A palmist who is professional and well versed alone predicts the future of the person based on the lines of the palm. The exact meaning of the palmistry fate line is the astrology prediction of a persons’ career and growth. Check your horoscope and much more. "A young woman lost a husband much older than herself and who died insane. about Mount of Mercury and Mercury Lines in palmistry, Fate Line is also called the Saturn line, money line, luck line, destiny line, possessions line, Beggars and Billionaire do have a fate line, Too much importance is given to fate line, The importance of fate line in terms of how much money we will have in our life is just 15%, Fate line with branches towards Mars negative, Double Fate line / parallel fate line in palmistry, Mount of Mercury and Mercury Lines in palmistry. The individuals would have to work for others definitely because he might have got help from the others. This section is from the book "The Practice Of Palmistry For Professional Purposes", by C. de Saint-Germain. The palmists alone products the fate of the line of the individual based on the positions of the line. Starting Points And Forks At The Start. Moreover, the absence of the fate line indicates that the person does not have a complete career with excellent growth. These individuals exercise authoritative power on others. The Line of Head ended in a very large island. The different types of palmistry fate lines are. The fate line decides the duration of your life and the vitality of a person. You need not worry a lot about your life or future if the palmistry fate line is absent on your palm. The 75th age of the person is taken at the end of the fate line that ends at the Saturn phase which we mean at the bottom of the middle finger. The palm line study is based on the astrology predictions. The palmist would tell about the person’s life based on the fate lines present on the palm, where does it start, where it ends. The study involves when your fate line crosses the headline then it is assumed by the palmistry or by yourself as the thirty-fifth year of age. The line might end in trident on the palm. Usually, five years of status is taken on the bottom of the hand for analyzing the fate line agewise. You can also have some basic ideas about the fate line reading on the palms. The career growth of the person is predicted by this fate line. Forked at the termination with two or more prongs - The direction of the prongs and the distance they penetrate into the neighboring Mounts will give the fork its significance, due allowance being given for the starting point of the Line and its character; also the breaks or oilier defects, if any. How Can You Get A Palmistry Fate line Reading? The different types of palmistry fate lines are. Fate line is useful in judging the career ups and downs. Soulmatetwinflame.com is paid for referring traffic and business to these businesses. The palm line study is based on the astrology predictions. A Line of Influence from a star on the Mount of Venus to a star on the Line of Head. He does not depend upon a single source for survival. He is said to be a lucky person who can earn from different sources. Upward branches reaching the Mount of the Sun - Wealth; success in one's intellectual or artistic efforts. The fate line absence indicates the meaning that you will many ups and downs in your career. the 2nd finger the longest finger. The fate line is focused on a man’s future, prosperity, and career on the whole. Doube fate line -The persons who are said to have double fate lines will have two lines on the palm. This individual will have many changes in his life due to changes in his professional life. When those people who have helped him many a time in life need your sacrifices so that they can lead a normal life. Your life will become happy only if you obey and adjust with others. Finding a spiritual relationship is one of the best things you can find. The two fate lines give the person a greater amount of luck and prosperity. Terminating on the Mount of Jupiter, if the Line is good - Success in every-thing; often brilliant marriage. It denotes several meanings in your life and the major one is that your professional career will not be consistent. The medical stigmata on the Mount of Mercury crossed by a deep horizontal bar, A fine Line of Fate forked before reaching the Line of_Head. Sometimes, the fate line of an individual might touch the lifeline at any point.

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