When I was researching about negative / slide scanners I realized it could be used to scan Super8 and 16mm films, because the scan quality was good and a flatbed scanner could scan many frames at a time. If you do not have a film to scan or a scanner you can try the software using the filmstrips he provides for download in his website. This is what happened to the old Hollywood films when they stored them in a tight fitting can. Slide the panel holders into position and tighten them underneath. Connect the roller switch's connections to the circuit (see the drawing for a map of all connections). 7. I'm currently working on one using a Raspberry Pi and am trying to figure out what I'll do for the sprocket. Insert a flanged bearing into both the top and bottom of each roller. If you want to see the tweaking process step by step go to this flickr photo album: http://www.flickr.com/photos/61446502@N03/5595708754/. One way to do this is to print out the file onto paper (may have to split it between two sheets and tape them together), and tape it to the acrylic and drill where you see marks for holes. If you haven't already, cut the acrylic gate face plate that appears in the same file as the main gate assembly in the previous step (there are two - one for 35mm with a large window and one for 16mm with a smaller window). Awesome project! 2: Attach the panel holders, 2 per long side and 1 per short side of the platform as shown (you'll see I was missing two on one side but the parts list has been updated and you should have all 6). Can one slide be pushed through with another one without having to open the box to remove the previous slide? To learn how to use CineToVidPro just read the help file included in the download and also the websites pointed here. I also included the python scripts I used to place the bumpers/sprockets on the roller. It does this repeating some extracted frames, called fill frames. 1: Cut the following pieces of 80-20 T-slot aluminum and tap each end with a 1/4-20 tap. While living and teaching in Jordan, I discovered a collection of 850 orphaned film canisters. Bundle Silverfast SE Plus 8.8 , Support Mac and PC. Lab tests on an industrial version that uses a camera with a global shutter. What about mounted slides? Do not tighten. Attach the 8-hole plates to the legs of the reel platforms and the gate platform as shown. Integrated Infrared Dust/Scratch Removal. on Introduction. If you don't have any laying around, a small kit will do the trick. I've posted some pictures of my solution here, which was made of two acrylic plates glued together, then mounted to the sliding bearing. Doing a 50% downsize in resolution (half width and half height in image size) after apply heavy USM also helps a lot to avoid artifacting. My own telecine rig was hampered by the failure of the DLSR camera wearing out after thousands of shutter releases! Let me know if you do! In photo editing software you can use a batch processing to do it in all still images automaticaly. “As well as the seeds are planted in the earth and sprinkled with water to grow trees that give fruits to feed us, the silver seeds are planted in the film and sprinkled with light to grow on the screen forming images that tell stories to feed us too”, 1 – The softwares are free 3. Find out which two wires, when crossed, trigger the shutter. You are now ready to operate the Kinograph. To see a 2400 dpi scanning results go to vimeo.com/​28249965. 2. Splice your camera's shutter cable. Did you make this project? When I saw a perfect functional version working I decided to get a film scanner. While I dont think this project will generate this many members I thing it should help refine the project and become a great place to share ideas. NOTE: I cut the bolts that were included with the connectors to half of their length so that I didn't have to tap the aluminum more than 1/2". In some cases, you may want to control the motor manually. 5 years ago 2. Locate the four outermost holes in the middle of the acrylic. Flip the acrylic plate over so that the washers meet up with the four standoffs on the platform. Add two T-slot nuts to the front legs of the gate platform. So it will be about 8 hours work to scan one 50 feet Super 8 cartridge or 16 hours work to scan one 100 feet 16mm reel, if you do not stop. This project is in active development and is in its very beginning stages. Kinograph also comes with software which is discussed later in this Instructable. Disassemble the microscope so you have a post, the adjustment housing, and a horizontal plate. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Tap both ends of each piece with the 1/4-20 tap. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. Yup, I tested it with 35mm, and it works great! Like Our Facebook Page, Get more updates! Building a community portal where users can share their progress and design changes. It measures "5cm x 13.5cm x 7.5cm". Insert the short end of the shaft into the other end of the coupler and tighten. This manual exposure tip also works great for color correction, because the levels values found by auto exposure corrects wrong colors. But when you're that close you need to make very small adjustments to your camera's position. You will align them with the film later. 1: Cut 2x 12" and 2x 6" lengths of T-slot aluminum. I've been posting projects here e…. Also using unsharp mask in scanner software gives good quality and faster workflow to improve the image. You’re seeing this ad based on the product’s relevance to your search query. 2: On the back of the circuit board, connect the white leads (ground) and grey leads (power) as well as a piece of wire leading to each side for connecting to our Arduino circuit later. A great idea about smartphone, thank you! Top subscription boxes – right to your door, © 1996-2020, Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates. Any item with a star next to it could be replaced with another part of your choice for a cheaper build. I am a college student taking my engineering majors in BS-EE/ BS-ECE at the DLSU. Design of separate 8mm capture machine and accompanying Kickstarter campaign. Also, working with high dpi (9600 and 6400) will not let you scan more than the V500 horizontal area due to the file size limits the software have. Do not tighten all the way. The two wires you will be using should be soldered to pins so that they can be plugged easily into the relay circuit. I simply used an old piece of ruler then super glued it to my project box and acrylic. Can you make a reel to reel A to B roll (or left to right ) so that motion picture film can be scanned this way using a time lapse photo system and a simple motor advancing push and pull system that can be adjusted manually or by certain presets like 35mm , 16mm, 8mm, 35mm 2-perf, etcThe systems I see cost $29,000But other smaller systems run on Linux I think it is possible, Reply You could build the frame out of other materials, use different motors, etc. 9: Mount the motor with 10-32 machine screws. But I realize the challenge would be how to extract the frames from the scanned filmstrips and how to build a movie with good stabilization and in a good / fast workflow? 2: Place 10-32 washers on top of each of the four holes and hold them in place with masking tape. Once you have screws going into the standoff from both sides you can start tightening. This should be easy to do with rpi or arduino... Amazing job with this project. The idea is simple and smart, the software uses the sprocket holes as reference to find, align and extract the frames. There is also a new free software for 35mm films under development with a beta version. After scanning you go to cinetovidpro software and extract the frames from the scanned filmstrips. Be welcome to join: I invited Wolfgang Kurz to sign in to Vimeo and now he is a member of the CineToVidPro group. 18 – new feature added: optical sound extraction, (the numbers presented here may vary depending on the scanner used). Here's where it gets really "hacky." There are 3 pieces. Compatibility is good with iPhone, iTouch, Galaxy S4, HTC or a… 10 – The resolution is good for 720p or 1080p HD output. Go back to preview window. 3. Plustek OpticFilm 8200i SE , 35mm Film & Slide Scanner. It works - but is limited by the DSLR's mechanical shutter, the need for mechanical improvements as well as software migration to … I would suggest 14.5- 15cm for iPhone users. Yours looks great! Use a whiteboard marker or a highlighter to mark your measurements then simply drill a hole, big enough for your phone's camera. That might help extend the life of the camera beyond 200 minutes of film. No worries, we were able to establish digital copies of our most treasured photos. Now the version 1.2 also works with Pathe 9.5mm films and a new software for 35mm films are under developing with a beta version available. 4 years ago, now magic-lantern suport hi res silent picture, Hi Again, would you happen to have obj or any other 3d file for super 8 sprockets? If not, you will need to drill holes as labeled in the file. NOTE: the alignment of everything will be easier if you loosen the screws on the bottom of the platform attached to the standoffs so that they can wiggle around a bit.

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