Such an excellent story that comes like real time happening.. All the characters have done their best and my personal favorite is Seo Ji Su and her bf. I’m falling in love with Park si Hoo, can’t wait to see him in another drama. I felt the cancer storyline dragged the show down and took too much away from us seeing more of a relationship develop between Do Kyung and Ji An and Hyuk and Ji Soo and even Ji Ho and Seo Hyun. Genre: Family, Romance I second what you said about the rich father (I assumed you meant Mr. Choi) being the most handsome among male characters... like a well-aged wine. It doesn't make sense. I couldn't believe her Grandfather & Mother wanted her to dress up as JiAn at their Anniversary ceremony. Not forgetting worst finale. I’d say it’s the universe giving punishment for not handing over that little lost girl. Guiltypleasure Feb 18 2018 9:23 am JJ Lim Jun 08 2017 6:47 am Akeela Dec 23 2017 11:40 pm We, as audiences, can feel how meaningful the family is. I think they carried the cancer theme way too long. Lol. mclaw3 Nov 10 2017 12:08 pm ji ho finally started to notice seo hyun :) ? He worked for years. are always lower than that of Sunday. Although I would love for them to be together, thinking from Jian's perspective—yes, it was very selfish of DK to ask her to stay. I still remember that scene fondly. While that's probably a somewhat accurate reflection of real life, where not everything works out in the end, it's somewhat disingenuous to follow these characters along and not have them finally achieve all they fought for: each other's love. It’s like oh, why are you here I didn’t call for you yet? ?? It is interesting to find out JA carved DA doll and brings with her in the handbag all the time, just don’t know from when she made and carried it? Hands down, Seo Tae Soo is my favorite character. Screenwriter: So Hyun Kyung. The only interesting characters in this drama are baker man and his love. is great!! For Shin Hye Sun fan, she played also in a co-production (Vietnam and Korea) drama "Forever young (1 or 2)". Anna Tan Oct 14 2017 11:32 am How can you not let the MC have its way at the end. Wow ep 44 made me realize how much jian loves do kyung especially when she said "shes overwhelmed to say see u tomorrow"lol butterflies were all over in my stomach.haha. Life will be bad for Ji An when she finds out that she is not the daughter of this rich family. jenReyes Nov 05 2017 5:16 am See how it takes patience, empathy, communication and effort to overcome woes in life. I don't think I ever say or complaint about the actors personalities so, don't rub salt into the wound. eee Mar 12 2018 12:28 am ?there is a twist in each episode and even as the drama approaches the end i.hope the ending will not be abrupt and short but sweet and meaningful. every time i see a scene with them on it i'm excited hahaha coz i thought ok this is it... but, disappoinments... AND the road js is walking on, it's fine if we're to really understand her reactions on all this... chaebal, chaebal, please don't make her into some kinda evil person or something... i mean as of now i can still see her sweet, forgiving self.. and i can see what you did to her character wanting to feel loved and accepted on both families coz on her perspective she doesn't fit anywhere.. she feels she's being compared to JA in the rich family's house, and she's disregarded in her old family's house sooo lots of insecurities there... but hoping here, that she bounce back to her old jolly self... AND give us something or somebody else to hate NOT JS hehehe... shin hye sun for the lead yesss.... rae Jun 16 2017 12:13 pm OMG I am ready to quit watching but I'm watching only for Park SiHoo. peace79 Feb 28 2018 6:45 am like those same old Wedding Ending (as suggested by some fans here) which is commonly seen in Cdramas and Tw-dramas. ji soo has every right to be hurt but her slapping ji an was a complete 360 degrees change from the ji soo we all know and love. BUT (i think) this child has shown us that she’s more “put together” (didn’t break down, held it together, tried to live life on a day-to-day basis, tried to slowly accept her reality). Director: Kim Hyung Suk Others are just a drama character. At least we are on the same boat on one thing. Truthfully, this drama taught me many things about life. Satisfied. I get what you are saying. I have seen the first 2 episodes and I loved it, and wow the ratings are very successful! Kris Jan 15 2018 3:10 pm They had an uncommon friendship. Mint Nov 19 2017 11:21 pm Benny Dec 29 2017 5:34 pm Fine acting. Just because the story is not in line with what you expect, or want to happen doesn't mean it's bad or wrong. Did Shin Hye-Sun portrayed emotion all right. Never enough for me when it is a good drama. I really like Ji An's dad and was so happy when it was found to be not cancer. Keren drama nya. It was all about Ji An always miserabily loolking like a dying martyr in the family because of struggling out of poverty while Ji Soo was content and felt lucky and grateful to have such a loving mom and dad and great siblings. She will in future be able to emphatise with the so called lower class employees and get her own back to those who trampled her and treated her like a beggar. And also like this series like the others. Guiltypleasure Nov 07 2017 4:13 pm Hemma Kim Oct 08 2017 2:28 pm With that being said, I do understand where you are coming from. A brillant career is ahead of her and it is very much deserved. Exactly!!! Ruth Aug 12 2020 4:25 am I really love this drama because of the storyline is great,actors are doing their role perfectly,the songs and the background music..I really want how the end gonna be..i will give 10 /10 stars for this! Even so .. there is no effort coming from him to look for her other than just calling her cell phone and left a massage. Maybe she will loose her soul for a while before finding herself again. It is now episode 44 that is coming out today and I have to say that never ever there were some blind spots, never a lost of interest on my part. @Selena --- are we watching the same drama? Park Si Hoo welcome back KBS, how along time, actress good, fitting oppa.

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