Adam Lyerly grew up in Northeast Arkansas where duck hunting is a way of life. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t know how to make a world class duck call. He first started out as a Dick’s Sporting Goods associate and eventually decided to attend college for video production. After competing for a while, Sean was introduced to Fred Zink from Ohio. DRC machines Moisture Control Grooves to wick spit and moisture for a non-stick sound. However, the insert is thin providing a large bottom end tone. Polycarbonate calls are made of bulletproof plastic that is very affordable for the consumer. However, that was due to at that time there weren’t local populations. Let Echo help you get the maximum results while hunting and fill your freezer! The DOD also is designed and cut around the ergonomic band. I like the XLT as well but if I had to choose one call it would be a timber. ECHO DUCK CALL POLYCARB with OFFICIAL ECHO BOX & BAG EXCLUSIVE OFFER!!! You’d have to be born under a rock to have not heard of Duck Commander. Therefore, George set out to make the best short reed goose call available. Back in 2007, Cory Loeffler had decided that he needed to manufacture more user-friendly goose calls. Polycarbonate calls are made of bulletproof plastic that is very affordable for the consumer. Over time Echo, unquestionably had become one of the most popular duck call companies around. It wasn’t an easy start filled with huge paychecks either. However, Eli was actually quite influenced by music and was able to play numerous instruments by ear at a very young age.
After 8 minutes pull cookie sheet out and flip duck breasts. As a result, earned him an automatic retirement from the Duck calling competitions. So in 1996 Buck founded his company for competitive duck calls.

Haydel’s creates numerous calls for every style of hunter, from beginners to the advanced. Instead, he combined the two into one. However, with this duck call the design wasn’t for profits or sales, but rather a high-quality versatile duck call. Skinless Duck Breasts, 2 per person Wrap each duck cube with bacon and place on skewers alternating with the peppers and pineapple. One of the most unique and best duck calls from Buck Gardner is the Slampiece. I like the xlt the best bc of its range.a xlt can get loud but also get quite.a timber sounds good too but it doesn't have the top end like a xlt.a pure meat is really close to a xlt except its has more hold which makes it have more.whine.either one of these three is a good choice I own every one of the single reeds and in my opinion I just like the xlt bc it fits me a little better,then the pure meat and timber.also to me. Today you can find one of his calls in just about any sporting goods stores. Duck Calls. Currently, the company is run with the help of Eli’s sons and they have a passion for creating calls for hunters by hunters. Thanks to his ability and skill of contest calling. Our double reed duck calls work best for beginners but are still used and adored by seasoned hunting professionals. Echo Duck Calls Headwear, Camo Hunting Hats, Stylish Hats, Mesh Hats, Trucker Hats, Wax Canvas Hats, Mesh Wax Canvas Hats, and Beanies He launched Zink calls alongside figuring out that there was a need in the outdoor industry for quality turkey decoys. The Championship Calls may be one of the earliest established makers on this list.
Although he didn’t start that way. However, before Duck Dynasty the foundation of Duck Commander was formed making duck calls back in the early 1970’s. The two of them started traveling together to calling competitions. As of today, they are run by Vista Outdoors Inc. a leading outdoor brand that primarily specializes in outdoor sportings and products. All Right Reserved. Phil has been able to turn his small company into a multi-million dollar company with the help of his sons and family.

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