Jace: Do you feel like a pioneer in that respect? Hear the true story behind one of Poldark’s most reprehensible characters here. Christian: Yes absolutely. I’m pleased it got the reaction. I know which one I’d choose: I’d rather be watching it than having to do it, I think. In the past 38 years, you’ve seen the spooky, Victorian-style line drawings that make up the series’ distinctive title sequence. Christian: Do I feel like a pioneer? Christian: You have an insurance period after you stop filming, where you have to maintain your appearance essentially, just in case you need to go back. No idea that his wife doesn’t want to marry him, or if he has got any idea, he doesn’t care and is just much more interested in the clothes than about her feelings. Ossie: I felt at once that you’d be sent to console me, to be a new mother to my two daughters, to comfort me as only a wife can. So series three, a lot of fun, didn’t feel very healthy. And it was in a what they call a deadman’s knot or deadman’s loop? MASTERPIECE Studio is hosted by me, Jace Lacob and produced by Nick Andersen. Christian: Well the 3,500-calorie-a-day process was for series 3 and that was pretty good most of the time I just went for it. So during filming days, I would sort of be sat at a funny angle like a like a plank of wood because I couldn’t quite bend at the waist while we were filming because everything was so tight. It’s been great. Christian: I didn’t set out to make him odious at all. Jace: I mean interestingly, that scene was filmed, but actually never aired in the 1970s adaptation, as the BBC felt it was too quote, ‘racy’ to air. Maybe that’ll be on my gravestone. BERTANZA Richard D. Bertanza, age 81 of Fairfield, beloved husband of Pauline Baldelli Bertanza, passed away peacefully Thursday, October 23, 2008 at home while surrounded by his loving family. This is a real gift for an actor to be able to play the slightly buffoonish person but who is actually a monster underneath. He can never really be satisfied. Broad beans can be cold mixed, fried, and can also be made into various snacks. Jace: On the subject of Elise Chappell — what is it like acting opposite Elise, and what did she bring to those harrowing scenes of the two of them together? Does he believe that she lost the baby or does he actually suspect that she faked her pregnancy to get leverage over him? I heard that he was magnficent and I want details please. However, I didn’t feel particularly healthy. He is my favorite Doctor :). Jace: For many Poldark viewers the name Ossie has become synonymous with ‘toe-sucking monster.’ What did you make of the character of Osborne when you first read the scripts for season three? See more ideas about Happy wives club, I love my hubby, Love and marriage. What I would say to the people complaining about watching it is, try doing it, and then see if it’s any worse. What has he ever done to you? I don’t know that there’s anything in me that similar to Osborne. And it is slightly ridiculous. Jace: But this week on Poldark, Reverend Whitworth finally gets his just desserts from the most unlikely of sources. I can’t remember the exact phrase, very technical. What did you make of Ossie’s costumes? So for series four, we approached it in a much more scientific way, and I worked with a nutritionist called Lucy Jones, and her husband, who’s a personal trainer called Neil Eldin and for this series it was 4,000 calories a day of healthier food. After 25 years, I finally convinced my husband to go see him as he is terrified of dentists. Jace: Looking back at the last two seasons of Poldark, do you have a favorite scene? It’s just complete self involvement. It is believed that they became part of the eastern Mediterranean diet around 6000 BCE or even earlier. Sponsors for MASTERPIECE on PBS are Viking Cruises and The MASTERPIECE Trust. That was an awful thing to do,’ even, or even questions himself. Elisheba Ittoop is our editor. I did have to sort of fall backwards off the horse, although not quite to the ground, which in a way was somehow somehow scarier. There’s no choice for you in this matter. And you know, I don’t know how he manages not to swing for Ossie, If I’m honest at that point, but it was a lovely scene to film with another lovely actor. It is a popular food. I just tried to commit as fully as possible to the to what was in the script, to what was asked of the character. But. Bethan Britton and David Tennant dated from November, 2007 to February, 2008. And then that’s been slightly interrupted by a film that I’ve