The union of Horus with the myth, and the establishment of Isis as the mother goddess, was the main mode of her importance in later times. The ankh symbol represents a key that unlocks the gateways into the realms of magick and mystery – even the realms of the dead. Gardiner came to his conclusion because the Egyptian word for “sandal” was “nkh” which came from the same root as “ankh” and, further, because the sandal was a daily part of an Egyptian’s life and the ankh symbol came to symbolize life. Many of the gods of Egypt are depicted holding the ankh but Isis more often than most. It is for this reason that ankh figures so prominently in tomb paintings and inscriptions. Some surprising guesses have arisen over time. Literally, the term "ankh" in translation from Egyptian means "life" or "who lives." Spiritual healers often place an Ankh over wounds or areas that require medical attention, to promote regeneration and self-healing. Osiris continued to be greatly admired but, in time, became a secondary character in the story of his resurrection and rebirth. The ankh was never solely associated with Isis – as mentioned, many gods are depicted carrying the symbol – but as the djed became linked to Osiris, the ankh fell more into the realm of Isis and her cult. It is, therefore, a symbolic reference to the archetype that we are all deeply and intimately connected to the source of all life and it is through our heart that we can access the whole. Some say it is the symbol of the hidden alien race who inhabited earth long ago, coming as white men and conquering. The Coptic church of Egypt inherited the ankh as a form of the Christian cross, symbolizing eternal life through Christ (35). The subconscious mind remembers and stores all these archetypes within the very fabric of our being. By the time of the Old Kingdom (c. 2613 – 2181 BCE) the ankh was well-established as a powerful symbol of eternal life. Adele Nozedar comments on this writing, “Powerful symbols frequently stray across into other cultures despite their origins and the ankh is no exception. 1924 CE) supports Wallis Budge’s claim noting the similarity of the ankh to the tjet and the use of both symbols from an early date in Egypt’s history. The association of the ankh with the mirror was no chance occurrence. Spiritual Messages. (2016, September 19). Scholar Adele Nozedar writes: The volume of meaning that can be squeezed from such a simple symbol is awe-inspiring. October 15, 2019, Today’s Spiritual Message for Your Zodiac Sign! In this light, the loop on the top is considered a portal to the other side leading to higher shifts of consciousness and an altered state of being or trance. The ankh symbol was used in hieroglyphics art and design. The goddess Ma’at is frequently depicted holding an ankh in each hand and the god Osiris grasps the ankh in a number of tomb paintings. The association of the ankh with such a powerful goddess imbued it with greater meaning in that now it was linked specifically with the great goddess who could save one’s soul and provide for one in the afterlife. So for a while it was meant to represent Jesus, amongst Egyptian Coptic Christians. Ancient Egyptian mirrors are often found in the shape of an ankh symbol. Today’s Spiritual Message for Your Zodiac Sign! ANUBIS OR ISIS ARE OFTEN SEEN PLACING THE ANKH AGAINST THE LIPS OF THE SOUL IN THE AFTERLIFE TO REVITALIZE IT.

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