unless otherwise noted. Cold buckwheat noodles with mixed tempura. 2,000 calories per day is used for general nutrition advice. Get familiar with these sushi nutrition facts before heading to your favorite Japanese restaurant. Ah O Zzang. Served on a bed of sauteed shiitake mushroom, sliced garlic, green olives and yellow chives. See more of Blue Nami Japanese Cuisine on Facebook. This provides a dish that tastes as good as it looks. (spicy tuna, crab mix, cucumber) tuna, masago. Get your order delivered or pick it up. 4.8. An assortment of raw fish over sushi rice. BLUE NAMI. (Smoked salmon, crab mix, basil) avocado, sea steak, scallop. 4 servings of soup- salads are served with the sushi boat. Baked mozzarella sauce, tobiko, D.F. (DF shrimp, spicy crab, cilantro) avocado, eel, sea steak, bacon salmon. Spicy. Community. LIVESTRONG is a registered trademark of the LIVESTRONG Foundation. Copyright © , Bacon, red onion and cream cheese wrapped in salmon topped with baked scallop mozzarella cheese sauce. Spicy. Shrimp, crab, avocado, cream cheese, tobiko, Avocado, cream cheese, garlic, basil cashew, 5 Pcs nigiri & any roll from the sushi wave menu, 5 Pcs nigiri, 4 pcs sashimi & any roll from the sushi wave menu, An assortment of raw fish over sushi rice, Fresh slices of salmon only over sushi rice, Fresh slices of tuna only over sushi rice. Explore restaurants near you to find what you love. (DF shrimp, crab mix, lemon, basil) avocado, salmon. You can see the menu of our restaurant on this page. (DF shrimp, crab mix, spicy tuna) avocado, eel, sea steak, bacon salmon. More. Nami Zzang. Percentages are based on a diet of 2000 calories a day. Any‎ combination of chef's choice rolls, nigiri & sashimi, Your choice of one roll & seasteak (6pcs), Your choice of one roll & stuffed mushroom (6pcs), Your choice of one roll & B.B.Q albacore (6pcs), Roll choices: any roll choice from the sushi wave menu, S.S. crab, eel, cream cheese, cashew avocado, scallop, tuna, yellowtail & fish flake, D.F.‎ Shrimp, crab, tamago. & Salmon, D.F. Main Menu Appetizers. Roll choices: any roll choice from the sushi wave menu Sushi Wave‎ ... Blue Nami Sushi & Sake House — 8807 Greenback Ln. Drink. Spicy assortment of ahi tuna, cilantro, cucumber and onion. & Tobiko torched, Spicy tuna, crab mix, cucumber, cilantro, garlic-salmon, topped w/ chopped kanikama. Special sushi and sashimi platter. One of the biggest things that sets Blue Nami apart from other sushi restaurants is the innovative and artistic ways that the sushi chefs cut and present the finest fish on the market. (Chopped yellowtail, spicy crab mix, cilantro, cucumber) jalapeno masago, masago. As a result of our finest work and outstanding customer service, BLUE NAMI was nominated the following awards. (DF shrimp, crab mix, lemon, cilantro) spicy tuna, jalapeno masago. Orangevale, CA — (916) 988-2300 8807 Greenback Ln. Choice of BN House Roll & Stuffed Mushroom (6 pcs), C. Choice of BN House Roll & BBQ Albacore (6 pcs), A. Please note that some foods may not be suitable for some people and you are urged to seek the advice of a physician before beginning any weight loss effort or diet regimen. Spicy. Gluten free options available. For more information, please read our Terms and Conditions. Shrimp, crab, pineapple avocado, tuna, D.F. Sushi calories are for 1 oz. Daily Goals. Out of Date Menu; Incorrect Contact Information; Other . 184 / 2,000 cal left. ALL Menu . Spicy. However, the calories in sushi vary based on the type of fish used and additional ingredients. DF roll (tuna, salmon, albacore, avocado). Deep fried sweet tofu wrap stuffed with cream cheese and crab mix. All nigiri & sashimi are chef's choice. Use of this web site constitutes acceptance of the LIVESTRONG.COM Garnished with finely peeled sweet potato. Spicy. Know your sushi calories! Jumbo scallop and shrimp with shiitake mushroom and broccolini sauteed in garlic olive oil. Fresh vegetables with fresh tofu squares. 184 Cal. Shrimp, crab, spicy tuna, avo, tobiko, D.F. Served on a bed of sauteed pineapple, tomato, cilantro, red onion, brussels sprouts and quinoa. (DF shrimp, crab mix) avocado, tuna and pineapple. Shrimp, spicy tuna, lemon, basil avocado, scallop, albacore, torched, S.Salmon,‎ crab, basil, cashew, avocado, sea steak, scallop, D.F. Menu. (Soft shell crab, crab mix, avocado, cucumber) masago. 4.8 out of 5 stars. | 2020 Shrimp, crab, cilantro, cashew, avocado, lemon, D.F. All burgers on our menu are served with an … or. Log In. (crab, smoked salmon, spicy tuna, ebi, cream cheese) cucumber wrap. Spicy. Spicy. Spicy. Cancel. Calorie breakdown: 25% fat, 58% carbs, 18% protein. Zesty spicy grilled chicken, tempura and artichoke hearts wrapped in egg omelette garnished with mango salsa mix and quinoa. & Green onion, Spicy tuna. Their dreams of creating an upperscale dining experience were met as they held their grand opening later that year. All trademarks, copyright and other forms of intellectual property are property of their respective owners. Spicy. Terms of Use Garnished with sliced olives and artichoke hearts.

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