The male cheerleader then said Penn State fans were ugly. Your team’s Premium Access agreement is expiring soon. {{familyColorButtonText(}}, View {{carousel.total_number_of_results}} results. They've latched on to McKinney North High School's "Fab 5"—a pack of fully MySpaced, teacher-torturing mean girls—and have no immediate plans for letting go. He lambasted school administrators for giving the girls far too many second chances. Brooke and her mother leave followed by cameras, Brooke then gives Carr the middle finger and Carr is visibly upset. Michaela Ward filed complaints against Assistant Principal Richard Brunner and Principal Linda Theret whose daughter was reportedly the ringleader of the Fab Five. Even clearer, she didn’t understand how to be a parent. [2] Newsweek said the film was close to the real-life events, the portrayal of Jenna Dewan's character was "brave but naïve", and the story was "an entertaining morality tale" yet "preachy". Brooke is pulled from the school by her mother, and the rest of the "Fab Four" are no longer allowed to cheer. Yvonne De Carlo, 'Lily Munster,' dead at 84. Click here to request Getty Images Premium Access through IBM Creative Design Services. While the district and the media slammed her character, she is still coaching cheerleading and pursued a Master's Degree. The Fab Five: Cheerleaders from a McKinney high school posted questionable photos on MySpace (genius), and the girls were later described in a national magazine as a group of booze-crazed bullies – an "elite social clique that flagrantly flouted school rules but faced few sanctions." The tale of the Fab Five always seemed like a drama made for TV. This morning Gordon Kieth of The Ticket fueled the fire with news of pictures of the Fab Five. "Joe Paterno’s on his deathbed and someone needs to find him a casket," the yell leader said to the crowd. The investigation sent a wave of firings and resignations rippling through the high school staff, claiming along the way the livelihood of Principal Linda Theret. Carr simply asks her if she thinks the University of Southern California will accept her as a student after all the negative publicity of what has happened. These girls disregard school rules, drink alcohol, bully other students, and post suggestive pictures on the internet. In all fairness, you can't really blame the cheerleaders for this one. In 2009, Linda Theret was hired by the Laredo Independent School District as their Executive Director of Curriculum, a position she still holds. Movie or not, they only come along once in a lifetime. Carr finds Lisa has cheated on a test; after penalizing her, Lisa yells at Carr and storms out. The new cheerleaders compete, and Carr discovers Cindy had written an essay about her, discussing how she stood up to the administration and stopped Fab Four from terrorizing their school, revealing that Carr did change things after all. Which Houston Texans Are Possible Trade Deadline Assets? University officials later apologized for the comments. Then an article was published that detailed the depression of a former Allen cheerleader who had used steroids in high school. Edwards told the Associated Press that such exhibitions lead to "pregnancies, high school dropouts, [and the] contraction of AIDS and herpes." Lisa then tells her father that Carr was bullying her, so Carr cancels practice and sends an email to the cheerleaders apologizing for it. cheerleaders gone wild, Create a free website or blog at Jan. 4, 2007 — -- At a high school in McKinney, Texas, officials say a group of five cheerleaders recently got out of control. Carr discovers the reporter's true agenda, tells him what happened, leaves angrily, and bumps into Brooke. Five Fab Cheerleaders-Linda Theret; a Lifetime movie. The Houston Press may earn a portion of sales from products & services purchased through links on our site from our affiliate partners. 1 Linda Theret was the principal at McKinney … Four months later, Carr watches the girls at a cheer competition and is welcomed with praise and hugs, including Ashley, who she exchanges smiles with. However, the teacher has no intention of taking their rude behavior. The tale of the Fab Five always seemed like a drama made for TV. They also caused trouble during off-campus activities, posting photographs of themselves partying, drinking alcohol, and visiting an adult store on Myspace. If you love a teenager, they probably shouldn’t always be loving you back. Select 100 images or less to download. As revenge for Jeri's ejection, the girls show the superintendent a picture of Carr hugging another teacher at the school and say the two have been having an affair. Collect, curate and comment on your files. Clearly, the principal loved her daughter. The girls tell the school's superintendent they were tired after a test and wanted to sleep. The final straw was when the "Fab Five" posed (in uniform no less) at a Condoms to Go store holding candles shaped like penises. Michaela Ward severed her ties with McKinney North High School in 2006 alleging an “abuse of power” on the part of the principal and assistant principle of the school. All Rights Reserved. To find out more, visit our cookies policy and our privacy policy. Photobucket: The Fab Five, BFF Incoming hits to my blog have exploded as thousands of you coming looking for the McKinney Cheerleaders. When the condom-store photos hit the Internet, they triggered a firestorm.

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