just done where my character was described as being portly. Jace: One viewer said of that scene quote, ‘I think I’ll need bleach to cleanse my mind after witnessing that second scene. It was healthy food, it was just an awful lot of it, and lots of heavy weights squats and deadlifts to try and put on as much muscle mass, as well as the inevitable fat when you eating that much and not running or doing any cardio. Jace: Christopher Biggins, who played Ossie in the 1970s adaptation, was voted the most hated man in England for his performance. Jace: Christian Brassington truly went all-in to play the awful Ossie, gaining weight and growing out his hair to illustrate the vile Reverend’s overfed image of depraved nobility. Season One, Episode Three: An Unexpected Proposal, Season One, Episode Two: Bad Times At The Ball. David Tennant has had an encounter with Lucy Porter (2005). But on the whole my favorite scenes were Ossie and Morwena and their back and forth. Christian: I think that encapsulates perfectly the reaction that we would want to that scene. But we also had to do some really awful stuff, some horrific abusive scenes and it can be distressing to see somebody who you care about, who you become very good friends with, to see somebody that upset and distressed. I had to do slightly more than I thought I was going to do. And it’s awful, and she’s completely trapped because there’s no there’s no empathy in the man. Why Poldark, why?’ What did you make of the audience reaction on social media to that scene? Not that I’m saying I would change anything now, but I dived in headfirst because It’s such a wonderful character and such a treat to play, so didn’t worry about that particularly and I also think that if you do become the most hated man on television, if that’s a moniker that can be applied then who decides that quite then I think we’ve probably done our job, because he is vile and he is hateful, so I could maybe take it as a perverse compliment. Jace: I mean the entire thing would be almost humiliating if it hadn’t been fatal which I think is perhaps the most fitting end for Ossie imaginable, to be humiliated in death. And I had a foot in the stirrup but it had to be in a suit of slightly odd angle and noted that it would stay in there, that it was still attached. noones perfect but they sure seem the closest to it. So yeah, there’s a sort of mini fist bump, that Arthur Solway manages to be the one that essentially does him in. Yeah. She’s an incredibly natural, talented actor. Francis! Christian: True, yes, true, but he is, I mean he is overweight. And I loved it when a new waistcoat would arrive, and they would say, ‘Oh, we’ve made you a new waistcoat,’ a new one would arrive and I’d say, ‘Oh that’s very nice,’ but yeah, the lemon silk waistcoat was my absolute favorite. Season Four, Episode One: Justice! Actor Christian Brassington, who put on more than 35 pounds to play the hefty Ossie, used careful voicework to find his place in the character — along with a diet of more than 3,500 calories per day. Wow..Still wrong wrong wrong..many things are still wrong. Connect any celebrity with David Tennant to see how closely they are linked... romantically! That would have been nicer should’ve suggested that maybe we could have a prosthetic? No, I wasn’t forced into it. Aidan Turner’s Ready for Poldark, Season 2. So maybe maybe I’m a pioneer. The executive producer of MASTERPIECE is Rebecca Eaton. Christian: I think that not in a very obvious way, but the way in which I was able to get back into the character for series four made me do a sort of double take, if you like, and think well, hold on, this guy is within me somewhere. When Amy catches her husband being fellated by another man, she promptly falls down the stairs, bangs her head, and wakes up in hospital believing that she is 16 and that the year is 1999. Help keep David Tennant profile up to date. Dwight: I see that, sir. Her commitment is just fantastic and that lends itself to a fantastic portrayal of Morwena which she has delivered. Christian: I think the way that we played in that scene. Georgia Tennant and David Tennant have been m... Bethan Britton and David Tennant separated in... David Tennant and Kylie Minogue are separated... Lucy Porter and David Tennant are separated... Sophia Myles and David Tennant separated in O... Keira Malik and David Tennant separated in Oc... Natalie Walter and David Tennant separated in... Anne-Marie Duff and David Tennant separated i... See

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