Geometry Dash Fan Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Notice me Senpai (not Dorami, someone else) Made with 3 by Solithcy. -EPIC EXTREME DEMON- - "Cromulent" (Verified) By RelayX & More!

YujinsRosemery (featured) - A level that uses the song The Edge by Detious and Lockyn. (EXTREME DEMON) - Geometry Dash -2.11- - Dorami. Pearlescent 2 (featured) - A sequel to Pearlescent. Twitch is the world`s leading video platform and community for gamers. KillerZone (featured) - Originally a 2.0 level. It is his first 2.0 demon level. EXTR3ME VERIFICATION BY DORAMI! Hello guys! The verification of EnvY. This is his second level in the Theory series. The Ultra Phase - A 2.11 remake of The Ultimate Phase. Also known as Credits to Dorami. New Death Corridor - A remake of the impossible level created by. ESENCIA 100% VERIFIED! -XXL DEMON?- - Geometry Dash 2.13. Theory of IntercepT (featured) - His third level in the Theory series. This is a website. LEGENDARY DEMON VERIFIED!

By Dorami & CastriX! Credits to Dorami.

-INSANE DEMON?- - Geometry Dash -2.11-. Destruction of God (featured) - A level created by RelayX. It was only rated rather than featured. EXTR3ME VERIFICATION BY DORAMI! "Violently X" VERIFIED! Electrika (featured) - A collaboration with EnjoyGame. Fake Adventures - A super-buffed version of Electroman Adventures. Ending Fantasy (featured) - A level that uses the song Leaving Leafwood Forest by Bossfight. ClubFake - A super-buffed version of Clubstep.

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. It uses the song Forward by Realistik (Rukkus).

It uses the song Final Battle by Waterflame.

Destructional (featured) - A collaboration with Koreaqwer. 66 (52 Starred, 128 CP) Twitch is the world's leading video platform and community for gamers.

The Yangire - The sequel to The Yandere. The verification of EB.

Global position DiabolicForce (starred) - An insanely hard demon level that uses the song Hate Everything by Xtrullor, but was only rated rather than being featured.

ClutterFakeFunk - A super-buffed version of Clutterfunk.

It uses the song Duality by Dimrain47.

Twitch channel It uses the song Evolution of Music by DJ-Nate.

dorami streams live on Twitch!

Credits to Dorami. Geometry Dash 2.11. Trexy (featured) - A collaboration with Banila. It uses the song Euphoria by DJ-Abbic. Under lavaland (epic) - A level created by N R G. It used to be Dorami's hardest Demon level ever verified. Azure Fiesta (epic) - A summer-themed Extreme Demon mega-collaboration with MaxyLAND, Fragox, TruDee Fabian, ByBoy 11, DangerKat, FurixGD, DanielDLC, and Steven KSttle. YouTube channel (SUPER EXTREME DEMON) - Geometry Dash -2.11- - Dorami. FirePower (epic) - A level created by MrLorenzo.

FinalEscape (featured) - A collaboration with iEdwin.

Endless (featured) - A collaboration with Aura. Credits to Dorami. SkyWind (featured) - A collaboration with Luneth.

Funky ExpressDrive (featured) - A collaboration with CreatorAura. Made for Dorami as a challenge.

The verification of Sine Wavs. GeoStorm, TeamSmokeWeed, A Plus The verification of Rate Demon.

(EPIC EXTREME DEMON) - Geometry Dash -2.11- - Dorami.

UniqueFlash (starred) - A collaboration with Blacktime. SpaceEscape (featured) - His first 2.0 level ever, a collaboration with Xenonical. Delebit Oblivio - A level created by the members of TeamSmokeWeed (currently not rated although presumed to be an Extreme Demon). It used to be rated insane demon, but was considered one of the easiest ones, and is now a hard demon. Digital Universe 2 (featured) - His first level ever created. It was rather rated than being featured but was a demon level. Credits to Dorami.

Theory of Fake - A super-buffed version of Theory of Everything. The verification of The Yandere. Supernova Dreams (featured) - His final 1.9 level.

Contact Solithcy#0001 on Discord.


