Address: 21414 NE Sandy Blvd, Fairview, Oregon 97204, "You won't find a better trailer for less! Meet the Iron Bull Dump Trailer, a revolutionary new dump trailer design that has been engineered from the ground up with only one thing in mind. . If we're building your tiny house trailer and you need the wheels and fenders positioned forward or backwards a bit or the side extensions narrower than 100 inches, just let us know and that's all there is to it. When it comes to tiny houses, wider is better. Equal opportunity lender. The structural weight of our tiny house trailers is concentrated at the outside of the frame to support your walls and roof. Using the most modern machinery, designs, and technology, the game-changing Iron Bull is charging into the market. ", Since 2006, thousands of tiny houses have been built on our PAD Series tiny house trailers. Tiny houses typically have a unique center of gravity and can pose balance and stability challenges when built on a trailer that's deigned to haul a car. Our 10' and 12' long trailer is equipped with a single 5000 Lb rated axle. We've positioned the axles of our tiny house trailer for optimal balance and towing characteristics. . Iron Eagle . The trailer lengths vary, ranging from 10ft to 30ft in 2 foot increments. They require less power and are brighter than incandescent lights. A set of four leveling jacks that are attached under the frame at each corner. Every detail of the frame is tailored for supporting a tiny house structure and its contents. We've become the absolute very best trailer you'll find.SUPERIOR DESIGN -- Trailers designed and built specifically for tiny houses. All of which has helped us to create the best design available anywhere. Our frame design significantly reduces the proximity of steel framework to your living space.MORE SIZES -- We build an extensive selection of tiny house trailer sizes. We pre-drill all the holes around the entire perimeter to easily and securely anchor the bottom plates of your walls. They're built well for their intended purpose - hauling cars & equipment - but not for a tiny house.

No problem. The frame extensions are 100 inches wide with the fenders being at the legal highway limit of 102 inches. A significant reason to buy a dedicated tiny house trailer (whether it's an Iron Eagle or some other brand) is proper axle position. Every Iron Eagle trailer is equipped with pressure treated lumber to eliminate rot. For example, the crossmember supports are recessed six inches below the top of the frame to accommodate 2x6 floor joists and insulation to eliminate thermal bridging without sacrificing any floor height. . always has the largest selection of New or Used Iron Eagle ATVs for sale anywhere. 5/8 inch diameter anchor holes located about every 24 inches along the main frame to permanently attach your rim joist. Since then, we have worked continuously with Dee and her organization PAD (Portland Alternative Dwellings) to improve the design of our tiny house trailers. Any payment or rate does not include additional fees or advance payments (if applicable) and are for informational purposes only. We attach cross-members underneath the frame which allows for six inches of floor insulation without having to elevate your subfloor at all. Commercial financing provided or arranged by Currency Capital, LLC pursuant to California Finance Lender License #60DBO56173. Usable deck width is 102", deck height is 36". In essence, we are the best choice for your tiny house trailer.FREE TWEAKS -- No two tiny houses are the same. LED lights are the only lights we use. And most importantly, they always work when you need them. You may want french doors on the side of the trailer behind the wheels but the fenders are a little bit in the way. Fender flashing is a weather barrier that stops water from migrating across the top of the wheel fenders and into your house. Pressure-treated Kiln-dried deck is an exclusive feature of Iron Eagle.

If your plans require the frame to be narrower than the standard 100", no problem.

If you need either or both of these tweaks for your tiny house, just let us know and consider it done! Our trailers are loaded with important features allowing you maximum flexibility in designing and building your tiny house.

Assets aged 10-15 years may require increased finance charges. Financing Disclaimer: * Rates and terms may vary and are subject to approval of applicant and guarantor credit, equipment and supplier.

Shop trailers for sale by Iron Eagle, Big Tex Trailers, Abu, Thuro-bilt, Ez Hauler, Cm, Alcom-stealth, and more. Steel is an excellent conductor of heat. The decking is also Kiln-Dried after treating to drastically reduce warping and shrinkage. We've talked to hundreds of tiny house builders about their needs and concerns.

Financing Available, Good or Bad... G-Force Powersports - Lakewood - 653 mi. . Be sure to contact our sellers to confirm availability! Iron Eagle Trailers : Browse Iron Eagle Trailers for sale on

A typical 20' equipment hauling flatbed trailer weighs in excess of 2300lbs and it's still much narrower than our dedicated tiny house trailer.ENERGY EFFICIENT -- A tiny house built on a trailer that has not been designed to minimize the effect of thermal bridging will cost more to heat in the winter and cool in the summer.

