The Movie Loft title could not be adopted since the rights to the name were still owned by, and eventually used again on, WSBK. Grace Curley and Taylor Cormier are the co-executive producers of the show.[16]. The lure of uncut movies and late night adult entertainment created many electronic hobbyists eager to "home-brew" their own television descrambling devices. It might be a farming program in an agricultural area, a beach program at a station set along the shore, urban programs for urban concerns. would move to other stations, while the rest of the shows simply no longer aired in the market. [3][4] Greater Media, owner of WTKK, reportedly signed him for a five-year deal, though Entercom denies this happened. He operated a predecessor "official" website at, between 2012 and 2013, as a place where listeners might check "in case anything happens to me," implying a switch of stations on the completion of his contract with WRKO. All of WQTV's subscribers were transitioned to another area subscription television service known as Preview, operated by Warner Communications' New England Subscription Television on Worcester's WSMW-TV (channel 27, now WUNI). For example, news of crime involving rap or hip-hop artists, professional athletes, or politicians is often preceded by, "Try not to let the following news destroy your faith in the integrity of" the respective community. Its flagship station is WRKO 680 in Boston, Massachusetts, on which the show airs every weekday between 3:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. PM. The last time I heard about Sean, he was working at ESPN, according to correspondent Desmond Hobson. The station also bought back many of the shows it previously held the local rights during the period from 1983 to 1985.

Make sure this is what you intended. Dana as a lottery host on an episode of Spenser: For Hire with Ron McLarty as Frank Belson, Dana on one of the studio tours, outside 83 Leo Birmingham Parkway at Leo Birmingham's memorial. After one Christmas show the viewers wondered if the Berkery girls were going to leave their dad coal in his stocking after Dan started complaining on-camera about a type of lingerie his pre-teen daughters kept leaving around the house. (Dan once joked his job as station manager was very serious: he was in charge of the security at the tower in Needham and he built The Movie Loft set). A small taste of Channel 56's Meet the Manager. [4] Subscription television programming initially began after 7 p.m., with the service's programming gradually expanding to take up most of the broadcast day by 1980. TV-38's affiliation with UPN, unfortunately, was the first knell of doom for Ask the Manager. WQTV began to brand itself as "The New QTV 68", with an emphasis on family entertainment, billing itself as "Boston's Fastest-Growing Television Station". Arlington Broadcasting (which also owned WTTO in Birmingham, Alabama and WCGV-TV in Milwaukee, Wisconsin) placed the station up for sale and turned the dropped programming back over to the syndicators. It was very easy to duplicate the signal due to its simplistic scrambling method, known as "gated sync suppression," and its "decoding key" hidden in the audio channel subcarrier. He was succeeded as general manager by Dan Berkery, the former station manager. Credited Games: 1. Once Dana was asked how Christmas was celebrated at the station during Flynn's tenure. Not knowing anything about the machines, he stared at it in horror, and Dana as usual just made things worse by feigning exasperation and protesting "Now look what you've done!". The show is based on a monologue heavy on sarcasm and irony, with occasional interaction with producers, with which to encourage live caller participation. During Dan's tenure he often substituted as viewer advocate, later he did many tours of duty behind the desk; he was also the keeper of the letters that were read on the series and was frequently ribbed for the manner in which he highlighted pertinent passages in viewer correspondence.

