Agricultural activity, particularly in south Lebanon, was abandoned due to the fighting and bombing of the irrigation system. 1 Fixed wing F-16 was lost during take off. Reduce strength of enemy flash, stun, EMP, and gas effects. Amnesty International stated, however, that the volume of civilian casualties and damage to civilian infrastructure suggested that Israel was not just trying to target Hezbollah fighters. [207] On the last day of the war, Muhammad Qanso (nome de guerre: Sajid ad-Duwayr), a special force commander and Bazzi’s successor as Bint Jbeil commander, was killed in another air raid on Bint Jbeil. Team revive can get you out of sticky situations, Provides extra armor for the team. 85, The Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies, Bar-Ilan University, Ramat Gan, 2010, This page was last edited on 3 November 2020, at 06:51. "[339], Military analyst and former IDF general Giora Eiland concluded that, though outgunned and outnumbered, Hezbollah managed to hold off Israel's advanced armed forces and proved its ability to damage Israel by launching rockets at its territory until the end of the war. Israeli attacks on civilian infrastructure", "Panel to probe alleged IDF war crimes in Lebanon", "Israel Blamed for Lebanese Civilian Deaths", "Hizbollah 'did not use civilians as cover, "Winograd Report: NGOs Use Human Rights in Propaganda War", "Winograd: Current use of cluster bombs not in line with int'l law", "CNN Reliable Sources, Coverage of Mideast Conflict", "Reuters withdraws all photos by Lebanese freelance", "Reuters: Adnan Hajj is not still taking photos for us", "(sv) Adaktusson: "SVT-chefer ville inte rapportera om raketer mot Israel, "Olmert claims Lebanon War was a success", "Fighting with Israel deepens Lebanese divisions over Hezbollah", "Hezbollah leader: Militants 'won't surrender arms, "The 2006 Lebanon War and the Israeli Peace Forces", "With guns silent, wartime unity unravels in Israel", "PM Olmert's Speech at the Knesset Regarding the War in the North", "Stocks scandal spells doom of embattled Israeli army chief", "Olmert: An inquiry commission will not be formed, we do not have the luxury to submerge in investigating the past", "Halutz disputes officer's remarks that Israel lost war", "IDF general urges army chief to quit his post over 'failure' of war", "Peretz backs Halutz on dismissal of Major General Yiftah Ron-Tal", "Nasrallah's Defeat in the 2006 War: Assessing Hezbollah's Influence", "Israel's Barak says Hezbollah stronger than ever: report", "Analysis: Teheran is restraining an already wary Hizbullah", "Israel's War With Hezbollah Was Not a Failure", "English Summary of the Winograd Commission Report", "Bush: Hezbollah lost the war; it was part of broader global struggle", "President Discusses Foreign Policy During Visit to State Department", "Abbas was ready to back Olmert deal, Bush memoir says", "Speech of President Bashar al-Assad at Journalists Union 4th Conference", "Lebanon: The Israel–Hamas–Hezbollah Conflict", "Israel can't defeat Hezbollah: Israeli expert", "Hezbollah planning 'large raids' into Galilee, senior army source says", "2006 Israel–Lebanon War Looms Large in Pentagon Debate on Future", "The Israeli Army Is Suffering Some Of Its Most Severe Losses In Years", "Factbox – Costs of war and recovery in Lebanon and Israel", "IDF: Hours after cease-fire, 4 clashes between Hezbollah and Israeli troops; 4 Hezbollah fighters killed", "IDF: Israeli soldiers kill 3 Hezbollah fighters", "Hezbollah Rockets Fall Inside Southern Lebanon As Citizens Return to Region", "Israel flies over Lebanon, but no airstrikes", "Four Hezbollah fighters killed in ceasefire breaches: UN", "Kofi Annan declares Israeli raid violation of ceasefire", "IDF checking French claim its UN troops almost fired at IAF jets", "UN won't stop Syria sending weapons to Lebanon", "Israel Ends Its Blockade of Lebanon's Coastline", "We still have 20,000 rockets, says Nasrallah", "Israel pulls bulk of troops out of Lebanon", "Israel violates Lebanese airspace, launches mock raids", "Israeli warplanes violate Lebanese airspace again", "Israel to continue Lebanon overflights: defense minister", L'armée française au Liban se sent menacée par Israël, "Germany, Israel confirm naval vessel-planes incident", "Israel denies firing shots at German ship", "Annan finds 13 incidents of illicit arms in Lebanon", "UN secretary general's update to the Security Council on Resolution 1701", "Lebanon says Israel report sets scene for new war", Report of the secretary general on the implementation of Security Council Resolution 1701, "Israel denies assassinating Hezbollah chief", "Israel denies assassinating Hizbollah chief", "Lebanon: July 14 explosion came from abandoned IDF munitions", "Iran and Hizballah: Significance of the Francop Interception", ":: مقاومت – Lebanon fires at intruding Israeli jets", "Israel again buzzes German ships near Lebanon", "Netanyahu: Lebanon Ambush a 'Violent Provocation, "Goldwasser, Regev to be laid to rest after 2 uncertain years", "Regev and Goldwasser to receive military funerals Thursday", "Israel–Lebanon war sparks 'human' films at Sundance", "NOMINEES FOR THE NEWS & DOCUMENTARY EMMY AWARDS IN 32 CATEGORIES", "The Israel Defense Forces in the Second Lebanon War: Why the Poor Performance? The only combat loss was a CH-53 transport ehlicopter that have just unloaded troops and was struck during take off by a Chinese QW-1 light SAM ", "Defense establishment favors Rafael tank protection system", "Hezbollah missile hits Navy ship off Beirut coast", "Missile, Not Drone, Hit Israeli Warship", "INS Hanit Suffers Iranian Missile Attack", "Middle East Crisis: Hezbollah-Israel conflict wrap", "After the bombs, environmental calamity", "Lebanon Oil Spill Makes Animals Casualties of War", "Nature falls victim to Hezbollah rocket attacks", "UNESCO Mission reports on war damage to cultural heritage in Lebanon", "Israel–Hezbollah War Endangers Archaeological Sites, Ecosystems", "Israeli strikes deal major blow to Bekaa's working class", "Israeli warplanes plunge Tyre into darkness", "Material damage to private sector put at $200 million", "Reconstruction alone estimated at $7bn in Lebanon", "Old Feud Over Lebanese River Takes New Turn", "Lebanon: 7 Media Workers Injured in 48 Hours of Fighting", "Reporters Without Borders in Beirut to express solidarity with Lebanese media", "President Bush and German Chancellor Merkel Participate in Press Availability", "Interview with Federal Foreign Minister Steinmeier on the Middle East", "U.S.

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