Soma was officially the winner. Erina is no longer able to resist Asahi after she is captured by the Noir chefs, who seem to be true villians of the cooking world. Alice's dishes are all precise in execution and innovative by design, and her version of a bento box set a very high bar for Soma to clear in their match. It was a slow infiltration by  Asahi. Food Wars: Who's the Better Chef: Megumi or Takumi? Next ==> Previous 1 2 3 Next. She proved her worth as a member of the Council, but the problem was that he had grown somewhat stale and complacent by now, while Soma's creative dish had a little more merit. Erina remains fairly distant the whole event. Currently, I'm expanding my resume and skill set with jobs such as SEO writing and journalism. At the risk of forfeiting his cooking career forever, Soma competed with Subaru to make a beef stew dish, and he outmaneuvered the copycat master to win back Takumi's mezzaluna and the claimed knives of all of Subaru's previous opponents. This was one of Soma's best duels not because he was the star, but because he trusted the timid and shy Megumi to stand up for herself and cook something incredible to prove Shino wrong. She is concerned with her mother, feeling that she cannot overcome the desperation of the god tongue which is a fate she is supposed to share. For a change, Soma was the sous chef rather than the star, and he did well in that role. The theme was soba, and all signs pointed toward an easy win for Nene. The Nakiri clan has been one of the most influential in this cooking universe, the only clan to have run the prestigious Totsuki school that we know of. Akira and Ryo were so closely matched in their duel, they were both allowed to proceed to the final match and have a three-way battle with Soma to determine the overall winner. Asahi was obsessed with beating Soma and then making Erina a marriage partner. This was a steep challenge, but Soma did it, and he very narrowly beat Akira at his own game. But the feeling that he actually cares about Erina seems to be a hollow one as Asahi is a self-serving character. The hero is Soma Yukihira, an upbeat and creative chef who's ready to learn any recipe and challenge any rival during his rise to the top at the Totsuki culinary academy. RELATED: Food Wars: 10 Amazing Cosplays that Look Just Like the Anime. By the time Soma's second year began, he faced a new challenger: Asahi Saiba. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Soon after, Ikumi became a friend, and she developed something of a crush on Soma, too. It’s good to have you back Ms. Nakiri. This girl is the master of gastronomy, using formulas and lab equipment to engineer the most perfect dishes with science. Late in the series, Soma went up against the formidable first seat of the Council of Ten, Tsukasa Eishi. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. The biggest indicator being Erina blushing every time she encounters Soma during the final Shokugeki. But at the last moment, he mass-produced some serious breakfasts, and he collected many hungry guests who didn't get a chance to visit Erina's own breakfast stand. Its not surprising she finally caves into Asahi and agreeing if he can beat her in a shokugeki she will marry him. During the training camp from hell, Soma and the other students were up practically all night on exams, and then they had to stay up even longer to prepare breakfast for a huge crowd. Soma, though, eked out a victory with a whimsical and deep bento box, and Alice was forced to admit defeat. Soma aimed to win more than Kuga overall during the Moon Festival, and while Soma did outearn Kuga during the last day, he fell short overall and admitted defeat. In the story of Food Wars!, creativity and passion in the kitchen are key to making the best dishes around. This was one of the first cooking duels fought in the Autumn Elections, and right away, Soma was up against a member of the esteemed Nakiri family. Yesterday's enemy is today's friend. She even copies Soma’s style while defeating Bucchi. RELATED: Food Wars: Soma Yukihira's 10 Best Cooking Battles Ever. Unfortunately, the peace after Azami Nakiri's defeat didn't last forever. The goal for each student was to serve 200 breakfasts within two hours. He was going to earn serious money, and Soma wanted to challenge him. RELATED: Food Wars: Who's the Better Chef: Megumi or Takumi? Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Sports are another great way to channel the spirit of competition and personal growth, and even the world of cuisine takes its turn in Food Wars!. The feelings weren’t natural, as you can see. This stern girl is a member of the Council, and she was Soma's first opponent during the 8v8 Regiment de Cuisine battle against Central. The Autumn Elections tournament took an unusual turn later on. Thus far in the Food Wars! ( Log Out /  Not so fast. Then Erina tries dish she will get foodgasm where little Soma angels gonna say that he likes her. At some point during Azami Nakiri's reign, he convinced Akira Hayama to take his side and become a part of Central. When we do reach Erina we learn more about why she is so despondent. Nene couldn't believe her eyes. Still, Kuga was deeply impressed at Soma's performance on the final day. It takes place during the Promotion Exams, with Sōma's expulsion on the line. Shinji Nakamura October 13, 2019. Soma was so sure that his creative dish would win over the lofty Erina, but she cried out that it was "disgusting," and Soma was left trying to figure out what went wrong. 