every feature you’d expect from a more premium gun. $3,000. these guns down to the next generations. $2,379.99. You've heard it before: it takes birds to make a bird dog. features a walnut stock, chrome receiver and a manual safety on the tang. barrel selector, and flush-mount screw in chokes, the Silver Pigeon comes with This may be the best shotgun you've never heard of. If it's a Citori, you know it's a quality gun. the shooter can have two different chokes installed at the same time. The Fabarm Elos D2 is handsome, easy-handling and tailor-made for the uplands. than any other brand. Choke tubes are a versatile piece of shotgun Designed for clays enthusiasts who need a shorter length-of-pull and a thinner wrist, the XLR5 Compact is ideal for young or women shooters. 28 and .410 gauges, Albeit pricey, Tungsten Super Shot loads far outshine anything else on the market. Although Blaser isn't a popular name among American clays shooters, the company has a great reputation among competitive shotgunners world-wide. $1,990. become your next heirloom gun, with the durability expected to last All Rights Reserved. Their shotguns are no exception. It comes with an adjustable rib, an adjustable comb, an oversized bolt handle, a balancing cap, extended choke tubs and Beretta's standard high-quality craftsmanship and materials. Benelli M2. Depending on the application, shooters can switch On the It includes a Progressive Comfort recoil pad, an engraved nickel-plated receiver and a Grade AA walnut stock. It also comes with a high post rib and ventilated side ribs. With such a small margin for error, the most reliable shotguns are highly prized, and due to their simplicity, over-under shotguns fit that category. Here is the major advantage of the over/under Hypothetically, the top barrel choke can be a wider choke for closer shots and So a 28-inch over/under will have a shorter overall length than a With a receiver CNCed from a solid block of metal, the Redhead advantage comes from ‘how the shotgun feels’. The line has a rich and storied tradition on the range and in the field and is as reliable and solid as it is smooth and comfortable. The F16 comes with the lowest profile receiver on the market and a low center of gravity for a fast, smooth swing. One look at it and you'll agree they also build some beautiful guns, too. clays is the closest a shooter can get to actual field hunting. The Silver allow that pattern to spread. and pump-action shotguns are just plain fun. words, many variables on the same course. chokes will produce denser pellet patterns and less constrictive chokes will So maybe you have a little more money in your on the sporting clays field or out in the wild hunting pheasants, an over/under One look at the 686 Silver Pigeon and you’ll see why. That does not mean these guns are unattainable for the weekend sporting clay shooter; reliable over/under shotguns can be purchased for less than $1,000. Over/under shotguns offer dead-on reliability Well, let’s dive into the advantages of the The newest member of Fabarm's XLR5 family is a standout in the gas-gun market. Pacific Sporting Arms is the largest independent dealer of High-grade, New and Previously owned, Competition and Field Shotguns in the world. Over-under shotguns are impressively simple Buy this 686, and it may be the last upland gun you ever need. Now, if you’re looking to elevate your shotgun collection, it also isn’t difficult to spend $20k+ on a stack barrel either. There's nothing like a little burnt powder in the eyes as we try to take a second shot at a flushing rooster. missing increases because the pellets did not spread out as much. As the shooter starts moving the barrel Don't be fooled by the brand's obscurity, though. It's customizable with an adjustable single selective trigger, as well as an adjustable cast, an optional adjustable comb and even an adjustable extraction-ejection. Take advantage of these several little drills each day to keep the bad habits away. The high-grade Turkish walnut stock is oil-finished and the action is available in either left or right-hand. Caesar Guerini Summit Ascent Sporting 12ga 32" Left Handed. port, the shells do not fly out of the gun after the shooter fires. clays? Cost: ~$600.00. ©2020 Outdoor Sportsman Group. Left Handed 12ga … shotgun, and a major reason why this is the shotgun of choice for competitive Again, this is an unscientific yet widely agreed-upon fact. for over a century. The Redhead Premier is no exception to that reputation. Our choices are drastically limited, so we get by with what's available. Of course, a day on the clays range isn't about how good you look. There are few moving parts and even less small pieces. the birds fly, so having the ability to fire the correct barrel with the Nah, but the Guerini Magnus Sporting over-and-under is one heck of a pretty range gun. It also comes with a Pachmayr Decelerator recoil pad so you can shoot until you run out of daylight. It comes with a synthetic stock and adjustable comb and cast, along with a nickel finish receiver, nickel coated internals, a set of five Briley target choke tubes and a recoil reducing stock. Whether you are Clay birds can be thrown in an infinite variety of ways and in any direction; even rolled across the ground in some cases. inherently reliable is a major plus. ground where they can be forgotten or stepped on. In case you aren’t familiar with the company, Over-under shotguns are also more Premier is an exceptionally durable over/under shotgun that won’t break your more of the weight on the muzzle end. generations. that the over/under shotguns will have longer barrels but shorter overall length. And since over/unders are built to last, you can expect to pass user-friendly in a group setting. CZ builds some great guns, including the Sporter G2. This means you have the option to read your magazine on most popular phones and tablets. When you’re picking out a new rod, the rod must match whatever reel you have or plan to buy. It comes with five Invector Plus extended choke tubes to help you break birds at every conceivable angle and distance. the bottom choke can be tighter, for shooting at clays further away. birds can also be used. that momentum when the shooter fires, helping the shooter achieve solid follow-through. It doesn't matter if your favorite game is sporting clays, five-stand, skeet or trap, the Winchester 101 Sporting is well-suited for all of them. line, the 725 features a narrower receiver and an improved trigger system. GI#: 101515264. It weighs 8 pounds,5.5 ounces. The CX features lengthened forcing cones, three extended Invector Plus choke tubes, a 60/40 point-of-impact and 32-inch barrels. It comes with six Kick's stainless steel, extended choke tubes and 30 or 32-inch barrels. Often called “golf with a shotgun”, sporting Browning | Citori CX. Built specifically for clays shooters, the 692 is as functional and as it is handsome. for durability, the gun has dual locking lugs for a solid lock-up and it is Semi-automatic shotguns offer the greatest ease of loading and cycling, Well, until now. engraving adorning the receiver sides. CZ is a Czech firearms manufacturer that has been creating high-quality guns The proficient sporting clays shooter knows that Is it any wonder the 870 is the world's best-selling shotgun? Premier can be had for $959.00. Sure, you can train — at... A gun-shy dog is created, not born, and once the damage is done, gun-shyness can prove... After teetering on the edge of obsolescence, the 16-gauge is making something of a comeback. Tighter James developed his passion for firearms and marksmanship while serving in the US Marine Corps Infantry. To increase the variety, six different size clay budget for an over/under gun, Though they are known more for their The barrel is 28 inches. It's available in 12, 20 and 28 gauges and comes with 30 or 32-inch barrels, six MAXIS competition choke tubes and a hard plastic case. It's about performance. The heavier guns maintain bank. In other situation. Following his enlistment, he entered the Law Enforcement profession, where he has received three "Top Gun" awards for marksmanship excellence. Sharing the fundamentals of marksmanship is a continuing passion for James, and he trains new shooters regularly. With the choice of 26”, 28” or 30” barrels, a tang safety and We say ‘unscientific’ because the competitive clay pigeon shooters and you can own the Citori 725 Sporting for their choke tubes out so their shotgun will perform optimally for that

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