The other people that Alexei called were also on the files and consist of Kosta Armanoleg, Borya Tatierski, Yuri Beyznatofin, and Zena Bendemova. Superman defeated him and he was sent to his own prison. The character appears in seasons one through five, Thirdspace and The River of Souls. J. Michael Straczynski has stated that he had other plans for the character, including an appearance in the first part of War Without End. Following the Crisis, Allegra assists in the investigation of the criminal organization Black Hole. After he and his friends robbed the bank, they used a paddy wagon as their getaway vehicle while disguised as police officers. FREE DR.YORK!!! After the end of the Earth Alliance Civil War, Lise and Garibaldi are married and take joint ownership of Edgars Industries. Na'Toth did not appear in any further Babylon 5 television episodes or movies. In Sleeping in Light, he walked with a noticeable limp, which has never been explained on screen. Delenn swore vengeance against the humans who had killed her master, and cast the deciding Council vote that began the Earth-Minbari War. Mia is the infant daughter of Kendra Saunders (Hawkgirl). began a personal vendetta against Catwoman. Although Bruce Timm and Paul Dini created Condiment King as a one-off joke character in their DC animated universe television series, Batman: The Animated Series, Chuck Dixon and Scott Beatty created their own version in Batgirl: Year One #8. Later, this group stages a coup when the ailing Turhan pays a visit to Babylon 5. She made her first appearance in Deadshot #1. This event caused Windfall to quit the team and join the Outsiders for a while. He had family aboard the Minbari flagship Black Star when it was destroyed by Babylon 5 commander John Sheridan. Smithington. Lyta traveled to Babylon 5 with the password that would activate the hidden personality. Darhk uses trickery and forgotten science to make his followers and the public believe he has mystical or magical powers, but is later proven to be a fraud. The Elite, voiced by Catero Colbert.[12]. He had previously told Delenn that he had wished for a simple funeral followed by cremation. In the Arrow: Season 2.5 tie-in comic, Norton escapes from prison and begins operating out of Bludhaven as part of a mercenary group called the Renegades. However, Lorien reappears a last time, in 2281, when Sheridan returns to Coriana 6 during the last hours of his life, as he was enjoined by Kosh to do. She felt some guilt over killing a member of her own kind to save a human, but the pair had bonded and Catwoman became one of the few humans that the Scream Queen saw as a friend. 2) and a participant in the matrix. Red Tool does not feel pain after a surgery that removed a brain tumor and parts of his amygdala. As Catwoman managed to elude her, Cyber-C.A.T. In season 4 and 5, he continues to act as Mollari's assistant, and as a representative of the Centauri to Babylon 5 when Mollari is back on Centauri Prime. Lyta was introduced in the pilot episode "The Gathering" as a telepath assigned to the Babylon 5 space station by the Psi Corps, a fictional organization providing support to telepaths and monitoring their activity. When Neroon opened the casket, Branmer's body was gone. Senator. Several centuries later (with the help of obtained water from Lazarus Pit), she became a black ops agent leading squad in undercover operations in Syria. The Head is an alien in the DC Universe. When he announced that he wanted to see a Vorlon before he died, Kosh fulfills this wish. (This is a reference to the final episode of the fourth season.). Psiphon was knocked out by Superboy with just a flick of his finger.

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