The MiFi 8000 mobile hotspot is with 2, 3, and 4 carrier CA, LAA technologies and 4x4 MIMO. 145 0 obj <> endobj By following the instructions below, you should be able to easily prepare, and connect to, the hotspot to begin accessing the internet for educational purposes.
�zxXv6i&i�� @J����90��Q � jo � I’ve tried the settings given above (even though the interface is apparently a little different) but it keeps saying the network cable is unplugged. ASUS Router (AC3100) (RT-AC88U) from Amazon.

What I really want to be able to do is use ethernet and keep the thing charged at the same time.

Upload speeds are only about 3.5 Mbps. The Inseego MiFi 8000 (SFL Mobile Hotspot) has been activated and tested, by SFL Broadband staff, prior to being shipped. With advanced LTE technology, the new MiFi 8000 delivers gigabit-speed data connectivity for better performance on the road, at home or anywhere life takes you.With real simultaneous dual-band Wi-Fi, it maximizes the quality and speed of each local link while reducing network congestion. Congratulations on your purchase of the Inseego MiFi 8000®.

Once I messed with these 2 settings, the mifi8000 was connected with USB (I used the 3.0), and I had internet connection through my router!!!! It takes like 3 minutes to boot up....I thought it was dead-on-arrival at first. h�b```f``j``a`�eeb@ !�r4ܒjhZb(���9,cV1Qykz'�1���������΀+n�-�`���$��� ���P@����� Ns�X�� I've gotten it tethered to a linksys router flashed with openwrt custom firmware (a little bit of modification necessary, install rndis support and configure interfaces) but the thing keeps dropping due to what i assume is overcharging (the device stays warm). Improve signal reception and increase data transfer speed!

MiFi Technology by Inseego: Always a Step Ahead-----------------------------------------------------------With best-in-class security, intelligent antenna features and more, Inseego always keeps you on the leading edge.

Inseego MiFi 8000 is a new 4G LTE mobile WiFi router which supports advanced LTE technology and delivers gigabit-speed data connectivity for better performance on the road, at home or anywhere life takes you.

Need to reboot Inseego mifi 8000 seems dependent on tower location So I took a trip this weekend in my RV, from the Minneapolis St. Paul area to Duluth (yes it was cold), but I notice when I'm home, I need to reboot the MiFi every 12-24 hours for it to reliably maintain internet connection.

Use single quotes (') for phrases. endstream endobj startxref When you click apply it will re-boot your ASUS router.

EDIT: One more thing!!! With the MiFi 8000 you can access 4G LTE networks for faster apps, uploads and downloads. How? Inseego Sprint MiFi 8000 mobile hotspot External Antenna Adapter * Connector: FME Male * Cable: RG316 * Length : 20 cm * Impedance: 50 ohms The wide Band Log Periodic Directional Antenna will collect the cell tower signal and send it through the cable to an amplifier, cell phone or cellular data card. Do you think it will work on one of the "lighter" versions of this router series?
I think all I changed was carrier to Sprint and then location to United States (US). 5DB … Franklin ran fine without the battery inserted but the Mifi will boot, flash a warning that no battery is installed, and shut itself off.

Does the Mifi continue to charge while connected via USB to the router?

Drop Us a Line!! I feel like it was the delay on startup just as you mentioned.. * Dual TS-9 connectors for external antenna, Worldwide express shipping and delivery without delay, Call us now for more info if you have any questions about our products. You can even use the MiFi 8000 to refresh the batteries on other connected devices via USB. I noticed with the USB internet source for the router, the router's internet light stays off. To make the needed changes access your ASUS Routers Admin page by going to one of the following addresses: or, Then on the left hand menu of the Admin page click on the WAN menu and change the mode to "USB", Then on the same page Click on the DualWAN tab and under Primary WAN select "USB" and toggle the button above it that says Enable Dual WAN to "OFF" then click on "Apply".

Number of Connections: 15. I then turned off the DualWAN and just left USB as primary. I then finally got into the router settings. Regular Price:

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