The majority of Characters are unlocked from the start and several perks have been changed and balanced for the multiplayer aspect of the game. He disappears before the player assumes control of their character. It also contains an exclusive character, Winona. Wigfrid ist die beste Ergänzung neben Wilson. Most monsters are neutral towards her, and she can easily befriend Merms. Yes, it sucks that you do not reap as many benefits from food items, but being able to AoE heal and feed yourself on butterflies alone is amazing! Main article: Swamp Pig Elder The portrait on the character selection screen for a locked character. Maxwell and Wickerbottom, in my opinion, are a fairly broken pair that negate all the worries of food, Sanity loss, damage, etc. Don't Starve Together features many playable characters to choose from. Slow as biped, but fast as quadruped. Wormwood is a unique character that is very useful to have around in a multiplayer game. If you’re paired up with Wigfrid you can beg her for hundreds of Battle Helms for year-end safety! Wickerbottom will be the character that every server wants, though, against popular belief you do not need a Wickerbottom to have a successful server. His only useful ability is that he can grow a beard that helps him resist the cold. WX-78 is best used in multiplayer gameplay. The Chef Pouch doubles the life of food items while he can use the Crock Pot to cook unique recipes. Johnny is a 20-something year old average gamer. Also, … Winona can craft unique machines like catapults and spotlights. Gets one free hit from the, Is an imp. „Verfolgt“ von ihrer Zwillingsschwester. Die meisten anderen Charaktere können freigeschaltet werden, wenn genügend Erfahrungspunkte gesammelt wurden, entweder durch Tod oder durch das Entkommen in eine neue Welt. Walter’s most difficult aspect of playing would be his low Health and the fact that his Sanity is directly connected to his Health, meaning new players may be up for some intense Nightmare Fuel farming very early on. Main article: The Gnaw. Main article: Mumsy Allerdings nehmen Sie Schaden, wenn Sie im Regen stehen bleiben, da der Roboter dann anfängt zu rosten. Empfindlicher Magen. Alle spielbaren Charaktere (ausschließlich Hamlet) nach. Well, that’s not completely honest, Wormwood comes with a set of equipment including the Bramble Vest and Compost Wraps, the latter which heals him. Loves surfing. Lädt sich durch, Kann nicht sprechen. In my opinion, Merms are much stronger than Spiders, but they take longer to farm out than Spiders do. Character select before the world generates. When holding Lucy, Woodie caresses her. Woodie also has the special ability to transform into one of three different were-creatures during a full moon or if he eats two Monster Foods in less than four minutes. The King can give Wurt some useful items like seeds, trinkets, and kelp fronds. As a DPS character, she can steal life from live mobs to replenish her own HP.

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