An additional benefit of private labeling is product awareness. Don’t need a pallet? Also known as “White-Labeling”, private labeling with TRUbalanceWATER has 3 top benefits that are definitely worth considering: Customer loyalty is maintained and/or strengthened when you offer our alkaline water products. We’ll work with you to create a custom design that showcases your brand and fits your marketing objectives. It also has natural electrolytes, making it one of the healthiest bottled waters available. Owning your brand is not only an alluring marketing and sales tool, but it also makes good business sense. Our custom bottles come in 3 styles and 5 sizes: Regular – stock ribbed bottlesBullet – sleek looking bottles with no ribsCustom – using our blow molding to your desired design. Free Shipping On All Products . Competitive prices, customer-friendly minimums, expert in-house graphic design, quick turnaround and personalized service make it easy for you to do business with us. You can elevate your health AND elevate your wealth while helping others! Minimum truckload quantities apply. Maximize your profits with our. A brand is a powerful tool in your hands, a visual image that encapsulates a perceived value associated with your company, product or service. An additional benefit of private labeling is product awareness. The price you see is the price you pay. Our bottle and packaging is 100% made in Canada. Doesn't it make sense to be in a business that is related to wellness? Private Label Bottled Water Prices are as low as .33 to .44 per bottle when ordering pallet quantities! Every time a customer opens your private labeled product or sees it sitting on the counter top your client is reminded where they purchased your product. There are no minimum purchase obligations or inventory requirements - you order only what you need when you need it. How Drinking More Water Can Help You Lose Weight. . We are the premier private label beverage company producing the finest, premium, old-fashioned craft beverages, including gourmet sodas, teas, waters and our world-famous root beer. Alkazone Global Inc. provides Alkaline Water – the perfect combination of our ultra-purified water infused w trace minerals. Your exclusive bottle design will capture their attention and the refreshingly crisp taste of Jackson Springs Water will ensure they keep reaching for more. There's no risk or obligation. Private label our bottled water products with your name, logo, and/or message for a unique marketing product. Private Label Reseller Program; Affiliate Program; Search . - see link:, Electrolyte Enhanced Water - Trace minerals added to your specificationsAlkaline Water - Increased pH. . Pair our award-winning packaging and design with our award winning water and the possibilities to create a premium branding tool for your business are endless. We want to share this opportunity with you, our loyal clients. It has an alkaline pH of 8.1, and is also sodium and fluoride free.

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