There's room for full size 2x6 lumber as floor joists so there's no need for steel support in contact with your subfloor. We've intentionally left the frame side extensions 2 inches narrower than the legal limit to accommodate the thickness of exterior siding and trim to remain within the legal highway width limit. always has the largest selection of New Or Used ATVs for sale anywhere. Our line of super-duty tandem axle deck-over flatbed trailers with a gross weight rating of up to10,000 Lbs. We've maximized our standard frame width to the towable limit without the need for special trip permits. They're completely sealed and impervious to water and corrosion. The very best trailer for your tiny house and here's whyEXPERIENCE -- We built our first tiny house trailer in 2006 for one of the founding pioneers of the tiny house movement, the legendary Dee Williams. All of our tiny house trailers have a standard frame width of 100 inches. A standard flatbed car hauler type trailer is structurally built with far too much weight where it's not needed (between the fenders) as far as a tiny house is concerned. We've chosen tubing as the main component for the frame due to its superior ability to remain flat and rigid despite the inevitable uneven loads that your tiny house will impose on it.LIGHTER -- The less your trailer weighs, the more your house can weigh, it's that simple. You can't go wrong building your house on our PAD Series tiny house trailer. Our design isn't simply a modified flatbed; it's designed from the ground up for one purpose only . Iron Eagle . We've also extended the width of the frame ahead of and behind the fenders to 8'-4'' (100'') to maximize usable space. Our 20' tiny house trailer weighs less than 1800lbs. This trailer is your best choice if your typical cargo weight is within 2-1/2 to 4 Tons (5500-8000 Lbs) and you need a trailer without fenders. You might want larger overhanging eaves but the frame side extensions are too wide. away, 2021 Triton SNOWMOBILE TRAILER 4 PLACE PRT228EB-7, 2021 Floe International Cargo Max XRT 13-73, 2020 Karavan Utility Aluminum SCU-2200-56, 2020 Triton Trailers Value Plus (ATV Trailers) ATV168-TR, 2020 Triton Trailers Value Plus (ATV Trailers) ATV88-TR, 2020 Karavan Utility Aluminum SCU-2990-72-12, 2020 Triton Trailers Value (LT Trailers) LTWCII-X, 2020 Triton Trailers Value (LT Trailers) LTWCI-X.

A tiny house distributes its weight on a trailer frame much differently than typical cargo so we've determined the optimal axle offset that's best suited to accommodate a tiny house. The very best trailer for your tiny house and here's why EXPERIENCE-- We built our first tiny house trailer in 2006 for one of the founding pioneers of the tiny house movement, the legendary Dee Williams. It's a time tested design that we developed from the ground up solely as a tiny house foundation. COVID 19 has caused some inventory shortages.

ATV Trader Disclaimer: The information provided for each listing is supplied by the seller and/or other third parties. The inside of the frame requires very little load bearing load bearing support so we install smaller and lighter cross members to minimize weight. Perimeter flange on all sides of the trailer, engineered to support your walls and roof. Since then, we have worked continuously with Dee and her organization PAD (Portland Alternative Dwellings) to improve the design of our tiny house trailers. View our entire inventory of New Or Used Iron Eagle Trailers. Applicant credit profile including FICO is used for decisioning. A little extra room makes a big difference inside a tiny house. The frame is pre-drilled to anchor your floor joist ledgers and wall bottom plates. as a tiny house foundation. is not responsible for the accuracy of the information. Radial tires and all wheel brakes are standard features on every trailer we make.

. It's a time tested design that we developed from the ground up. We've seen a lot of tiny house trailers over the years so we know what's out there. Any metal framework that's in direct contact with your subfloor, no matter how much insulation is installed will reduce the energy efficiency of your tiny home. “ Iron Eagle makes extremely well-constructed and affordable trailers using box tube steel framing that resists twisting and flexing forces better than channel or angle iron framing, while also completely enclosing and protecting the wiring. Since 2006, thousands of tiny houses have been built on our PAD Series tiny house trailers.

The 22' through 26' trailers are equipped with tandem 7,000 Lb rated axles.

95% of choosing the right tiny house trailer is simply letting us know what the length of your tiny house is.SUPERIOR VALUE -- We're simply the best at what we do and we do it for less. Please refer to the ATV Trader Terms of Use for further information. Our 28' and 30' trailers are equipped with triple 7,000 Lb rated axles. The axles are positioned significantly forward compared to a typical flatbed trailer. We've collaborated with experts in dozens of organizations dedicated to tiny house construction. to be the ultimate foundation for your tiny house.WIDER -- When it comes to tiny living, every inch of extra space matters. .

MotoSport Motorc... 2018 IRON EAGLE TE614W-5KE, An excellent choice for hauling SxS's such as the Honda Pioneer 1000 or Can-Am Maverick. away, Central Georgia Power Sports - 753 mi.

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