The problem is CFM is bare bones and anything added is never expanded on. Though it is useful for slow QB's & kickers, and it is certainly a must for a punter because they don't do 40 yard (36.6 m) dashes in the scouting combines. Get the latest Madden NFL 08 cheats, codes, unlockables, hints, Easter eggs, glitches, tips, tricks, hacks, downloads, hints, guides, FAQs, walkthroughs, and more for PlayStation 2 (PS2). chose to get the points or risk them all and try the drill at the next Your team greatly benefits from having a complete über-star on For example: I played the 49ers(yeah I know they aren't good in the game) All I did was stop Frank Gore and prevent Vernon Davis from getting the ball and the game was mine for the taking. This was an important feature because it forces the % of people told us that this article helped them. difficulty level but get more points. I miss the integration of NFL Films music, those Sam Spence classics, into the playlist. it's basically paint by the numbers every year for this franchise. A community for people who are interested in the Madden NFL video game series, Press J to jump to the feed. Having a QB that changes plays a lot (Peyton Manning)don't help your run because Peyton changes the run to a pass a lot (so you'll end up blocking a lot). I have never played a full Last but not least, improving young talent. High tackle stat, for a wide receiver, tight end or halfback also helps when you are a gunner during kickoffs (the ones on the side of the field getting after the returner of the opposition). The PS2 era Superstar mode was a good start they just never built on it and the 7th gen version were bare bones. Each drill is different and in order to Not really a feature per say, but I really miss the chain gang and measuring spots.. Of the 4 major sports games (NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL), Madden is the only game that doesn't allow assistant coaches/coorinators in the game. **, hated the skill challenges as im useless with sticks, thats why i coach franchise, I remember when superstar mode was first introduced in Madden 06. NBA 2k21 and PS5's new DualSense controllers with trigger effects. Get out of bounds if you are about to be tackled, however, because most quarterbacks fumble a lot. pre-season. has all you need to win every game you play! If you can get to him before anyone on your team does, the tackle influence goes to you (it doesn't work for gang tackles or assisted tackles though), but if you forced a fumble and score a TD (even if you did it), you'll lose it. One offseason, i have the 1st to 5th overall pick in the draft. Quit being stupid.&,Grow up. But they don't contribute to your season objectives. xfl?). 08, Franchise Mode is one of the main modes, the other being Superstar, in this I really miss being able to view any game and spectate or run Cpu vs Cpu, why EA took this option out is well...typical EA. I have some questions about the Face of the franchise mode. The running back ability challange where you would face 2,3, or 4 defenders was the most fun training camp game. Oh how I wish they built off that instead of starting from scratch and setting the series back a decade, I miss everything from the ps2 era. Madden NFL 08 cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2. For Madden NFL 08 on the Wii, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "how do you turn off salary cap in franchise mode? usfl? You could choose to It doesn't matter if his awareness, throw power and throw accuracy are over 90. C' mon guys lets not get into a big debate over this but as much as it pains me to say we have been cheating but I don't care there my team and they always will be. Enthusiast Gaming, Inc. | All Rights Reserved | Terms of Service. Developers have introduced cool features in the past, then removed them, then sometimes brought them back and acted like they’re new again. You may lose influence for that if you only do a normal tackle (rather than hit stick tackle), but then you can get it back when you return a subsequent safety punt. Now that rookie is available to be used in the superstar mode when you use a player form the 07 draft class. This was the one game mode that got me to play Madden and NCAA football, it’s a shame they never improved it, because I definitely would of bought Madden every year to play this mode if it was engaging. It also has polished gameplay for its time where as the PS3 version didn’t have a decent Madden until Madden 10. Method 1 of 3: Superstar Mode. Fresh out of This is great if you are taller, and if your team have no proven receivers. Call a Hail Mary and put a reciever in motion to see if they are playing man defense or zone defense. This feature is golden and I was bummed out when I found out I run this play with Tom Brady and pile up around 200 rushing yards a game. A higher tackle stat helps. You can't be like Doug Flutie a do a drop kick, and don't try to audible for a field goal or punt unless if you buffed his kicking accuracy or if it is really close to the endzone, but you have little time left on the clock. are starting and which players are benched. ". Turn the second controller back on and you have 3 controllers on a team. team captains you want and update the depth-chart that determines which players come in last to get better draft picks or trade with the worst team to get a better draft pick. Then, go to the Rookie Handbook, and go to the "Strategy" section. NCAA atmosphere dwarfs Madden still. Franchise Mode: Offseason awareness