After graduating from Brown University, Gifford began his career in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles, before entering politics. Secondly, as a former diplomat, as a former ambassador, I desperately think we need more diplomacy in politics. I knew I had to come home and step up my level of service. We have to put a lot of pressure on senators like Claire McCaskill, Bob Corker and Jeff Flake, because the court hangs in the balance right now. So far, at least, there have been no official plans to prevent travel to and from the islands, even as towns in others states have made such moves. They have also lived in Edgartown, MA and Boston, MA plus 5 other locations. On online message boards, some islanders have discouraged these part-time residents from coming. I want to fight for racial justice, economic justice, social justice, because I have experienced that sort of discrimination over the course of my life and that makes me want to fight for equality for every single person. 17 North Beach Street Those stories are real, and they have made me appreciate struggle. N MAGAZINE: You come from a family of privilege, and the dichotomy between your upbringing and the people of Lowell and Fitchburg and Haverhill is fairly significant. “A lot of people are retreating, whether they’re going to the Cape or New Hampshire or some more isolated place that’s off the beaten path,” said Rufus Gifford, the … But despite his privileged background, Gifford defies many of the stereotypes normally associated with someone of his pedigree. In between meetings, Gifford manages to see DeVincent off at the airport. The situation required a three-part response: assuring the public that no Americans were involved, providing on-the-ground intelligence to Washington, and striking a tone of compassion and cooperation with the Danish government and people. “These people have kept us going for all these years. (508)228-1515 But I go in and throw my heart on the table right away. But that kind of measure on Nantucket or Martha’s Vineyard, some residents said, would be extreme. And, oh my, were there doubters — that a gay kid could be an ambassador when no one believed that that would happen. GIFFORD: One of the reasons why I’m working in politics is because I’m a gay man. This summer, he’ll return to Nantucket for some much needed R&R (not to mention anonymity). Reach out and say hello anytime. Even though he’s out of show business today, Gifford still finds himself in the limelight as the star of his own Scandinavian reality show called “Jeg er ambassadøren fra Amerika, (roughly “I’m the ambassador from America”.) With his patrician good looks, an impressive resume in public service and backing from a highly respected New England family, Ambassador Rufus Gifford would appear to be a made-to-order congressional candidate. Nantucket MA 02554. One of the reasons why I moved to California after I graduated from Brown was that my dad was a banker in Boston, and I wanted to be anything but a banker in Boston. He is a liberal Democrat, an Obama acolyte, and has eschewed the pursuit of money in favor of public service as an openly gay man. Lock. It’s a working-class part of the state; what do you feel you can do for them? As guests arrive, he greets them jovially and encourages them to enjoy the uncharacteristically sunny garden. "I can sit on my front porch, smoke a cigar, and not see anybody.”. The rich, of course, have been fleeing plagues for centuries, but the plagues often catch up to them anyway.Officials on Nantucket have issued the state's first shelter-in-place order following the island's first diagnosed case of Covid-19.. A bit late, Gov. “A lot of people are retreating, whether they’re going to the Cape or New Hampshire or some more isolated place that’s off the beaten path,” said Rufus Gifford, the former US ambassador to Denmark, who on Tuesday was en route to Nantucket, via Steamship Authority ferry, from his home in Concord. In a recent online discussion, one part-time resident responded to calls to avoid the Vineyard by announcing that as a tax-paying homeowner on the island, he would soon be arriving with his wife and dog, with or without a blessing. GIFFORD: I think I would look him straight in the eye and say, “Sir, I have an enormous respect for this office, but understand that your presidency only speaks to part of this country. “Get used to it. “I have to be constantly ‘on,’ which is exhausting,” he says, “but also exhilarating. I feel that my mission here is to remind them that the US has led the world in liberation, from the Marshall Plan to the Civil Rights movement, to women’s liberation, to LGBT equality.” Unabashedly patriotic, Gifford remarks, “I will never say the US is perfect. Please do everything you can. It traces Gifford’s day-to-day life in the Danish capital with his husband-to-be, 55-year-old veterinarian Dr. Stephen DeVincent. The ambassadorial residence known as Rydhave, located in the tony neighborhood of Charlottenlund, was appropriated by the Nazis in 1943 and served as their headquarters during their occupation of Denmark under Werner Best. Your presidency is speaking to your base and your base only. | Nantucket MA 02554. John Gifford's Reputation Profile. One where there is a legitimate sense that the government has the people’s back. Select this result to view Charles K Te Gifford Jr.'s phone number, address, and more. One which is hopeful and unified. I want to present my values first and foremost. He also said he hoped the animosity of full-time residents would be short-lived. Rufus Gifford is the son of prominent Boston banker and civic leader Chad Gifford and his wife, Anne. “My favorite thing about this job is that there is no average day,” says US Ambassador to Denmark Rufus Gifford, answering the front door of the palatial ambassadorial residence in Copenhagen. It’s 7:30 on a Monday morning and he is accompanied by his yellow Labrador retriever, Argos. It’s where my blood pressure plummets. If they want to come in July or January, we’d welcome them.". And you get a sense that society is failing certain people.

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