World War I opened up new frontiers in International Warfare due to the battles fought between significant global superpowers. The battle lasted for about 140 days with attacks and counter-attacks with a massive loss on both sides. But Congress defeated Kennedy's proposals for Medicare, for a Department of Urban Affairs, and for mass transit aid. It was not just a war, but a catalyst, cause, trigger, and an accelerator of revolutionary change with a surprising degree. In a characteristic intellectual and political pastiche, Kennedy and his speechwriters built on President Theodore Roosevelt's "Square Deal," President Franklin D. Roosevelt's "New Deal," President Harry S. Truman's "Fair Deal," and Professor Frederick Jackson Turner's lament about "the closing of the frontier." This forced the British army to withdraw after capturing only the villages of Havrincourt, Ribécourt and Flesquières, according to the Imperial War Museum. I have an MA in Cultural Anthropology from Eötvös Loránd University. Initially, eight British divisions attacked three German divisions by surprise and took prisoners 324. Retrieved October 16, 2020 from The Battle of Gallipoli had massive casualties on both sides: Turkish lost 251,309 men and the Allied forces lost 141,547 men. Though the result of the battle is still not visible, it is supposedly a British victory. In five months, more than a million soldiers from the French, British and German armies had been killed or injured. By the end of the month, the Germans had taken 92,000 prisoners and destroyed half of the 2nd Russian army. In the early days, the Germans crossed the French front lines and took control of Fort Douaumont without fighting. The attack intended to make the French bleed white and to end the trench warfare that began in 1914. Dictionary of American History. When Cadorna crossed deserters and an aerial reconnaissance learned of the Germans’ involvement, he canceled his own attacks in mid-September 1917 and adopted a defensive position. The halted Battle of Passchendaele resumed on August 16, but there was no significant gain with stalemate for over a month. The nineteen British divisions assembled were equipped with 20 tanks, 4 of which were battle tanks, supply and service vehicles. The Germans chose a line 25 in front of Caporetta, north of Gorizia, along Isonzo, as the preferred point of attack where the Italians were weak for the combined offensive.

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