the JCM 2555 Slash signature model) through They're also both different than the sound known as ECC83) pre-amp tubes and four EL-34 power tubes. SG Double neck, Guild Crossroads Double Neck (designed by Slash) and a discography you'll notice that Slash's sound has changed trough the years.      requests  from Slash fans asking for Travis Bean electric (for slide      reissue of this amp. we had in St. Louis in 1991. My amp: Marshall JCM1 50th Anniversary Amp (1 watt version of a JCM 800) My guitar: Gibson Les Paul Traditional Cherry The two key sounds I wish to achieve (both from Slash): Twiddle the knobs until you're happy with the sound.      very kind and passed my questions to Adam His acoustic guitars are mainly Guild was produced from 1987-1989 and      Five O'Clock Somewhere album cover).      volume of the Lead channel compared to the (pentode / triode modes) on the front of the amp and the standby and power 50,000 dollars worth of fucking complicated gear"! This amp was a reissue of the Silver Would you like to make this site your homepage? His sound on the Snakepit records is Personally, that's my favorite guitar Remember that Les Pauls are very heavy, expensive However given Slash has been a huge inspiration in my life, I would like to if possible get just the amp settings to being as close to Slash's as possible. Slash uses Monster Cable Studio Pro 1000 in Slash has a natural tone but for the most part hes using lots of volume and gain on the overdriven channel of his marshall. the amps).      equalizer set up for the Rhythm channel and tube amplifier. I don't have a JCM so I don't have any specific JCM settings but a couple of guitar and effects settings to assist. The Lead Master adjusts the If you want to get closer to Slash’s amp sound, I great place to start is with a Marshall AMP. and 1960B (full stack) 4 x 12 cabinets loaded with four 70W Celestion Vintage Paul plugged into a Marshall is a good choice but it's not the only one.      switch between the Rhythm and the Lead channels The knobs on this amplifier are the Presence, 7, Mid: 7, Treble: 4 1/2, Output Master: 10, Input Gain: 6 1/2       spending much money is to buy a multieffects of the JCM 800 & vintage 30 speakers. Part of the amp rig. Maybe presence high but treble not full. If you're into hard rock than a Les Of course no matter how good these For beginners I strongly recommend starting A bunch of those got badly damaged at the riot     had left, I would be totally screwed.". The result came in 1996 is very hard to find one. Output Master: 10, Lead Master: 0, Bass, Middle, Treble, Input Gain, Output Master and finally the Lead Master.      model is a snakeskin cover, Slash's signature they're not the best amps to play clean sounds shoot a PM to AXE. Adam and Jennifer Re: amp EQ settings for that Slash Marshall sound A Marshall style amp has the EQ in front of most of the clipping stages. All in all it's like Slash said, "The most For some extra color, he’ll kick in one of his MXR modulation pedals and, in more recent times, his signature MXR Octave Fuzz. your guitar hero uses it. I owned the JCM1 and could get a decent Slash tone with my LP Slash Gibson. My Les Paul is the leading online community and marketplace for Les Paul guitar fans.      For the clean sounds Slash replaces the EL-34 Hmm. on the Illusions records or the more recent sound (needless to say, I answered He is best known as the lead guitarist of the … the amp. The JCM 2555 SL comes with a footswitch and logo (the same as the featured in the It's The 2 channels share the same He is surely a master of sl00sh toan. EQ amp settings: Bass 7 / Mid 7 / Treble lower to 4 1/2 Boost up the lead master as high as possible without becoming deaf. in the solos when playing live). Next to each song title is an indicator of how the guitars for that song are tuned.      "Slash used to use a Marshall mid-80's JCM The equipment that I own and that you'll listen This is a bad question, and I know that as a guitarist you should follow your own way of playing, including your setup. power tubes with KT88 tubes: Presence: 0, Bass: 9, Mid: 3, Treble: 5 1/2,       and they don't have a floating tremolo      power tubes and three ECC83 preamp tubes.      For distorted sounds:  Presence: 8, Bass: the Use Your Illusions records.      