For example, if you have lots of numbers you can look up the individual meaning in each number then add to the single digit for the meaning within that message. See also: 6 Real Physical Signs Someone Is Thinking About You. Their goal is to open your eyes and see things differently (from what they really are), which is not an easy task. They help you realize your true self and they show you who you really are (not who you want to be). Let’s say that you’re constantly thinking about your twin flame, whatever you do and wherever you go. Circle each pattern with its own colored ink. The Easy Way To Track & Interpret Universal Messages: Example: 11:11, Clock, Driving in the car. A spell to meet your soulmate will first find your soulmate. Then breathe fully and relax. If this is happening to you, do not worry (you’re not crazy). You will meet and there is no power that can keep you apart for long. What is a ‘twin flame’ relationship? Do you ever feel like your twin flame is sitting next to you? Your souls are going through the process of preparing for a reunion and constantly dreaming about each other brings you even more closer and helps you bond at a spiritual level. These signs and syncs present to help guide you to the right path. There are many websites that allow you to buy spell kits. Then you should visualize your soulmate coming to you. You should keep breathing until you feel calm. The chances are that you’re thinking about them because they are thinking about you. You can use a spell to get something done. 1+2=3 which refers in Twin Flame to the 3rd and final incarnation of the Soul Beings which are in journey to Union in this lifetime. For example, seeing 11:11 is the Universal Synchronicity meaning “pay attention” because a message is being delivered. This should reveal a clear message to you. A spell can be short or long depending on what you are trying to accomplish. You will find the soulmate you have been waiting for so long. i recently broke up with my ex and keep asking Universe if i should wait for him , i have been seeing his initials in licence plates and the model of his car even same color more often recently. So, when you look at yourself in the mirror, you always tend to look for imperfections on your face or body. Signs can and will be quite specific. I’ll call it The Reflection Principle. Wherever you go and whatever you do, their energy is always with you and that is why you feel like they are there next to you even when they’re not. Seeing someone’s name or hearing someone’s name or even seeing numbers in any particular sequence doesn’t have anything to do with Twin Flame. And now I’ll tell you why. Remember, it’s best to have many signs written down in a row before sitting down to interpret them. Before diving deeper into the signs saying that you’re nearing your twin flame reunion, let’s first explain the meaning of the concept ‘twin flame’. I also repeatedly said the number 2 when someone asks me for the time and its actually 8. i keep seeing theo everywhere.. In Numerology we have the individual numbers which bring certain meaning and we also add to the single digit which brings a message with that meaning. For example, if you have something or someone in your mind or in your subconscious mind, you might begin manifesting Universal synchronicity and signs such as names, songs, etc. I am taking that as a sign from Universe in reaponse to my question, am i just being crazy or doea that mean anything, I was in a car accident Monday, the guy that hit me, to the stranger that stayed with mr until the ambulance arrived, to my paramedic, to my trauma nurse, and even to the tow truck driver that towed my totalled car off the road were all named Chris. So, if in doubt, try reversing whatever you’ve been doing / thinking / feeling / etc., and see if these signs lighten up a bit. And the higher your vibrations, the higher the possibility of reuniting with your twin flame. ‘My intention is to find my one true soulmate.’ You should get another white candle and light it. e. Focus on your happiness, embrace it, write and draw about it and wait patiently to witness and celebrate your twin flame reunion with your twin soul. You can thank the spirits after you have completed the spell to attract your soulmate. This is why you should use a spell to find your soulmate. ‘We are going to unite by love.’ Then you should put the flames together and say ‘We are becoming one.’ You should blow out the flames. If you’re being inundated with syncs and signs, then you clearly aren’t understanding whatever the messages are and you really need to get on the right path. You can use a Wiccan spell to find your soulmate so that you can get together. You should make a circle and then sit in the middle of it. Seeing 1 is like the Yin or Yang again (repetition) in the “11” and 8 is the number of Infinity. If you’re still a little bit confused about it, I’ll try to explain it to you with an example. This girl was someone that I fell for super fast and super hard, so I don’t know if it’s a sign to try and talk to her or if it’s a sign that thank god we are no longer speaking to each other, And I’m also seeing my cousin Melissa’s name constantly since I am began to handle a personal matter on Friday afternoon, Can someone please help me interpret these synchronicity messages? Shastri Ji Again, the