Here is a short video of the engine running..... in case there is any interest out there for this engine. The 700E is a very high quality product. Everyone is healthy and doing well.

2.58:1 gearbox.

List Price: $20.00 : Posted: 12 Aug 2002 17:47 PDT Expires: 11 Sep 2002 17:47 PDT Question ID: 53839 : I would like to have several first hand accounts or testimonials of people who have flown and have had experience with the HKS 700 and in addition, several professional critiques on the HKS 700 ultralight 4 cycle aircraft engine. U-FLY-IT Mount and Accessory Kit

I have a round cowl and had to make a couple of extra bumps but its worked good for 460+ hrs. Other required accessories include exhaust, oil tank, oil cooler, oil lines, oil fittings, prop, and instruments. gallon. Point, HKS Operating Cost Savings at 300 Hours (7), HKS Operating Cost Savings at 600 Hours (7), HKS Operating Cost Savings at 800 Hours (7).

Mostly just thinking how to work things out and trying to mock up different scenarios. I tacked it up with a mig and ER70S-6 wire. Simply slip the hose over the fitting and you're... Intake Gasket, HKS 700E (From SN 100600 and after), Carburetor Heat Probe for Bing 64 Carburetor. Incidentally I found no upside with the IVO when I tried it did not help getting into the air or climd nor cruise, I fully understand wanting the IFA capability though I do believe that with the HKS torque curve that an IFA prop would be great.

700/Turbo (since the 700/T is in a league of its own). Will have to do a little blending to get a smoother transition, but overall I'm pleased.

Might have to give that up for a lighter prop. Again thanks for the help. pump, fuel line, ignition switches, switch guards, starter switch, throttle cable, answer it. URL: Taxi test here ... Hopefully first flight in November. Idle should be around 1600 rpms.

mount, oil lines, oil fittings, electric back-up fuel

messages and phone calls.

Still have to do some shaping and sanding on the fiberglass, but the profile fits in relatively well.

Maybe our fly-in in October? In that year, we developed the "A700E" which is OHV 4 valve flat-twin engine for Ultra-Light Plane.

Air will exit out the bottom of the cowling ahead and separate from everything else to prevent heat contamination. It may not display this or other websites correctly. TBO times derived from each

With the new baby sleep is probably at a premium right now. I'll keep ya'll updated.

Electric Start (aftermarket on Rotax, George That is a sweet looking plane. The idea that the hydraulic pump is already there is attractive, but if you consider the battery is also already there as well, it sort of cancels out the bonus. 3.

Yes, on-line testimonials from individuals who have had experience with the HKS 700e would be great. 9. If so, what all did that entail and could it be duplicated. for HKS 700E Aircraft Engine (Condition: NEW). Pretty exciting :).

Yup, 2 cylinder turbo, 80HP, BUT just to clarify(and brag a little)it's a true(takeoff to 3 min max) 80HP from Sea level up to 16,500 feet(Max continuous is 79HP).

It's a pretty engine and I am very optimistic about the install. conjunction with aircraft kit, and included engine mount, throttle

Based on average rebuild price of The HKS 700E’s are shipped assembled and factory test run for …

Hey Geowitz, that's a great looking Kitfox hope you get the AW and get in the air on schedule, thanks for all the updates. It will definitely work one way or another. My jig worked and the mount actually lines everything up perfectly :D. Now, just need to figure out where everything can fit. For Sale: 582, Dragon Wings, Fuel Tanks, EIS... MZ202 and Sport Copter Rotor Head and Blades for sale in New Zealand, SOLD: Pristine Sport Copter Lightning For Sale-$13K.

Copyright 2012 U-FLY-IT I didn't try that as I am more focused on a lighter solution.

Oil consumption for Rotax engines figured at 50:1 ratio, scaled to Powered by vBulletin® Version 4.2.5 Copyright © 2020 vBulletin Solutions Inc. All rights reserved.

3. Wiring, not my favorite thing.

1. 1. Rotax Light Sport Aircraft, LLC.

Looking really good am waiting for your first run and flt.


Initial Rotax cost amounts based on current Quad City Ultralight Aircraft prices when purchased in conjunction with aircraft kit, and included engine mount, throttle and choke cables, etc. For more recent exchange rates, please use the.

Please contact the following companies for maintenance and repair parts or other inquiries.

Granted, the Turbo version is somewhat new, but their track record as a company overall is excellent and the reviews on the engine have been consistently great.

Gallery View Customize . Those templates are sure going to make my life a lot easier. Holidays have slowed things down. Perhaps the last time I have to muscle the engine into place?

7. If you still want to play with it, you could try using oil from both the oil cooler pump as well as the scavenge pump.

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