It was at the suggestion of producer Manfred Eicher that double-bassist Barry Guy and Baroque violinist Maya Homburger were brought on board. John Dowland (1563-1626) was an English late. "In Darkness" was a through-composed lute song. Number of voices: 1v Voicing: S Genre: Secular, Lute song. John Potter tenor Maya Homburger baroque violin Stephen Stubbs lute John Surman soprano saxophone and bass clarinet Barry Guy double-bass Recorded January 1999, Forde Abbey, Dorset Engineer: Markus Heiland Produced by Manfred Eicher. xref Thus wedded to my woes, and bedded to my tomb, O, let me… *#252583 - 0.09MB, 5 pp. 350 0 obj . Meanwhile, this was all taking place within a pitch center of A minor. (-) - !N/!N/!N - 22889×⇩ - HuckHodge, PDF typeset by editor What makes this work particularly interesting, was the fact that the lute part was more important than the vocal line both structurally and harmonically. John Potter tenor <]/Prev 61506 (1), On the Web 369 0 obj Barry Guy double-bass Two of these are instrumentals that go straight for the heart, while the final track, “Lachrimae Amantis,” finds Potter slipping into countertenor on a pure and open Ah. endobj Second stanza included in the Coprario 1606 setting: My dainties grief shall be, and tears my poisoned wine, - John Dowland, comp. Fine Knacks For Ladies is a more whimsical number. English text. Oxford University Press, accessed February 18, 2014. The piece closes with a drawn out cadential figure of an F Major chord leading down to an E Major triad with the vocal part ending solely on the third of the chord. Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for John Dowland: In Darkness Let Me Dwell - John Potter on AllMusic - 1999 Change ). >> I decided to compare this work to another of Dowland's more famous lute songs, "Flow my Tears." Thus, wedded to my woes, and bedded in my tomb, 0000000015 00000 n Recorded January 1999, Forde Abbey, Dorset "In Darkness let me dwell." Potter’s quiet refrain of “the heart is true” resounds with genuine delight. My robes my mind shall suit exceeding blackest night, His work, "In Darkness let me dwell" written in 1610, was based off of a poem also written by Dowland. “In Darkness Let Me Dwell” is one of the three which are by John Dowland. <> - [6], Pavanes, gaillardes, airs, allemandes et fantaisies : pour flûtes à bec, voix et luth, [Hayes, Middelsex] : The Gramophone Co Ltd , [194. Holman, Peter and Paul O'Dette. ], Scores So begins ECM’s first foray into the … Rounding out the program are three selections from Dowland’s Lachrimae, a book of pavanes based on Flow My Tears. We’re working with Dowland as though he were still with us.” The present recording foregrounds early music’s malleability and upholds Dowland as a great improviser. While many have captures the dance of voice and strings by which he set his chisel to the lathe of courtly melancholia, the group of musicians assembled on this disc manages to carve something refreshingly immediate. 349 0 obj 10. - John Dowland, comp.. - [10], In darkness let me dwell. 0000006800 00000 n Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for John Dowland: In Darkness Let Me Dwell - John Potter on AllMusic - 1999 "...some of the most beautiful writing next to enjoying the music itself. John Dowland's songs (or ayres, as they were termed) for voice and lute represent the … - [15], In darkness let me dwell. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Universal Division Mercury , 1999 (P) Universal Division Mercury , 1999 (P) - John Dowland, comp. ül$„”M²R.ú£¦} NŠÔ rÈE޾>sœVêèx. - [4], In darkness let me dwell. 0000007698 00000 n The ending of this work was particularly interesting with the very inconclusive ending in the vocal melody. My study shall be tragic thoughts sad fancy to delight, 0000001809 00000 n John Dowland - In Darkness Let Me Dwell Lyrics. Weep you no more, sad fountains; What need you flow so fast? - John Dowland, comp.. - [9], "In darkness let me dwell". O thus, my hapless joy, I haste to thee. Potter is at his finest here, caressing every word with ceremonial urgency. In darkness let me dwell, the ground shall sorrow be, The roof despair to bar all cheerful light from me, The walls of marble black that moisten'd still shall weep, My music hellish jarring sounds, to banish friendly sleep. In the vocal melody, the text can very easily be heard and understood. Also, the rise of instrumental music was not far from Dowland. Complete Score While perhaps not as cohesive as the project’s later albums (those with perfect pitch may stumble here and there in this darkness), In Darkness succeeds with no small humility in looking beyond Dowland’s enchanting, affected veneer and into the vivacious and melodious heart within. 2 Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Pale ghosts and frightful shades shall my acquaintance be: ( Log Out /  10 in A Musical Banquet [nl], a 1610 anthology of songs for lute and voice from England, France, Italy, and Spain compiled by Robert Dowland, John's son. <> “Come Again” synthesizes the melodic relay between Potter and Surman with the utmost respect, as do the visceral “Now, O Now I Needs Must Part” and “Come, Heavy Sleep.” Guy delights us with his palpable lyricism in “Go Crystal Tears,” a song in which Surman also succeeds to astonishingly brilliant effect. His work, "In Darkness let me dwell" written in 1610, was based off of a poem also written by Dowland. (2). The text for Dowland's setting utilizes the first stanza of an anonymous poem included in the 1606 song collection Funeral Teares by John Coprario. Surman’s bass clarinet infuses the title song, taken from A Pilgrimes Solace, and acts like a fulcrum of emotional balance. Thus wedded to my woes, and bedded to my tomb, O, let me, living, living, die, till death do come.". I absolutely thought that this work was chilling to the core. Ending (with what we would analyze as the leading tone today) and not having any resolution afterwards was very unsettling. Thus wedded to my woes, and bedded to my tomb, O, let me… Grove Music Online. [1] "In darkness let me dwell" has been recorded by many artists, notably by on the 2006 album Songs from the Labyrinth by Sting with Edin Karamazov. Maya Homburger baroque violin 352 0 obj 0.0/10 endobj Title: In darkness let me dwell Composer: John Dowland. Description: External websites: Original text and translations. • Page visited 17,676 times • Powered by MediaWiki 0000007513 00000 n - John Dowland, comp.. - [23], München : ECM records GmbH ; Antony : distrib. 0 Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. For this collection of ayres and other curios, Potter and company have hand picked a fine array for our auditory pleasure. Engineer: Markus Heiland It was published as song no. Period: Renaissance: Piece Style Renaissance: Instrumentation soprano, lute, bass viol - John Dowland, comp.. - [4], In darkness let me well. endobj 0000002533 00000 n Although these were both lute songs and written by the same composer, the compositional style in which Dowland wrote these songs was extremely different. [2] Dowland's setting eventually became more famous than the Coprario setting. endstream Stephen Stubbs provides the requisite lute, and with it a boundless cache of creative energy for all to share. 6 Accessed February 18, 2014. O let me living die, till death doth come, till death doth come. 0000002476 00000 n - John Dowland, comp. (1), In BnF Explains tenor John Potter, creative director of what would come to be known as the Dowland Project, “This is the first time anyone’s approached Dowland not from an ‘early music’ angle, but simply as music. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. %âãÏÓ stream My music, hellish jarring sounds, to banish friendly sleep. The Third Book of Songs gives up two tearful ghosts of its own, of which The Lowest Trees Have Tops walks the most precarious line between laughter and lamentation. A link to the full score can be found here: Dowland: In Darkness. 0000000730 00000 n - John Dowland, comp.. - [1], In darkness let me dwell. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Between Sound and Space: ECM Records and Beyond.

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