Ihr könnt beschleunigte Items verwenden, um eure Gebäude- und Upgrade-Jobs für Gebäude schneller abzuschließen. Does not apply to STO, Manual attempt to cancel all current activations but probably does nothing, toggle scope on/off. Appears as a chat bubble above head, same as emote but doesn't display text in chat. Increase or decrease the throttle by X amount. logout: Log out the current character. It can select targets very far away, so mind your BOffs. Es gibt auch einen neuen Kampfpass. Macros can be edited in eaMacros section of Live\ui_settings.txt created with ui_save. Performs a swap if the new location is not empty. Unbind a key stored on your character. Kirk, Spock, Nero und weitere bekannte Gesichter sind in Star Trek: Fleet Command integriert. Follow an enemy until within combat distance or follow a friend until within the numerical distance appended to the command, Completely forget about the target and stop following it. Only works while not at red alert. These four commands set and reset the starting location and movement of the yellow action box that appears on the tray while in shooter mode. Send chat to other players in the same zone (same map) and same instance, Toggles the whitelist for all chat. GameMenu: Opens the game pause menu bug: Report a problem with the game. Go to the character select screen without logging out. Hier gibt es die Android-Version des Spiels. Brain Test 2 will es erneut wissen – wie schlau bist du? You have to register before you can post. Targets the nearest enemy in view and within the given aft firing arc, Targets the nearest enemy in view and within the given forward firing arc, Targets the nearest enemy in view and within the given side firing arc (starboard and port), Targets the nearest enemy that is "exposed", and switches to a weapon that can exploit the target if one is equipped. Respond "OK" to an open dialog box; may not work in all dialogs. Changes the point of view to what the character would see looking straight up. Damit ihr das Game gut meistert, verrate ich euch hier die 7 besten Tipps zum Spiel. Fragt eure Allianzen vorher lieber einmal, ob sie euch unterstützen können. Reply to recent tell. Und auch Cpt. Restart a currently playing demo. This command does not add any keybinds for showing the UI when the user presses escape, Sets the additional delay, in seconds, before tooltips appear, AutoDescDetailInspect : Sets the autodescription detail on inspect, AutoDescDetailTooltip : Sets the autodescription detail on tooltips, BattleForm <0/1>: Disable/Enable BattleForm. Damit ihr euch in dem Spiel auch zurechtfindet, verrate ich euch hier einige Tipps und Tricks. Load entity keybinds from the given filename. It can be combined with other movement commands listed here to enable running in that direction. Konzentriert euch auch auf den Abschluss der Kampftrainingsmissionen, um viele Belohnungen zu erhalten (die ihr für die Verbesserung eurer nutzen könnt). Hide a gen on the window layer that is specific to PC or Xbox. Welcome to the dummies guide on how to get stronger in Star Trek Fleet Command. | Prepending the command with ++ turns it into a toggle, Turn on chat log. Posted: 12 August 2016 06:45 AM [ Ignore] Cadet Total Posts: 24. Stop recording any demos started earlier with DEMO-RECORD. Wenn ihr mehrere Schiffe für die Bereitstellung besitzt, Seid ihr mit dem Schiff fertig, sendet es an eure Station zurück, damit es sich in einer, Dieser Prozess soll euch dabei helfen, neue Sonnensysteme zu entdecken, mehr Truhen zu erhalten und eine, Sobald ihr das 10. Shout-Out EldoradoGG Buy Cheap WoW Classic Gold, with best rates ! TrayChangeIndex : Change the UITray's displayed Tray by a positive or negative amount. Usage: /screen Width Height, Called when running on old drivers or unsupported hardware, Toggles the window between restored and maximized, Disables use of shader model 2.0b and higher for the renderer only, leaving full-featured materials. Assist "" : Assists the Entity with the matching name. If something is targeted, clear the target, If nothing is targeted, bring up the main menu. Seid ihr schlau genug für diese Spiele-Apps – findet es hier heraus. if true, then log the player back into their most recent static map instead of anything else. sets current active costume. PowerEmit : Sets the emit point of the Power. Die Kämpfe hätten etwas anspruchsvoller sein können, aber dieses Manko macht die Grafik wieder wett. The box can be moved by the player and the slot locations it highlights can be activated with the same few keybinds making it possible to access the entire tray without leaving shooter mode. Sets the quality level for world textures. (Auto inserts last tell sender's name. Ich bin seit mehr als 20 Jahren in der Games-Branche und schreibe hier nur über die Spiele-Apps, die mir gefallen. Mehr als 3.600 mobile Games gibt es hier! Changes the current power configuration to one of the four that are saved in the ship power levels box. If the given gen is a list, activate the selected row. If the given gen is a list, run the selected callback. Re: Star Trek Fleet Command glänzt vor allem durch Bugs und hohe Preise Autor: Elmenhorster 08.02.19 - 14:11 Will man bei Fleet Command wirklich "oben" mit spielen wollen und nicht ständig fürchten müssen, dass man leer geräumt wird, muss man schon 6-stellige Beträge investieren. Unbind a key from a command (this happens automatically when rebinding as well). Use the specified renderer device type (valid options: Direct3D9, Direct3D11), Sets the current screen position and resolution. Create a more convenient alias for a longer command. Aber irgendwie wirkt es ein wenig überladen. Dan Dare. Set the throttle to a single position and leave it there. Turn on combat log. This will restore the default bindings for all keys. Only use as a last resort if there is no other way to get unstuck, Move or resize various elements on the screen, Show/hide people UIs (friends, search, etc.). Auf die Frage, auf welche Art und Weise das Spiel den Star Trek-Fans vertraut sein wird und vor allem in welcher Hinsicht, sagte David Eckelberry (Game Designer bei Scopely): “Viele bekannte Elemente, Charaktere, Schiffe und Technologien werden sie [die Fans] in Fleet Command vorfinden. You can embed "{}" in the command to replace any arguments to the alias in the aliased command. Yes, click on your avatar, then click on “switch account,” then click on “reset account.”. Does not apply to STO, Power_Slot : Swaps the Powers in the PowerSlots. Show/hide the Micro-Transactions UI (for buying stuff with real money). Falls ihr mir euren Spiele-Tipp mitteilen wollt: Tut dies gerne! Reduces the resolution of textures to only use the reduced (mip-map) textures. Clearing the target also includes closing focused windows, Target "" : Targets the Entity with the matching name surrounded by quotes. 0 = simple, 1 = soft z occlusion, Sets various shader related rendering settings, only some values are allowed (0=low, 10=high), Sets the maximum allowed framerate when the application is not in the foreground, sets the maximum shadow casting lights per frame, Adds a per-frame sleep to artificially reduce CPU/GPU usage to help with overheating (will also slow the game down), Enables and disables soft shadows (poisson filtering), Prints out the amount of time a stall took whenever a stall occurs, Sets the minimum size that textures will be reduced to (requires -reduce_mip > 0), 0 = scattering off, 1 = scattering on high res, 2 = scattering low res, Smooth particle intersections with geometry by fading out near the intersection, Enables and disables screen space ambient occlusion, 0 = simple targeting graphics, 1 = glowing outline/inline effect, Sets the amount of anisotropic filtering to use, reloads textures, Turns off all lighting on objects and sets the ambient to the specified value, Forces skinning to only two bones to improve performance ("Simple Skinning" in the Options screen).

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