I am Ron's 1st and oldest nephew. It’s true, Heartland has been renewed for season 14 by CBC Television! My deepest sympathies to the Potter family. As I read your comments and well wishes, my family and I are discovering a entirely new person that we continue to grow more and more fond of despite his unfortunate and very sudden passing. "Ron was a conscientious worker. Over the years we shared many a cup of coffee at 'The View' as we called morning break. I still remember he had shared with us his childhood experiences. I will always remember those wonderful times we shared. I met Ron many years ago at the Scarborough North office where he immediately organized annual events at the Racetrack. He was warm and kind and a gentleman indeed, with an unasuming presence.Rest in Peace Ron. He even brought me a framed picture when he came to my Christmas gathering. I would like to offer my sincere condolences on the loss of your precious brother and uncle Ron. Thinking about all my Potter cousins, especially Bill, Brian (Karen) and Braden at this sad time. My thoughts and prayers are with his family at this very sad time. He will be forever missed by his family and friends. Ron had such presence that often people thought he was the manager.I was working on a resume with a client when Ron approached us. Loving brother of Bill (Angela), Braden, and Brian (Karen). A great story teller (some of them I am still convinced were fictional) and could crack a joke like no other.God Bless the entire Potter family.My thoughts and prayers are with all of you. He would be there watching his nephew play hockey , truly his nephew's biggest fan!! My heartfelt condolences to all the Potter family with the passing of Ron.It has been many years since we last saw Ron but I will always remember Ron and his quick wit and never ending smiles. You have a kind heart and your clients and collegues have been blessed to you know. Thanks for all the visits, after you refereed your ball games in Richmond Hill. I remember Ron being the MOST vocal of the boys - "YOU CAN'T WEAR THAT!!" Ron was a good soul, always spreading his positive energy and laughter to those around him. We were partners at our office's front desk as resource workers servicing the homeless, clients in crisis situations and funeral applications. Ron was a gentle soul, was caring, loving and made time for those who needed him. My thoughts and prayers are with his family. It is really sad to hear about Ron's passing. Thoughts and prayers are with my second family - Bill, Brian and Braden and families. Always looking for the positive in everything....I'm glad ur at piece now u will be missed xo. I know I have been. Much love, Auntie Betty (Bony! We shared the old stories, laughs and caught up on new life events. Rekha Ladva. My condolences to the family. Sincerest condolences to all Ron's family and friends. I remember so vividly the year you played Santa for our work party-you were him to a tee. I am the oldest of the Potter boys.We all knew this day would eventually come but it doesn't make it any easier.I have lost my loving brother , my children have lost their biggest fan, booster and supporter, my granddaughters never had the chance to get to know their great uncle and the world has lost the most brave, courageous, kind, considerate human being I have ever met.Thank-you for all your stories and heartfelt comments. Rest in peace my friend. Predeceased by his parents Gerald and Flora Potter; and his niece Mykenna Potter. A whole lifetime ago, but amazing memories - in particular, I remember buying a bathing suit when we arrived there - one that wasn't unlike any that the other girls my age were wearing. We already miss him, and his wonderful sense of humour. May your memories bring some comfort to you during this difficult time.April Mueller-Wray (Dr. G. J MacGillivray). Rest in peace my friend. I had the pleasure of working with Ron at Scarborough North. I will always remember the great Battle for the Lamp you started that raised so much for United Way. Ron made me feel so welcome and that never stopped. His coaching titles included a Canadian Championship as Head Coach of Toronto’s 1964 undefeated East York Argonauts. ), My deepest condolencesDomenica Saint Remy. I met Ron in the 90's at the O'Connor office or "A" in the old days. I knew Ron through work and knew him to be such a kind-hearted gentleman. "Ronnie" was a great friend, a great baseball player and a very kind soul. Heartland fans have long-awaited news on whether there will be another season of their favorite show or not. Ron is survived by his only brother Richard (Norma) Potter. Reading all these wonderful tributes and accolades to my cousin makes me regret that I didn't spend more quality time with him. As I read these messages,with tears in my eyes,its comforting to know how much my brother touch other people's lives.Our hearts are broken and time will mend.No more struggles,no more pain.It's time to rest my brother till we meet again. A true gentlemen. https://www.dignitymemorial.com/obituaries/courtice-on/ronald-potter-6303915 As I read all the comments I am either smiling or crying. I met Ron in 1992, my first day at a new job with TESS. He also came to the hospital to see my daughter and brought her a little stuffed animal. He always had a smile , was so very encouraging. Rest in peace Ron. Karen, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this difficult time. My thoughts are with the family during this difficult time. I had not seen Ron in many many years but always enjoyed our chats about the old neighbourhood. You'll be dearly missed, but I will dedicate my battle and recovery to your memory and I'm sorry we couldn't go through it together.May you rest now in the House of The Lord Forever. I remembered when my mom passed away, he tried to confront me by sharing his feelings when his mom had passed. Ron was a extremely sting loving person and will be greatly missed. RIP Ron. Thoughts and prayers to all of "the boys" and your families during this time. Pub nights were always welcome and fun with Ron. My thoughts are with Ron's family. As a struggling/unfamiliar actor, he had been mentored in the business by veteran martial artist/singer and actor David Carradine. I remember laughing, and saying "But, the other girls are?!" It is time for rest. Such a sad loss! And that you had an opportunity to enjoy many celebrations with your family, never once letting your illness slow you down.....a testament to who you were.You will always be missed, but never forgotten.R.I.P. You were always so interested in hearing about my boys and their hockey. May God bless his soul and be with his family in this very difficult time. It was so very touching for me to see pictures of my daughter sitting on Ron's lap at one of the many Christmas parties that he played Santa for. "Things will get better, you'll see. He was always so friendly and warm. I missed him when he transfered to "W". 'Till we meet again. Your are with the angels my special friend. Ron was a dear friend and colleague. Ron is survived by his only brother Richard (Norma) Potter. Ron affectionatly called us 'the old yentas' and always had us laughing with his stories.

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