It isn’t limited to religions like Christianity, Judaism or Islam. What are they? Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. This is the one that’s often portrayed in media and is typically the first thing that comes to mind when people think of OCD. The evil is named and now I can see it for what it is. I try to capture as much information as possible and I find that keeping it organized by section and topic allows me to reference it later (which I do very often). Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Did you know OCD isn’t all about hand washing or being a perfectionist? What form of intrusive thought could this theme take? I only recently discovered that I have OCD, and now looking back at my lowest moments over the past few years, I see everything in a new light. What can cause feelings of mental contamination? Rather than objects being dirty, with mental contamination, you feel unclean. This site works best with JavaScript enabled. When I write, it has to be perfect. As with contact contamination, if you experience this OCD subtype, you may wash yourself excessively to relieve the discomfort those obsessive and intrusive thoughts cause. ), Locks and alarms to prevent break-ins (e.g., door, car and window locks and house alarms), Symptoms of illnesses for fear of being sick (e.g., online symptom checking), Wallets or purses to make sure important cards or documents haven’t been lost, Documents or books to ensure no important information has been missed, Mail or texts before sending them to prevent anything inappropriate or offensive being sent, Various sources to make sure no one was hit while you were driving (e.g., checking the route you drove down for bodies or police/ambulance activity, searching the papers and TV for stories of a hit-and-run, etc. Arlington, VA: American Psychiatric Publishing,,,, How to Tell If Your Character Has Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Using public amenities (e.g., toilets, transport, telephones), Waiting in a GP’s surgery or visiting a hospital, Shaking hands with, hugging or kissing someone, Appliances to make sure they don’t cause damage (e.g., ovens causing fires or explosions, taps causing flooding and property damage, candles or lights causing fires, etc. It has been both cathartic and filling me with sorrow at the deep shame I would feel and how I interpreted my compulsions as evidence of being a terrible person, stupid and/or incompetent. I then will look at them and if the points have been updated or I don’t like the content in there (e.g. Also, keep in mind that OCD or not, writing is like working out in that you can’t go from zero minutes of writing per day to 8 hours of writing per day overnight. Create a free website or blog at There are two main focuses with this subtype of OCD: the questioning of your sexual preferences and the fear that you’ll act on those preferences in an inappropriate and/or harmful way. I'm almost positive I have OCD. I have taken notes for items that no longer matter) I will often re-write the notes. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. The intense feelings of discomfort that come from feeling dirty, perhaps coupled with the fear that you might pass those germs on to others, could fill you with the need to scrub for hours, which comes with a lot of negative repercussions (that will have a whole section in the next post, So Powerful It’s Fact: Writing About Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder). What are some examples of those obsessional thoughts? To those observing, the actions in rituals can seem bizarre and unrelated to each other, or to the intrusive thought, but the fear that something bad will happen unless they’re performed exactly right is incredibly powerful if you experience this subtype. Your core values and beliefs, the parts of yourself that define your purpose in life, are challenged by these unwanted and intrusive thoughts and suppressing them doesn’t solve the problem. However, that’s usually far from the case. So what is obsessive-compulsive disorder? However, as with the other forms of intrusive thoughts, the people who experience these obsessional doubts are some of the least likely to act on them. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. It’s a rough draft!” “But this part is just really not right. Every other post I see here feels so relatable and makes me feel so comforted and just a bit more separated from my obsessive and compulsive behavior. They can include: The compulsion listed at the start of this section was pretty vague, mainly because it differs from person to person, but that’s not a great help if you want to write about this. Dynamic content will not be displayed. You might need to have: And if things are not orderly or arranged in the right way? If you have this particular type of OCD, you might wash yourself or clean things until you ‘feel’ they are clean, whereas someone without OCD might wash or clean until they ‘see’ t… If anything, it can make it worse. Today we’re going to take a look at the most common ones, as well as examples, both general and specific, of their related obsessions and compulsions.

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