The best group of the day came with Hornady’s 165-grain GMX Full Boar, which measured .47 inches with the digital caliper. At the heart of Forbes’ ultra light rifle design is his innovative rifle stock, which weighs just about a pound. Quality like NULA offers just cannot be mass produced. The barrel was slim and trim and the action was sort of a miniaturized version of a Remington 700. At the range and in the field, Forbes’ rifle did exactly what he said it would. Rating - 0%. Most stocks fail to deliver that recoil directly to the body because of the angle of the buttstock design, and this makes recoil more severe.”. He partnered again and Forbes Rifles was launched. Their reputation grew and Colt decided to buy Ultra Light Arms (ULA) and offer a much less expensive version with a much inferior synthetic stock. “I looked at what other manufacturers in the industry were doing with their stock designs, and I decided there had to be a better way to do it,” Forbes said. The other major factor is length of pull, which is why Forbes takes your physical build into consideration when making a custom rifle. Because his stocks are so well-made, I have never seen a NULA's accuracy go wonky after a few years, as I've seen in some other syn-stocked rifles. Mag., and one of the main questions I posed to Forbes was about how you deal with that kind of recoil out of a 6-pound rifle. Learn how your comment data is processed. From the action to the stock, barrel and scope, the weight is all distributed so that when you put the gun to your shoulder it’s a natural, solid fit.”. The optic used for testing was a Leupold VX-3 3.5-10x40mm. My B model with the 21″ heavy barrel can shoot way “beyond its raisin'”. Winds were generally in the 10-12 mph range. All Race-Driven sprockets are manufactured to Check price and Read more Detail At, The Wheeler Engineering AR-15 Receiver Lapping Tool allows the builder to true the surface of an AR-15 Upper Receiver to ensure a square surface for the barrel to mate against. Nula Rifles Review And R4 Assault Rifle Review . If you searching to check on Nula Rifle Reviews And 300 Savage Rifle Review price. These are available as a bolt body only. All Rights Reserved. Great article and review! The Model 28 also seemed to like the heavier Federal Premium 200-grain Trophy Bonded Bear Claw loads, which had a best group of .74 inches and an average of 1.01 inches. Contact Us; Support; Login; home; Category. There’s nothing like a custom hunting rifle and there are no custom hunting rifles like the ones from New Ultra Light Arms. Mfg: Brownells SPECS: Upgrade Kit includes: (1) #81 Check price and Read more Detail At Brownells, Made of zinc3 inches center-to-centerAvailable in your choice of finish optionsIncludes mounting screws for easy installationDimensions: 3.44W x 1D x 1.75H in.. About BelwithBased out of Grandville, MI, Belwith hosts three core brands Check price and Read more Detail At Hayneedle, The ALG Defense Quality Mil-Spec (QMS) trigger is an enhanced Mil-Spec type AR-15 trigger. And at $3,900 it’d probably be the only rifle I could afford, so I’d need something that could do it all. Get 12 Issues a year of the country's best firearms writing. Mag., even if there’s a bit more recoil. *** Please check more details at the merchant website.

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