CR 6436, 6197 & 6737 are leading a W/B train during …

All rights reserved. By far the most important feature of the SD80MAC not found in any other Conrail locomotive until this time is alternating current (AC) traction motors which coupled with the previously mentioned features create adhesion of 35%. If you just mean Conrail power in general, many units that lasted until the end remain with CSX & NS. 1/2020: Due to cuts in motive power caused by implementing PSR, NS places all 29 SD80MACs up for auction. Online since 12/21/04. 3/2015: Only four of the 12 former CSX 80MACs were ready for service right away. 1980 | 1988 Contact.

The Dash-7 and Dash-8 models from GE also arrived in large numbers. Improvements continued through the 1990's with the Dash-8 series. Home > Conrail > Locomotives : Conrail Photographic Roster : Reporting Marks: CR : Click on a locomotive to view pictures: Roster Options: Group by model; Show All thumbs; CR Rolling Stock; ... X-CRL 529 (Conrail Leasing) ex-ATSF 8049: C30-7 41716: 4: 128883: CR 532: ex-ATSF 8054: C30-7 … Copyright (c) 1998-new Date().getFullYear()>2010&&document.write(new Date().getFullYear()); Robert S. Waller. The 1980's saw many changes to Conrail's roster. Copyright © 2004-2020 L.R. Reference Shelf . All rights reserved. 6/18/2020: Units 7201, 7203, 7204, 7207, 7208, 7210, 7211, 7212, 7216, 7220 depart Altoona heading to Progress Rail Mayfield. Welcome to the new and improved Conrail Photo Archive!

Special Topics. Conrail Cadillacs: The SD80MAC Photo Galleries: Familiarization Video: Complete Roster: Recent Updates: Conrail Facilities. It is not affiliated with, sponsored In January 1996 Conrail added a brand new locomotive breed to their roster. Maintenance. of Chris 2/2020: Canadian Pacific purchases six of the SD80MACs for parts. Conrail. Photos for personal use only. All rights reserved by original owner of image. All four were repainted at Chattanooga before entering service. Among many other advances and improvements is the isolated cab, also found on the SD60I, to improve crew comfort and Integrated Cab Electronics. Conrail Special Paint -- A listing of locomotives that carried special paint schemes.

Of the power that made it to the last day, I believe that only the Dash 7's, MT-4's, executive E8's, early Dash 8's, SD38's, and the B40-8's are gone entirely from the roster of CSX and NS (The B40-8's just went this summer/fall). The Conrail Office Car Special (OCS) Miscellaneous Conrail Photos. Our Photographers. The decade began with the SD50's and SD60's arriving. x/2020: Units 7206, 7215, 7218, 7225, 7226, 7227 depart Altoona heading for Canadian Pacific. Listed below are all the locomotives that Norfolk Southern acquired from Through its Matching Gift program, Conrail provides support for eligible educational, health and human service, cultural, civic, environmental, and community organizations. In the coming months, EMD would build and the Juniata Locomotive Shop would finish 28 of these 80' 2" monsters for use on heavy trains on the Pittsburgh and Boston Lines. Though most sections feature rosters for individual locomotive classes, this section lists complete annual locomotive rosters from the first 1976 roster to the last in 1999.

On Location with Conrail. 2012. The 1980's saw many changes to Conrail's roster. If you are an existing site contributor, please view this page for some important information about your account. Share this page original Conrail locomotive, Norfolk Southern painted newly The SD80MACs are also equipped with distributive power but it has been rarely used. Conrail Survivors (Equipment After 1999) Search the Conrail Photo Archive. Number Series Builder Model Year HP Wheel Arr. EMD was once again behind in technology and revenue.

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