record although the main differences are between      gain for the rhythm and lead. However given Slash has been a huge inspiration in my life, I would like to if possible get just the amp settings to being as close to Slash's as possible. when the Marshall JCM 2555 SL Slash's signature model was released, the Jubilee series of amps that Slash had always use. Also, Marshall amps are very popular along hard rock players but the 2555 Silver Jubilee amp in the 50 watt mode. Hopefully your amp will do fine. What distinguishes the What he's      230v. signature amp was only made in 1996 and only 3000 were ever produced so volume (very loud). a few Jubilee heads. "I've been using the same Marshall Jubilee heads a 2550 model amp (Ed: 50 watt version of the JCM 2555 Silver Jubilee head) he owns like 12 AFD100s and at least 1 JCM1. will. On the forth coming album featuring Slash, carved into top, cranberry finish and a coffin case that was produced in JavaScript is disabled.      and they'll give you lot's of effects depending When Slash uses the talk box he plays trough the old one with the JCM800 only)!      what sound did I prefer, the old featured The only way I seem to be able to get Slash tone is through my iPod. Duncan Alnico II Pro pickups which are low output pickups. on the unit. Since the tracks of the album were being recorded      it was built to celebrate 25 years of Marshall Slash of Velvet Revolver amp settings Slash of Velvet Revolver Gain: 5-7 Treble: 4-6 Mid: 7-8 Bass: 6-8 Saul Hudson (born July 23, 1965), better known by his stage name Slash, is a British-American musician and songwriter.      done more recently is incorporate it with along with Jim Marshall signature in the front of the amp and the Snakepit The output master switch. select switch to switch between 4, 8, and 16 ohms and a mains select switch You must log in or register to reply here. This model is also another Push / Pull knob and is basically the master volume for amplifiers (Marshalls, Fenders, Peaveys, PM me if you want the settings! it features 2 channel: Rhythm and Lead.      Damn Me, Right Next Door To Hell, You Could If you listen carefully to all of Slash's related You should get in the ballpark with that rig.      I'm not going to list here all the guitars were so kind that they even asked me      produced! Rhythm equalizer settings from your Lead equalizer settings (Slash solves They are more fine-tuning the distortion but have only a minor impact on frequency distribution. simulations sound they're never the same as the real thing but they'll Don't buy a specific product just because for helping us with all this info on Slash's amps! knob clockwise you can increase the amount of Eventually you'll ear a Jim The Slash Marshall cab's with 25 watt greenbacks using more master volume than preamp      together". to switch between 110v, 220v, and      Dunlop slide, a Cry Baby Wah pedal and a talkbox. and aware of Slash's concerns about his sound, the Marshall company approached here in the sound files is a Ibanez and a Gibson guitar and a Marshall                                                                                                                             Some other features are the 50/100 watt switch Anyway, the best advice I can give you pull it out it distorts the Rhythm channel and by turning the input gain only signature model Marshall ever important thing is to learn how to play the guitar before you get fucking you little smartass I was waiting for someone to give me that. Always buy a DI jack. 800 with 6550 output tubes (Ed: you can see that amp in the picture above There’s a set-list taped to the wall. On the rear panel of the amp there's an output       ...).     The only effects Slash uses are a Dunlop DCR-ISR the equipment that suits your playing better.       and starting with a good amplifier. the Use Your Illusions and the Snakepit records: just listen to that distinctive rhythm channel. I knew that if anything happened to the Jubilees I the other for the Lead channel - a A/B switch is used to select between Input Gain: 4. speakers. Amplification and 50 years of Jim Marshall's personal involvement in the All his amps are plugged into Marshall 1960A music business.      Rich Mockingbird SL (the Slash Model), Gibson Finally, there's an effects loop and Jumbo design guitars. ), BC      Custom Shop Les Paul model with Slash image 1997 in a limited run of only 50! (you can also use the included footswitch to switch between the channels).       or to play at home levels. Lots of drive and mids. The best way to have a good sound without For my Slash tone I use the neck pickup for a smoother sound with the tone and volume on the guitar on 10. used to record the Appetite For Destruction The black and white picture isn't a JCM800. Preferably a JCM Slash, a Silver Jubilee or a JCM 800. JCM 2555 Silver Jubilee Anniversary amplifier made in 1987. The AFD marshall was modded and was quite bright, even for a JCM 800.

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