But I may be giving her too much credit. Reviews seemed mixed on this gown. She looked like she was making a potato chip soda run to Wal mart. Yes, Bridgette thanks so much for this kind and helpful post. Yet, despite this, I can only take the niceness so far. Thanks, Renee! She looked downright matronly in that dress!! And it’s not because she once shilled the wildly unnecessary accessory that is “towel charms.” This time, people are crying “inappropriate” at what she wore in front of the King and Queen of Jordan on Monday: a black and pink, below-the-knee, strapless dress with two small cutouts below the neck. Thank you Peggy. Love the suggestions. I’m just wondering why. I chose this price point for this post because of the topic. I’ve been in this industry a LONG time and it’s just not how professionals behave. ALL OPINIONS ARE MY OWN. . Working with women all these years who have struggled with this, I have always been mindful of bringing nothing but compassion to the situation. There are many things worthy of critique when it comes to the Second Family and the current administration, fashion choices included. I’d totally be on board with these goals, if I was to work with her. This Lafayette 148 jacket is a style that someone with your coloring can pull off magnificently. “He’d Get His Head Chopped Off”: Can Mike Pence Survive the Man Who Saved Him? She just needs some fine tuning and with what seems to be her intent to keep her style accessible, with a little help she could be well on her way. The way you have approached this would make me so comfortable to work with you. Trust me, you’re more the norm than the exception. Her previous footwear choices include $70 platform boots from Impo Footwear and leather almond-toe loafers as well as indigo sandals with a slim stiletto heel. As far as Hillary goes, I have had extensive conversations about her style with many people. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Just chiming in some months later of sightings of second lady wearing leggings on this trip she went on with the Vice President to Asia and the Pacific. It would have been way too easy to make this a trash piece where I ripped Mrs. Pence to shreds, particularly considering, her views differ than mine. I know I’m late to the party here, but so glad I found this post. A potato chip run to Walmart, ha! Honestly you should be Mrs. Pence’s stylist, you would do a wonderful job on her style. Remember I said I thought you could be aspirational? My career has been built on women who share your struggle. Thank you so much for saying that! I’m not snarking on her, I really believe she is just tuned out. The clasp and round neckline of the jacket fought the v-neckline of the dress and created a distraction. I get it. I also didn’t love the shorter a-line shape of dress either. Hi Lindy, many thanks for the comment! Wouldn’t you rather it be positive than negative? I loved your post as far as an assessment of Mrs. Pence’s style, but I did not enjoy the political commentary. © 2020 Fairchild Publishing, LLC, a subsidiary of Penske Business Media, LLC.FN and Footwear News are registered trademarks of Fairchild Publishing, LLC. That being said I loved the suggestions you had for Mrs. Pence. Given your average and normal body size and height, along with, I am sure, your own body struggles that you deal with daily, it will be interesting to see how you tackle them as you step into this more prominent role. I honestly think that was Karen Pence’s goal. Want to read more articles like this one? Hopefully I have better hair. Not that I can say our seemingly more simple system achieves any better results. As someone who took advantage of Planned Parenthood’s services in my early 20’s for my gynecological care, and who, in return, has donated money back to the organization, who will always stand for the rights of my LGBTQ brothers and sisters of this great country, believes climate change is real, and is, let’s be honest, a bit afraid of your husband, you and I have opposing views on many things. If that is better I will keepit. Love your style suggestions and the respectful way you expressed them, As someone who is similar to Mrs. Pence in age, shape, and coloring, I think it is best to avoid emphasizing the shoulders and upper arms, which tend to become more fleshy and rounded with age, and her inaugural ball gown did that both because of the spaghetti straps and the drooping off-the-shoulder sleeves. © 2020 Condé Nast. My hairstylist just does it for me. I also didn’t like the length of the necklace paired with the neckline of the gown, found the dress a bit unflattering on your body, and even saw your bra strap exposed at the luncheon. It’s just not appropriate. https://bridgetteraes.com/2013/01/21/four-more-years-of-flotus-fashion/ Who cares at this point! Personal image and style is one of