And of course, heritage. Modern Samoan tattoos are incorporating more motifs and symbols of Polynesian culture, shark teeth, ray, sun, etc, which are considered to be part of tribal tattoos. See related links to what you are looking for. Ausogi’aso tele is a comb used for making thick lines while Ausogi’aso laititi is used for making thin lines. Malu is a word in the Samoan language for a female-specific tattoo of cultural significance. Maybe this is the way to inherit the unique cultural identify of Samoans. Great for classrooms, home-schools, and more. [7] The contemporary meanings and significance of malu are often vigorously contested and in recent years this has become especially noticeable in social media forums when tattooists and tattooed people share photographs of their tattoos. Wendt, A. It is one of the key motifs not seen on men. Engaging a tufuga was expensive, requiring gifts of food and fine mats, and the procedure, which lasted many weeks, was painful and cloaked in formalities. Sausau is used for striking the combs. However, the malu is not important to all Samoans, or the only symbol of an individuals commitment or participation in Samoan cultural life. The design is very intricate with a series of lines, curves, geometric shapes and patterns. Get 5% in rewards with Club O! Get free delivery On EVERYTHING* at Overstock - Your Online Art Gallery Store! Likewise, all patterns in a Polynesian tattoo mean … Required fields are marked *. KEYWORDS: Commercialization, Malu, Tatau, Samoan Tattooing, Perceptions, Social Media, Online Discussion Forums INTRODUCTION The art of Samoan tattooing or Tatau has been widely researched by scholars. One relates to an American named Elsie Bach who worked as a Peace Corps volunteer in Samoa in the 1970s. A young man with pe’a was respected and given a name of Soga’imiti for their courage. In the Samoan congregations of some churches, men and women have been discouraged from getting tattooed. Mallon, S. (2002). The Marshall Tucker Band Long Hard Ride Songs, [citation needed]. University of Hawaii Press. Most referenced their connection to the earth, family, the sea. Samoan tatau as global practice. [4], In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, only the district Paramount Chief's daughter was eligible to wear the malu and it was applied to these young women in the years following puberty. It is often sufficient reward for the novice to have the opportunity of practice and to be well fed during the period occupied by the operation...For the daughter of a high chief, who is to become the village taupou, it can be readily understood that an expert artist would be requisitioned and his reward greater. Many would not not allow me to photograph them, out of respect for…, Because I've been carrying my Nikon every day to work, I completely lose my energy on the weekends. The tattoos for women in Samoan culture are not as intricate and extensive as in males. Xslt Transformation Examples, According to Samoan scholar Albert Wendt and tattooist Su'a Suluape Paulo II, in tattooing the term ‘malu’ refers to notions of sheltering and protection. [2][3] Samoan women were also tattooed on the hands and sometimes the lower abdomen. The response was always a 'spiritual' one. Many would not not allow me to photograph them, out of respect for…, Because I've been carrying my Nikon every day to work, I completely lose my energy on the weekends.

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