H�lSMo�@UC�$ۊ����S�����M�&��͖�(�HH���Y;��,٣�}of�Og� �N�`��͚M+ �6L��#�"r/$L��\ 2 (13), and is connected to hinge link no. Mid cover panel (26) is rigidly affixed to hinge link no.

The opposite end of hinge link no. 2 (6) tend to push (6) upwards. 3.

Hinge link no. 6,082,665) for an example of each. (6) starts its rotation, stop (31) pushes over-center lock (30) farther out of the way causing it to continue to rotate counterclockwise about pivot (36). 6,086,014). H�\�OO�0���>�j��ߤ�l �0@lp�Rw���U�����$8�z��I�g���j�ڑ���-�Դ��. 0000006726 00000 n 4 (8) and then hinge link no.

No. 3 (7) into hinge link no. The mechanism of claim 6 further comprising a means to bias the lock against the mechanical stop. 6. Although the original Sto-Wing operated with hydraulic cylinders, they added too much weight to the craft, so a model built from lighter materials was developed. trailer << /Size 88 /Info 63 0 R /Root 68 0 R /Prev 474811 /ID[<649b636570b1bb6e1dba9b226e175788><649b636570b1bb6e1dba9b226e175788>] >> startxref 0 %%EOF 68 0 obj << /Type /Catalog /Pages 62 0 R /FICL:Enfocus 64 0 R >> endobj 86 0 obj << /S 255 /Filter /FlateDecode /Length 87 0 R >> stream Most folding theories are concerned with either speed of a stowed mechanism or its … No. No.

A prior bi-fold wing design has been proposed by Schertz (U.S. Pat. ������=��[���P������Ӻ�F5~�̃iݢ̽ ڽTlJai��8^ �N��bpn����҉.z hM֧�.��w3��m�vv���{?�����c Both hinge link no. Some of the prior art does combine a fold with this rotation. 6,076,766) as it provides a more durable and cost-effective method of fairing the surface of the structure. All STEMME aircraft can be ordered with an optional folding mechanism, which reduces the wing span to 11.2 m (37 ft) [S 10] with minimal effort.This light weight allows one person to easily fold the outer wings. This is the approach taken in broad terms by Geisse (U.S. Pat. The mechanism of claim 7 further comprising means to displace the lock from the mechanical stop. No. In the event of negative wing lifting forces, for example those that might be generated during turbulence or acrobatic maneuvers, hinge link no.4 (8) and hinge link no. H�b```"V�eB cc`a�(`b`I�`w``8v�A�a�C���ژ��e90Ţe�+v]{�%�40s�s�_כ�q^�\d���kuc�٥5J���Њ�u��[i�hF��0E�Ya�;;���zP��GG=n�Ԥ��@n������4g�n`RRri Z�((��b���)��д����t�1LJ@ �60� T�K����l�a@Z�M��Łl�C�Z� �P-G\永�*ˬ���b>�bBO�Q�M���6Mw1*j-�!O�5��رaO̷�ޣӉ In both positive and negative wing loading conditions, there are at least two independent mechanisms that prevent the wing from rotating into the retracted condition accidentally. The mechanism of claim 5, wherein the second linkage comprises a mechanical stop adapted to contact the lock. 4 (8) and lower hinge wing side (10).

�VW������0�W��q��X��)��WI��j�,[�;�%�C��ߢR�%@b�T@?��J��tZ����=�C�Wp��̏u� �p��E�����Q��/�oq��l��I5���N֥�Bo �s�

No. Terms of Use When inner wing (50) is fully retracted, the top surface rests up against the exposed edge of aircraft body (24), again sealing the gap between inner wing (50) and aircraft body (24), and protecting the hinge mechanism.

FIG. A Grumman F9F-2 Panther jet on the U.S. aircraft carrier USS Bon Homme. No. 3 (7) and hinge link no. The Wildcat's innovative "Sto-Wing" mechanism developed on the XF4F-4 prototype by Leroy (Roy) Grumman (1895-1982), a founder of Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corporation, was crucial to the U. S. Navy's success during World War II.

As inner wing (50) rotates counterclockwise, front cover panel (25) and rear cover panel (27) also rotate counterclockwise, revealing a cutout in aircraft body (24) that is the same shape as the top surface of inner wing (50).

No. In FIG. © 2020 The American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

Hinge link no. 2 (6) is allowed to rotate with respect to hinge link no 1 (5) using upper hinge pin no. 3 (7) moves downwards.

0000001849 00000 n The resulting rotation of hinge link no.

Front cover panel (25) and rear cover panel (27) are rigidly affixed to inner wing (50). Sitemap n�ot8Qz���*����h�EIV���>|J��:~J���X@��������uEaԲ����� �?�`������8�0���ɛUuխgکꋚ�}Y{�vI֠Aν�OD��܆*17�e�Jw��-��&�O���.���L�6�U���5\9:C!��~�Z2�>C�~��DRڔ'�Vw�,8����I���ܱ Ҵ �S��F]�ֱ���uv�A/�?�^Z�p����ש�%�b YX?� ��=��x��wY����'�.����"a�оA�v(�D5@�Iӡ���"�������֩Q��jgQ�����4�slT;;[21�g"A�+����^K~� A common method for stowing the wings of a roadable aircraft described in prior art is to rotate the wings into an orientation parallel to the fuselage of the aircraft. 0000001296 00000 n 2. The top half of the hinge mechanism consists of hinge link no. 2,424,068), Spitzer (U.S. Pat. {f�l?qG�b�-�W��F�A/6!^䬇�� No. 2,712,421). 0000003533 00000 n d\;��Z�P�{6-��?�{�u���%�ApT\ �x.l�0��Ḕt!a����H�J#��S���ZԛȦ1Z@�wL*n�k�]h(O /��ƌ�Lp���H�h�Ԙ.��th�C����E����s�B�ϖYU�J��O�wFmy�7A.�T�-I 0000007416 00000 n

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