Universe will keep sending this information to you until you correctly receive and understand the messages they’re sending. t: And that is why you should always pay attention to those inner sensations displaying their excitement about things that are about to happen. Then, look at what you have circled. It is someone with whom you have a connection with. There’s one thing you need to understand about this one. To know for sure, here are 10 revealing signs that you’re close to a twin flame reunion—reuniting with your twin soul! Signs can mean different things as well. If you’re interacting with your twin flame while meditating or on a spiritual plane, it means you’re connecting with each other at a deep, spiritual level and you are creating the ultimate, indestructible bond. It’s also a sign of Manifestation and a sign regarding Divine Timing. Let's hope your soulmate has a cool name. You want to be with someone who understands you like no one else does. These practices help you attract your twin flame into the real world and vice versa. Then the universe will bring you two together in the most magical way possible. Then you should feel the love flowing through. If you are ready to find your soulmate then using one of the spells outlined above is a great way to start. Then say ‘Wind spirit, help me get what I want.’, Then turn right and say ‘Water spirit, help me accomplish this.’ Then turn 90 degrees and say the following. Once you have finished writing the qualities, you should cast a circle around you. So, to speed up the reunion process and to be able to see the signs more clearly, it is recommended that you spend a few minutes per day meditating or simply breathing deeply and clearing your thoughts of all the negative energy and toxicity that have accumulated in your body. Remember, the Universe never sends more syncs and signs than you’re able to handle. Meditating and replenishing yourself with positive thoughts will protect your inner energy and you will attract your twin flame in no time. A twin flame relationship is passionate but most of the time it is far from a long-term relationship. Then say ‘I deserve the soulmate I am going to attract.’, You should then take one white candle in each hand. You will find a deep connection with your soulmate when you meet them and know they are the one. Feeling their energy is the ultimate sign that you’re getting closer to a reunion and that their energy inside your body will soon convert into a real, physical presence. The term ‘divine timing’ means that your own energy is in alignment with a certain thing happening. These numbers are also called The Twin Flame Code or an Awakening Code, so if you keep seeing them, know that things are about to change sooner than you might think. This is why we oftentimes will see much repetition and duplicate signs. I bet they do. You should then say ‘Earth spirit, support me with your strength.’ Then you should light the first red candle in front of you. A Wiccan spell to find your soulmate is as follows. What are the signs that you’re about to experience a twin flame reunion—reuniting with your twin soul? Then the universe will bring you two together in the most magical way possible. However, if you’re ultimately feeling happy in your own skin and feeling good about a possible reunion, then you can be sure that everything will be just fine because your intuition is the ultimate guide and the strongest weapon in your possession. This is why you should use a spell to find your soulmate. They will keep showing up until you have received and correctly understood the message they’re sending. When your body and soul are sensing that a twin flame reunion is close, your mind starts collaborating with them and that is why you start seeing repeated symbols around yourself. A Wiccan spell to find your soulmate can be used by anyone. There are certain symbols and images that can keep popping into your mind when you least expect, thus making you utterly confused about them. Seeing or hearing a certain name or set of numbers often or in repetition is called a SYNCHRONICITY. I’ve been asking for a lot of knowledge to be presented to me and preparation be made within myself for a deep change and my inner child to be who she was meant to be for me to find me dream. You will meet and there is no power that can keep you apart for long. Then you should put the paper where you wrote on top of the tarot cards. It may sound absurd but you know that you’ve become whole when you don’t really give a fuck about a reunion and when you feel utterly complete on your own. These kits have all the ingredients that you need in one place. Once you have a full page, look for repetition within. Even though twin flames can literally drive you crazy, their main purpose is to help you experience the process of awakening. But this doesn’t have to be so because everything happens for a reason. Your soul is intuitive about what will happen next, even though you have no idea about it yet. So, if you notice that your twin flame is occupying your mind lately, it means that the same thing is happening to them due to the future reunion. but usually in a situation where they are a love interest, like in some games i was playing or someone i find pretty and then i find their name is also theo

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