Bright Eyes Sanctuary. All Rights Reserved. The scent gland in these photos belongs to Puff, a 5 year old Netherland dwarf. The scent gland that produces this substance is located under the tail. You will need to work with your little one to determine which position is most comfortable for your pet when addressing scent gland issues. Once your bunny is secure and distracted, gently lift their tail and spread the skin on either side of the anus to expose the scent gland. Animal Health Digest, LLC. Related Posts. Some rabbits produce more scent musk than others and some may never really need a cleaning. Use your fingers to find the genitals and then to separate the area directly adjacent to the genitals. It is so funny to see him doing that because it is like nostrils flaring but he's flaring the scent glands on his butt. Don't Overlook this Essential Part of Grooming. In this photo, his tail is in the top of the photo. The glands are on either side of the anus. Then, we'll repeat this for the gland on the other side. removed being ever so cautious not to tear the skin. It is often helpful to provide one of their favorite treats or some of their favorite greens to munch on as a distraction. (note: 7/11 - Bugsy has been diagnosed with bone cancer, we will miss him. It is the same substance that is squirted by the skunk to warn his enemies but the skunk's is in liquid form. This will help prevent your bunny from kicking and inadvertently injuring you or themselves. MARYLAND 20850. Here are the two plugs we scooped out of each gland. Personally, I love that smell but it's just one of my idiosyncrasies, I love Pepe Le Pew too! stuck on the rabbit's fur which might be from plugged up scent glands or slight overproduction Do Rabbits Shed? What kind of greens should my rabbit eat? While the easiest way to visualize your rabbit’s bum is to gently lay them on their backs, some rabbits find this to be very stressful. This needs to be done very gently and carefully. The glands are on either side of their little anus and are kind of hidden, tucked away. Animal Health Digest, LLC is a content curation and aggregation service for animal health professionals. Once you (and your bun) get the hang of it, you may be able to clean the glands yourself, but when you are first starting, it is often best to seek the help of a trusted ally, preferably one who isn’t queasy by the odiferous quality of your rabbit’s backside. The photo with the cotton swabs shows the "plugs" removed from this rabbit's scent glands. How can I set up a safe and enriching habitat for my rabbit? Then, we'll carefully use some cotton tips with petroleum jelly There some broken pieces too which we carefully Keep one hand pressed firmly on the stomach so that he/she cannot suddenly flip over and injure their back. Posted on Oct 30, 2013. The dark plugs I removed from little Puff's scent glands are very odiferous. Follow us on Facebook to learn more and to be notified of the next Ask a Vet Live event! When a rabbit’s anal scent glands build up, they often have an unpleasant odor. It is best to sit on the floor to ensure your rabbit doesn’t have far to “fall” should he wriggle out of your grip.

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