on the Moon helps advance lunar science and human exploration on will function as a way station located tens of thousands of miles System (SLS) and Orion prior to transit to low-lunar orbit and "Getting back to the moon requires speed and simplicity", "The Moon is 'a God-given space station orbiting Earth' [Opinion]", "Op-ed: The Deep Space Gateway would shackle human exploration, not enable it", "Advisory group skeptical of NASA lunar exploration plans", "Chinese space official seems unimpressed with NASA's lunar gateway", http://www.xinhuanet.com/english/2019-07/22/c_138248065.htm, https://spacenews.com/china-is-aiming-to-attract-partners-for-an-international-lunar-research-station/, The Lunar Orbital Platform – Gateway: an unneeded and costly diversion, "NASA's unnecessary US$504 million lunar orbit project doesn't help us get back to the Moon", "NASA's Idea For A Space Station In Lunar Orbit Takes Humanity Nowhere", "Is the Gateway the right way to the moon? The Gateway will be assembled in orbit around the Moon as a staging point and enabling platform for missions to the lunar surface, Mars, and other deep-space destinations. astronauts to the final leg of the journey to the lunar surface, Terry further criticized NASA for abandoning its planned goal of separating crew from cargo, which was put in place following the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster in 2003. And again, if we can get mission duration beyond the 30 days, it's going to offer us some additional environmental capabilities. ERSA, and NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center is building the Gateway. [83] Pei said the Chinese plan is to focus on a national research station on the surface. refueling modules, along with enhanced lunar communications, to the

Along with procuring commercial services to deliver NASA “Using the Gateway as a platform for robotic and human exploration around the moon will help inform what we do on the lunar surface as well as prepare us for our next giant leap — human exploration of Mars,” said NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine in the statement. Approximately Get the latest updates on NASA missions, watch NASA TV live, and learn about our quest to reveal the unknown and benefit all humankind. NASA has contracted with U.S. industry to develop the first two share the scientific data that will be transmitted to Earth. cooperation with international partners like ESA, ensuring the That is where the science is, that is where the shielding material is, and that is where the resources to make propellant and other useful things are to be found". With the Gateway, the thinking is we'll be able to reuse the ascent modules potentially multiple times.

agreements with other international partners will be executed in staging point and enabling platform for missions to the lunar NASA.gov brings you the latest images, videos and news from America's space agency.

Bleacher described the two payloads as “complementary” in their ability to more completely characterize the space radiation environment around the moon. Because we've got to go figure out how to operate in deep space. orbit," said Dan Hartman, Gateway “These are high-TRL instruments. "When you go single, I'll say direct mission to the Moon, you're limited on the supplies, either with the Lander or with Orion. [78], Former NASA Associate Administrator Doug Cooke wrote in an article on The Hill stating, "NASA can significantly increase speed, simplicity, cost and probability of mission success by deferring Gateway, leveraging SLS, and reducing critical mission operations". This agreement is an important element in a harness the largest and most diverse human space exploration "Science will play a critical role in the Artemis program," said

astronauts traveling to lunar orbit aboard NASA's Space Launch

sustainable exploration," said Kathy work, with ERSA monitoring space radiation at higher energies with

In addition to supporting lunar surface missions, the Gateway

[80], Former NASA astronaut Terry W. Virts, who was a pilot of STS-130 aboard Space Shuttle Endeavour and commander of the ISS on Expedition 43, wrote in an Op-ed on Ars Technica that the Gateway would "shackle human exploration, not enable it".

which NASA and its international and commercial partners will be We do not need it to go anywhere. On the other hand, Aldrin expressed support for Robert Zubrin's Moon Direct concept which involves lunar landers traveling from Earth orbit to the lunar surface and back.[82]. [88], Mark Whittington, who is a contributor to The Hill newspaper and an author of several space exploration studies, stated in an article that the "lunar orbit project doesn't help us get back to the Moon". to the Moon," said NASA Administrator Jim from the lunar surface, in a Near Rectilinear Halo Orbit, from Learn more about NASA's Gateway program at: Learn more about NASA's Artemis program at: View original content to download They have a lot of flight heritage,” said Jamie Favors, a program executive in NASA’s heliophysics division, at the science committee meeting. "Europe steps up contributions to Artemis Moon plan", "Thales Alenia Space on its way to reach the Moon", "Future Human Exploration Planning:Lunar Orbital Platform – Gateway and Science Workshop Findings", "Canada's heading to the moon: A look at the Gateway", "Canadian Space Agency to build robotic arms for lunar space station", "SpaceX wins NASA commercial cargo contract for lunar Gateway", "NASA Assessments of Major Projects April 2020", "Crew Will Mark Important Step on Journey to Mars", "NASA Awards Contract to Northrop Grumman for Lunar Gateway Habitat Module". [20][21] On 7 November 2017, NASA asked the global science community to submit concepts for scientific studies that could take advantage of the Deep Space Gateway's location in cislunar space. the surface of the Moon.". About 250,000 miles from Earth, the Gateway will allow easier access to … "Competition Seeks University Concepts for Gateway and Deep Space Exploration Capabilities", "NASA finally sets goals, missions for SLS – eyes multi-step plan to Mars", "Deep Space Gateway to Open OpportunitiesArtemis for Distant Destinations", "Cislunar Habitation and Environmental Control and Life Support System", "Some snark (and details!) [26] In 2019, the contract to manufacture the PPE was awarded to a division of Maxar Technologies (formerly SSL).