It is a mega-collaboration with Alderite, Jenkins, He is a member of TeamSmokeWeed, who created the final cube section in, A person named IWasPlays donated hundreds of dollars for him to beat. However, on July 15, 2018, he returned with a video of his new boss-fight level called FurY. Digital Universe X (featured) - His first demon level ever created. I never know what to put in these.. Dorami gud? Dorami (formerly TheRealDorami) is a skilled South Korean player and popular level creator in Geometry Dash. Theory of Insomnia (featured) - A hard demon level that uses F-777's remix of the song Insomnia by Mr. FijiWiji. Age Ichor (featured) - An easy demon, uses the song Ichor by Xtrullor. Evolution Night (featured) - A collaboration with LynaR, his demon level. Country Geometry Dash 2.11. THE YANDERE 100% VERIFIED! HOT DEMON LVL!? Check out their videos, sign up to chat, and join their community. South Korea Funky SkyDrive (featured) - The sequel to Funky ExpressDrive. SuperChaotic Flight (featured) - A level that uses the song Chaotic by Waterflame. - Geometry Dash -2.11-. The layout was created by KireiMirai. 5 by ParagonX9. - Geometry Dash -2.11- - Dorami.

He currently has the biggest fluke on Sonic Wave, fluking from 79%. Glorious Morning 2 (featured) - The sequel to Glorious Morning. HolicFactory (featured) - A collaboration with Dister K. It uses the song Rip It by Xtrullor. Theory of Xoanon (featured) - The fourth level in his Theory series. 19 (August 7, 2001) -D Sine Wavs(100%,10★).

- "DESTRUCTION OF GOD" By RelayX & More! Credits to Dorami. The verification of Esencia.

18530 (Global)15 (Creators) Dorami has verified many Extreme Demons including Idols, EnvY, Violently X, Cromulent, The Yandere, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, Under Lavaland, Esencia, and Azure Fiesta.

Credits to Dorami. Elliptic Curve (epic) - A level created by Mulpan. He said that he would come back, but he did not know when. (ME) "EnvY" 100% By DanZmeN! - "RATE DEMON" 100% By RoiMousti! Dorami's GD Stats: Stars: 10531 Diamonds: 8157 Coins: 88 User Coins: 983 Demons: 595 Creator Points: 128 Global Rank: 18530 th Latest Extreme Demon. Dorami On June 16, 2018, he quit because of many factors including school and stress from Extreme Demons. Credits to Dorami.

Violet Project (featured) - A level that uses the song Infinite Power by TheFatRat.

The verification of Destruction of God. Heat Wave (epic) - Another level that he verified.

Glorious Morning (featured) - His first 1.9 level. Number of levels Want your own website? Credits to Dorami. It uses the song No. The verification of Idols.

Fakles - A super-buffed version of Cycles. ForestHell (starred) - A collaboration with Zelda. - "UNDER LAVALAND" 100% By N R G And More! - Geometry Dash -2.11-. Esencia (featured) - A 1.0-themed Extreme Demon. He is known for his own Theory series and a Nine Circles level called Sine Wavs, currently rated Insane Demon. It is an extremely difficult and shiny demon level that uses the song Corrosive by Xtrullor. HARDER THAN CLASSIC? Credits to Dorami.

Doramis Madness 2 (featured) - A possible sequel to Spikes Madness. Spikes Madness (featured) - A seemingly remake of Stereo Madness. Credits to Dorami. [2] Adventure Extreme (featured) - A collaboration with Mineral and Creator Cloud. This uses an instrumental version of a song that uses curse words. The verification of Cromulent.,, Around September 20th, 2020, his account was hacked by an unknown third-party, similar to the scam involving. The verification of Violently X. I'm Geometry Dash player, Dorami!Follow me on Twitch and subscribe to my youtube channel, thanks:) (ME) "Idols" By Herdys & Zafkiel and More! Dorami (formerly TheRealDorami) is a skilled South Korean player and popular level creator in Geometry Dash.


It was also an Insane Demon for a long time, like, Violently X (epic) - A collaboration with.

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