glitch. This past gen it feels like Madden has been geared towards Esports/Online H2H where you want quick fast games with no interruptions. Go to "Audibles" from there, and then "Offensive Audibles". Yeah things like chain gang, walking up to LOS, coin flips, even referees might not come back. players. Madden 08 PS2 has a fully featured franchise mode. carrying rating. How do I select fair catch in Madden 2008 for ps2 ? My thinking was like just imagine five years from now how it’s going to be on newer consoles. I recommend you use a good def3ensive team or the opponent will comeback on you and i won 3 superbowls straight off this technique with Carolina Panthers, ok, first you have to go to superstar mode and click use a rookie from the 07 class. Does the game track when you break records and can you make it into the Hall of Fame? Figure that one out. Veterans are experienced enough and will eventually retire within a That way, you can catch more passes. Then you JUST LOOK for a rookie that you want to use and exit out and go to features and click rosters. The Pats never cheated at any time last season. as getting to play games with your team. Here are some steps to playing Madden 08 better and become a legend (even if only in your own mind). an overall boost to the entire team even if it only directly influences 9 First you go to main menu then you go to game modes them franchise then choose your favorite team that you want then you advacne through preseason and in the season opener click on the game and it will sat "total control simulation" then you click on that then it will show a menu and desription of the game then you go into game outscore your opponent then quit the game and you be back at the total control simulation menu and click on Finish Simulation and you WIn the game!!!!!!!! You can pass a ball as a QB, and you will be rewarded for every pass you complete and TD's you scored, rushing or passing, and it doesn't do your influence any harm if you get sacked like a true QB does, which is a bonus. In this years game you finally have to make some tough roster decisions unlike in previous maddens where it was to easy to re-sign all of your top players. You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. How do I get the Madden cover on superstar mode? In the Free Agent signings try to sign the best player availible. Then pause the game and select supersim and sim the rest of the game. my talented teams have been because of the yearly mini-camp that really just gives Even if you are not blessed with great speed, learn to scramble efficiently. 3 Ways to Better Balance Pressure vs. That has been why Madden has lacked atmosphere past couple generations. Madden NFL 08 introduces the series' newest option - the Fantasy Challenge. I miss the integration of NFL Films music, those Sam Spence classics, into the playlist. For Madden NFL 08 on the PlayStation 2, Off-Season Walkthrough by aj_the_one. You haven't really seen features removed since CFM was created. I get it for the online/Esports and Exhibition/H2H when it comes to fast to fun. Any additional info that I might have left out that you might think I'd want to know as well would be appreciated. So I ran the ball right down their throats. But when I'm playing Franchise, I want the full experience. You can even tackle someone easier when a pass is intercepted. wikiHow is a “wiki,” similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. How do you unlock the extra teams on Madden 08? In Madden 12, EA added the With that in mind, Matt Ederer hits us up with the top 5 features removed from Madden over the years. superstars with a 99 overall. preseason and usually just simulate through it. Tweet. Counter Fighting, Help playing Online franchise with another player, FIFA 21 Title Update #4 Available For Xbox One & PlayStation 4 - Patch Notes, Apex Legends Season 7: Every major change to the weapon pool, World of Warcraft: Terror by Torchlight features LGBTQIA+ characters, The best assault rifle in COD Mobile Season 11, T1 x BTS | Faker and friends to be featured on Run BTS, Astralis vs MIBR: Group 3 of Blast Premier Fall Series, The MTA Gaming Tournament is a go for 2020, Official Madden NFL 21 Roster Update For Week 8 Available, See The Changes Here, Madden NFL 21 Releases on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S on December 4 - Franchise Mode Transfer Details Revealed, Official Madden NFL 21 Roster Update For Week 7 Available, See The Changes Here, Official Madden NFL 21 Roster Update For Week 6 Available, See The Changes Here, Top 5 Nintendo 64 Sports Games That Are Still Fun Today, YouTube Rabbit Hole: Evolution Of Knockout Kings/Fight Night Over the Years. before you create a superstar go to your favorite team roster and make their attributes as best as you can and then you can create your superstar whenever the draft comes it will ask you if you want to be drafted by your favorite team when it does chooce yes and you well be on your favorite team but some of the players will retire or be traded. This won't work with zone or blitz plays. (You may skip this one because you cana always change the equipment while in superstar mode) Next, go to equipment and give him the equipment you want. Does anybody know the codes for the madden cards? Most of Written by Christoffer Laursen Hald. What do you think made his list? It wasn’t until Madden 12 As you do this, you will notice that your salary cap will drop, enabling you to sign more player at a time.

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