.5" For the little circles at the "feet" (where the screw fits through) I simply used needle-nose pliers and slowly curved the ends of the wire piece into a circle. Portal 2 - core transfer. Fill the 1” segments with bondo, work your sand Gesso/spackling/sanding magic, and then paint black to your liking. Feasibly, this can be made with few tools, but at the very least you must have a Dremel. Leather SD Card Holder / Nintendo Switch Card Holder. To diffuse the light that shines out of the barrel, we layered thin sheets of packing foam directly behind the grating. In the video below, Chris makes a great point about approaching any sort of design project. The core of the light system is a clear acrylic plunger handle (hint – it’s 7/8” thick) buffed with 600 grit sandpaper to help with light diffusion. How much of it? Eventually you’ll be able to sight it, but stick to small amounts of both while starting out. For that part, anyway…. It is absolutely vital that you remain patient and motivated at the monotonous task. The barrel lights are arranged in an alternating circle of 6 of each color for a total of 12 lights. When shopping for shell materials, for some reason the largest block of foam we could find was a sheet approximately 3ftx4inx1ft, but once we cut it in half and glued the pieces side by side with a combination of Elmers wood glue and Plumber’s Goop (a derivative of Amazing Goop specifically designed for PVC plumbing) we ended up with a sizable chunk perfectly large enough. It’s pretty simple, too.

Registered users all over the world from 170+ countries. This makes it fantabulous for propmaking. When glados was switched out with wheatly, but there humans not robots this time . Up against one of the inner rings, you’ll need to make moon-shaped bracers to lift the front core up a little bit to give it a little bit of definition and to bring the top of the front core to the top of the back core. Set them up inversely of how you’ll actually fill them – so you’ll be using the back pieces to create a wall between the two pipes so it’ll look like it’s solid, while you’ll fill in the gaps with a yet-to-be-named substance. The other parts include lancing device springs, paper clips, LEDs, color gels and more. Here’s Your Buyer’s Guide. Well, after the shell was to the smoothness we were looking for, the next step was creating the hole in the top, dremeling the groove along the back, and then applying the three triangular knots from where the wires for the red LEDs would be pulled through. They look like little horses if you stand them up straight with all fours planted on the table. They’re blue and white, green and white, orange and white, and brown and white. Ok, great!

With the difference of the locations of the cuts you did earlier, this will provide the nice sloping effect we see on the front of the ASHPD.

Once the shell was carved and covered in bondo, it looked very rough, thick, and crude, but at least it was solid. Did you make this project? QnA Maker extracts questions and answers from FAQ pages, support websites, excel files, product manuals, SharePoint documents etc. Our line is approximately ¼” wide. Don’t quote me on that, though – play around with drawings and do a lot of looking in the mirror to check for the correct scale. Categories. The video game mainly involves a series of puzzles that must be solved by teleporting the player’s character and simple objects utilizing a device that can create portals between flat planes. These wires then go back and get separated so the colored wire goes to the appropriate pole on the color switch and the white wire goes to the black wire from the batteries. It’s not an eclipse. In terms of what we'd like to redo about the gun, the barrel is the first on the list. Here, the narrative pauses so we can see what all it’s gotta power and how it’s gonna power it. The substance: Bondo. ©2020 e.World Technology Limited. I have a budget of <$100, so I'll have a look around for cheaper versions before settling on a certain one. We ended up moving the cut line on the outer shell down a half inch and resanding the curve to get what you see in the first picture. Author Comments. on Step 1. why would you look into the operatonal end of the device!? You will fill in-between these rings with bondo to make the three segments. The reason we made a 1 ¼” circle was so that the light (with the buffed lense) that sits in that hole would fit with a ¼th black border around it. We cut the pieces out of wood on the jigsaw, sanded each with the dremel so they would look fairly identical, drilled a ¼” hole through the slanted top through to the bottom (so the LED would fit into it), and then coated them in a layer of Gesso before spray-painting them white as well.

That gives us a nice section out of the pipe, right? We drew out where we wanted the line to be with tape, traced along the lines with pencil, and then dremeled along said line. They are the Paranoia Core, Morgan Freeman Core, and the Quint Core. Every little part you make needs to be based off a master drawing, or nothing’s gonna look right when you’re done. (The following was written entirely by Michelle in the third person) First of all, for the shells of the gun, we decided to carve green florists foam and then cover it with bondo. Carve it, cover it, sand it, spackle it, then paint it and attach two more triangular wooden pieces to the bottom like shown below.

Taking off the label cleanly proved to be a challenge all on its own, and it also proved to have a unique answer.

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Mixing bondo is a challenge all on its own, and if you’ve never done it before, be prepared to screw up a few things learning how to get it to a useable consistency and color repeatedly. Sort By: Date Score. space, space, SPACE! Perhaps you think we made ours too large or small. We ended up needing to do A LOT of patch-jobs, so don’t feel bad if you feel like the spackling will never end. Portal 2: The Final Hours reveals some of the scrapped core sidekicks that were meant to appear in Portal 2.

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