the strongest forms of communication we possess. In this day and age most people forget there is a human behind the person being criticized. The only woman I remember wearing a hat was Kellyanne Conway. This Armani dress is another style I have recently seen on and it is stunning. Thanks so much! I agree with your clothing and hair suggestions for her, but would add that she needs a professional or much better professional color job on her hair. I actually think Karen Pence could follow suit quite successfully by mixing high and low end, wearing accessible designers, and dressing her very real body shape. The entire selction of suggestions were absolutely stunning! A closer look at Karen Pence’s floral heels at the 2020 Republican National Convention. As the reader above, I’m also a short woman with the same coloring as Karen. I have also been incredibly sensitive to how receiving this type of information might feel. Karen Pence, I am coming for you….with a big rolling rack of clothing in tow. I am glad you enjoyed this post and have gotten helpful advice though my blog. https://bridgetteraes.com/2012/11/07/barack-obama-re-elected-while-michelle-obama-re-wears-a-dress/ It’s modern, sharp while not being too young. Fair point, but not one that I completely agree with. It’s never easy to tell someone they can do better, which is why I typically avoid it. I liked the color. While these are on the higher end, I do see you being able to borrow from lower end designers as well because I think a mix of high and low will not only be quite fitting to your personality, but will make you more relatable to other American women in this country. Clearly, there are bigger issues going on than who wore what and which designer dressed whom. A lot of people got viciously caught up in your repurposed gown look, but I actually found this choice to be more questionable. Nobody likes to be called out for something that can use improvement, so if you ever do read this I hope you understand that it is with nothing but graciousness that I am presenting these thoughts regardless of our differing views. Clothes are not very important, but they DO carry many messages. What was she thinking?! WordPress.com VIP. I styled the jacket with these pants, also from Lafayette 148, the orange Marni necklace I used earlier, these black slingbacks from Manolo Blahnik, and black and white bag from Brunello Cucinelli. Hi Lissy310, thanks for that call out! What I didn’t love were the shoulder straps. While this might come across as a bit insensitive, I am also expecting that a lot of readers of this post will find the advice enlightening for their own wardrobes. I think they all looked subpar. Funny you should say democrat. Wannabe Twitter “Fashion” Police Experts do, but they rarely have the skills to back themselves up. Unfortunately I can’t reposition them, I might just remove them entirely because they do get in the way. For color, I chose to anchor your wardrobe in black and navy and popped it with jewel tones that are perfect for your skin tone. Here’s hoping there’s a stylist on board at the White House (whose name isn’t Conley!) I see a more modern and sleek style for you with some bold touches. You took Ms. Pence’s outfits from run of the mill to outstanding. I also believe that, because of Mr Trump’s lack of public support and his previous activities that appear to flaunt the law, Ms Pence is more likely than most Second Ladies to become First Lady if, or when, Mr Trump is impeached or resigns…that seems to be a real possibility as the press’ scrutiny of Mr Trump’s behaviors amps up to Presidential level. From that standpoint, it felt necessary to include our differences. I am surprised she has an art background. I hadn’t even seen it yet. I seem to recall that Hilary was upgraded quite a bit in the White House arena for her style. She should definitely follow your advice. Then more power to her). Thank you so much for saying what so many were thinking. Posted by Bridgette Raes | Jan 23, 2017 | Bridgette Raes, Dressing For Success, Dressing Your Body, Personal Style, Wardrobe Solutions | 64 |. You left comments about “age appropriate” out which I also appreciate. You, on the other hand, are a much more relatable and accessible representation of the average woman in this country. I’d just do it with a bit more style. Quite often there is so much to say because I have worked in this field for so long. You have a much better shape than this. You have empowered me to dress in what makes me feel good and I have learned from the outfit you put together. Well given the fact that others decided to stoop to that level and rip her to shreds, and that is normally how others critique fashion, it would have been easy to stoop to a low level like that instead of being constructive and helpful.

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