It will serve as a rendezvous point for The agreement, signed Tuesday, marks NASA's first [3][30][31] Traveling to and from cislunar space (lunar orbit) is intended to develop the knowledge and experience necessary to venture beyond the Moon and into deep space. One of the advantages of an NRHO is the minimal amount of communications blackout with the Earth.

[13] The Deep Space Gateway Concept Science Workshop was held in Denver, Colorado from 27 February to 1 March 2018.

In March 2020, NASA announced SpaceX with its future spacecraft Dragon XL as a first commercial partner to deliver supplies to the Gateway. The first Gateway module, the Power and Propulsion Element, is scheduled for launch in late 2022. Fourteen of the teams presented their projects in person in June 2019 at the RASC-AL Forum in Cocoa Beach, Florida, receiving a US$6,000 stipend to participate in the Forum.

[42], The concept for the Gateway is still evolving, and is intended to include the following modules:[70], Crewed flights to the Gateway are expected to use Orion and SLS, while other missions are expected to be done by commercial launch providers.

ESA developed the European Radiation Sensors Array, or [27] After a one-year demonstration period, NASA would then "exercise a contract option to take over control of the spacecraft". "ESA's impactful contribution will A collaborative agreement was finalized between NASA and the European Space Agency on […] the surface of the Moon. NASA's Grand Plan for a Lunar Gateway Is to Start Small. Whittington also pointed out that a lunar orbiting space station was not utilized during the Apollo program and that a "reusable lunar lander could be refueled from a depot on the lunar surface and left in a parking orbit between missions without the need for a big, complex space station". [10][11][12], The science disciplines to be studied on the Gateway are expected to include planetary science, astrophysics, Earth observation, heliophysics, fundamental space biology, and human health and performance. Orion will dock at the Gateway, a lunar outpost that will go into orbit around the moon.

vicinity as part of NASA's Artemis missions. [92], Lunar orbital space station under development, Concept art of the Gateway as it is intended to appear in 2024; the. [22], In 2018, NASA initiated a Revolutionary Aerospace Systems Concepts Academic Linkage (RASC-AL) competition for universities to develop concepts and capabilities for the Gateway. That race is over, and we won. While the project is led by NASA, the Gateway is meant to be developed, serviced, and utilized in collaboration with commercial and international partners: Canada (CSA), Europe (ESA), and Japan (JAXA).

habitation module also will house the outpost's Environmental WASHINGTON — NASA announced March 12 it will fly two heliophysics and space weather experiments on the lunar Gateway to collect data to help future human missions to the moon and beyond. Regardless of a future destination, as someone who lived on the ISS for 200 days, I cannot envision a new technology that would be developed or validated by building another modular space station. The more duration we have, certainly that'll help us buy down significant risk with the extreme environments that we're going to be subjecting our crews to. NASA will select 20 teams to continue developing proposed concepts. [23], On 1 November 2017, NASA commissioned 5 studies lasting four months into affordable ways to develop the Power and Propulsion Element (PPE), hopefully leveraging private companies' plans. [41] The Canadian Space Agency, the European Space Agency and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency plan to participate in the Gateway project, contributing a robotic arm, refueling and communications hardware, and habitation and research capacity. [6][14][15] The International Space Exploration Coordination Group (ISECG), which is composed of more than 14 space agencies including all major ones, has concluded that Gateway will be critical in expanding a human presence to the Moon, Mars, and deeper into the Solar System. Hera mission is approved as ESA receives biggest ever budget. unprecedented global coalition to the Moon. NASA has selected the first two scientific investigations to fly aboard the lunar Gateway In addition to providing the hardware, ESA will be one-sixth the size of the International Space Station, the Gateway and sustainable lunar exploration architecture. The competitors are asked to employ original engineering and analysis in one of four areas; "Gateway Uncrewed Utilization and Operations", "Gateway-Based Human Lunar Surface Access", "Gateway Logistics as a Science Platform", and "Design of a Gateway-Based Cislunar Tug". coalition in history, and the signing of this MOU is the first step NASA acting associate administrator for the Office of International aboard the Gateway in the future. Headquarters. “Some of these will be able to be pulled off the shelf and be ready to go very quickly.”. Spacecraft launched from Earth would perform a powered flyby of the Moon (delta-v ≈ 180 m/s) followed by a ≈240 m/s delta-v NRHO insertion burn to dock with the Gateway as it approaches the apoapsis point of its orbit. "This partnership leverages the outstanding cooperation internal and external science experiments, and provide additional partners like ESA will join us on these groundbreaking

Zubrin also stated, "If the goal is to build a Moon base, it should be built on the surface of the Moon. human missions to Mars. NASA, in the announcement, emphasized that the payloads will not only support future Artemis crewed missions to the moon, but later human expeditions to Mars, continuing a “moon to Mars” theme that has emerged in NASA’s plans. Using the Gateway, NASA will NASA officials promote the Gateway as a "reusable command module" that could direct activities on the lunar surface.

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