3 Soma & Erina Vs Eishi Tsukasa & Rindo Kobayashi. Asahi gives her flowers and dotes on her giving Erina the feel that she is in a shoujo manga. Shinji Nakamura February 13, 2020. She is the princess of the story, the girl who has the power and pedigree. After beating Soma in a shokugeki, Asahi turns his sights on the real prize, Erina who is the ticket into the Nakiri clan. Often, Soma has what it takes to whip up the best dishes to wow the judges, but, once in a while, even he can't take the heat. While its easy to say she was blessed with great talents and prosperity so she shouldn’t have problems its clear she had more problems than most. It is a move that makes no sense, really its a move of exasperation and desperation. This cooking duel also took place in the Regiment de Cuisine, and Somei Saito ranks even higher in the Council than Nene does. So, Soma cooks a bizarre and goofy appetizer for his team, challenging Erina to come up with something to top that in a mini-shokugeki. He seemed like an impossible challenge. But, Soma's own bento box was even more creative and impactful, and the headmaster himself declared Soma the winner. Does Erina have feelings for Soma? Erina is at first able to resist the wiles of Asahi but her support structure breaks down. She is left isolated to fend for her own, thrown to the wolves of the cooking world. Now let's consider one of the earliest cooking duels that Soma ever had. Does Soma and Megumi get together? Cute Yukihira Soma … Erina is the only character that feels like it has lots of depth after the defeat of Azami, the rest feels shallow in comparision. Now for a moment you will have to put away the fact that once Erina is taken by Asahi that no one does really anything about it, which yes doesn’t make sense given the fact that Erina is our princess and not only would the Nakira clan send people but also the school would send people to find her. He puts all his feelings in that dish. Akira soon gave up on Azami and took Soma's side in spirit. Even if this team lost on merit of the dish itself, Soma's steadfast trust in Megumi and professionalism were highly commendable. Even without Rindo around to spur him on, Tsukasa was an overwhelming challenge for Soma, and his dish solidly outstripped what Soma had to offer. ( Log Out /  I graduated high school in Kansas City in 2009, then earned my Associate's in Arts in 2011 at MCC Longview, then my BA in Creative Writing at UMKC in 2013. Soma miscalculated at first and fell dangerously far behind. Soma faced him during the Autumn Elections. Asahi gives her flowers and dotes on her giving Erina the feel that she is in a shoujo manga. The transition from Totsuki headmaster to Asahi’s potential wife wasn’t a sudden move. Cooking and anime have never blended so well. Rather, he uses mimicry to learn his opponent's personal life and cooking style ahead of time, then mimics it in a shokugeki and adds a little twist on his opponent's best dish. Despite the theme (soba noodles) favoring Nene, she was a bit too inflexible with her cooking style, and once again, Soma's creative and resourceful methods notched him a win against a superior opponent. Erina Nakiri is one of the most human characters from Shokugeki no Soma. Food Wars protagonist Soma is definitely a talented chef, earning tons of triumphant victories, but he's been defeated more than once, as well. Early in the series, Soma had to cook a dish to impress Fumino, who was in charge of the Polar Star dormitory. Eventually help arrives at the Blue event in the form of Soma and  others of Erina’s emotional support squad. This is the final battle of season 4, and perhaps the most consequential one of all. The best two rebel chefs faced the best two Central chefs, but Erina and Soma have been butting heads this entire time. While I find the ending of Shokugeki no Soma average at best, lets give a nod to Erina who had the best story moments of the ending. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Nene, a master of traditional Japanese cooking, was confident that she would demolish Soma and move on to Isshiki soon after. Protagonist Soma Yukihira grew up in the kitchen of his family's diner, and he learned all kinds of vital lessons there. And if Soma were to lose this duel, he would also get expelled from Totsuki, no questions asked. I have a passion for creative fiction and I've studied and practiced my craft for over ten years. Related Posts. Soma is enrolled at this elite school and soon makes many new friends and rivals alike, from Erina Nakiri to Megumi Tadokoro and Takumi Aldini. Yes, Erina does have feelings for Soma. Soma gave it his all, but Asahi Saiba was clearly his superior and won the match—and this won't be the last time Soma sees Saiba, either. This cooking duel had some substantial stakes: whether or not the Polar Star dorm's closure would be reversed. Joichiro had paid a visit to Totsuki, and he and his son had their 490th shokugeki against each other. Soma never defeated his father, not even once - that was his main motivation ever since the series started. We just got a stupid explanation of, "wow, his father is already impressed with his cooking, so let's move on." Food Wars: Soma's 5 Greatest Victories (& 5 Times He Was Defeated), Soma Yukihira grew up in the kitchen of his family's diner, Food Wars: Soma Yukihira's 10 Best Cooking Battles Ever, Food Wars: 5 of Soma's Best Dishes (And 5 of His Worst), first seat of the Council of Ten, Tsukasa Eishi, Food Wars! This dark-haired man intended to make Erina his bride and create a brave new future of cuisine that no one else could dream of. I am no match maker, but a marriage relationship between Erina and Asahi would have been a tragic one. The theme was bear meat, and Soma went above and beyond to try and find a good way to cook such smelly and odd meat. This third-year is known as the White Knight of the Table, and Soma took him on in a casual shokugeki with Megumi as the referee and judge. ( Log Out /  Currently, I'm expanding my resume and skill set with jobs such as SEO writing and journalism. She sided with Central when Azami Nakiri took over, and she faced Soma in the first round of the Regiment de Cuisine. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. This burly student isn't a brute-force kind of chef. Soma didn't defeat Erina, and he lost the last tournament to her, and that's how it ended, he never got a chance to fight her again. : 10 Lovely Fan Art Pictures of Erina Nakiri You Should Check Out.

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