Another frequent topic is the phenomenon of illegal aliens, especially when they receive preferential treatment. On May 18, 2016, the Boston Herald reported that NBCUniversal was considering acquiring WBPX to serve as the market's new NBC owned-and-operated station, after announcing in January that it was pulling the affiliation off of WHDH (channel 7). Dana Hersey's spec page at (nice photo!). In the fall of 1985, WQTV dropped the rejected network programs and added more drama series to the lineup. WABU was also the first Boston station to carry Judge Judy upon its September 1996 debut, where it aired in an hour-long block at 6 p.m. Formerly, Giles Threadgold was a sports announcer and sidekick. When Bush explained that aliens "do the jobs that Americans won't do," Carr began mocking Bush by appending to stories about crimes committed by illegal aliens a comment that "they are only here to commit the crimes Americans can't be bothered committing." Beginning on February 14, 1994, the station broadcast two-minute news updates airing at the top of every hour between 11:58 a.m. and 11:00 p.m. known as Newsbreak 68. Thereafter Dana read letters on the set. Eventually, the syndicated programs were dropped, turning WBPX and its satellites into full-time Pax owned-and-operated stations by 2000. One memorable show featured Dan, Dana, Sean, Cliff, and Stu talking about the male view of Christmas shopping and celebrating. We followed Dana's courtship and eventual marriage to his wife Joan, and then learned about his children Foster and Amanda as they entered the Hersey family scene (Dana's wedding pictures and photos of the children both got airtime.) What famous movie elicited weeks of complaints on ATM after they forgot to show one of the reels? † Birmingham was a state senator. On November 30, 1993, not long after BU acquired channel 68, the station announced that it was purchasing WNHT in Concord, New Hampshire, which returned to the air as WNBU on September 1, 1995. All WABU news programming was cancelled in the summer of 1999, during the station's transition into becoming Pax TV affiliate WBPX. There's a screen shot of Carla saluting on the Trivia Answers page. Invited guests are sometimes featured. The following spring, WQTV brought back several previously aired syndicated programs that were not available in the Boston market such as Star Trek, Carol Burnett, and Rockford Files, which aired during the 6 to 11 p.m. timeslots. Entercom used its option to extend the contract, announcing that Carr would be a fixture on WRKO for the "foreseeable future."[7]. The rejected network shows and public domain movies remained temporarily. Carr's contract with WRKO expired in September 2014 and he moved to WMEX on November 17, 2014. William J. Flynn died in June 2002 from cancer. Once a week WLVI's manager and his trusty sidekick would sit behind a table and read and answer letters. In the fall of 1993, Boston University bought the station and for the third time relaunched it as a commercial general entertainment independent station, under the new call letters WABU. WBPX-TV, virtual channel 68 (UHF digital channel 22), is an Ion Television owned-and-operated station licensed to Boston, Massachusetts, United States.The station is owned by West Palm Beach, Florida-based Ion Media Networks (the former Paxson Communications), as part of a duopoly with Woburn-licensed Ion Plus owned-and-operated station WDPX-TV (channel 58). It is syndicated live in five states, while Rhode Island's WHJJ broadcasts a best-of on Sunday evenings. Due to this uncertainty, TV Guide stopped including programming information for WQTV in its listings for several months. A favorite topic is crimes or incidents involving naked men or women, accompanied by a clip from Randy Newman's song "Naked Man". In May the show returned with Dan at the helm. UPN38 is no longer located at 83 Leo Birmingham Parkway. Dana Hersey was a mainstay of the viewer advocate seat for many years. The station's schedule consisted of older cartoons, sitcoms and family dramas, though the retooled station briefly ran a few preempted CBS shows from WHDH-TV.

Many of the young women who worked behind the scenes were also featured, the most famous being Kim, the floor director. Aside from the transmitter, WPXG does not maintain any physical presence locally in Concord. The station's digital signal continued to broadcasts on its pre-transition UHF channel 32. Dana's voice eventually attracted so much viewer curiosity that people clamored to see what "the viewer advocate" looked like. Often Ask the Manager was funnier than what was being served as "comedy" on the network schedule (especially if you knew all the inside jokes)—and yet the viewers always had their questions answered and often learned a great deal about the broadcasting process as well. However, the Monitor Channel shut down later that year after its transponder was sold to the parties behind USA Network to launch the Sci-Fi Channel, which left the station with reruns of the network's programming. But these humorous and often personal asides are what made the program special—the series was just plain fun. At the time WQTV began broadcasting,[2] it featured an over-the-air subscription television service in conjunction with Universal Subscription Television called BEST TV ("BEST" being an acronym for "Broadcast Entertainment Subscription Television"), based in Waltham. ), Then there were always those special shows, the ones ATM fans recall with great affection. Boston Globe article following his death. The process of syndicating series, the workings of equipment like the teleprompters and the duplex projectors, the goings-on at the annual broadcasters' meetings and other industry practices were all explained at one time or the other. The station is owned by West Palm Beach, Florida-based Ion Media Networks (the former Paxson Communications), as part of a duopoly with Woburn-licensed Ion Plus owned-and-operated station WDPX-TV (channel 58). If you search on YouTube for "Dana Hersey" and "WSBK" you will find Movie Loft intros, sports promos, etc. Carr introduces "the Witness Protection Program of The Howie Carr Show," adding, "Now no one will know your identity." After the death of Storer's founder, George Storer, WSBK-TV38 was sold to Gillett Communications.

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