J.J. Oliver now able to transform into White Ranger and took them for his own. While the Red Zeo Ranger is powerful, Tommy's compromised Morpher deteriorates his Red Zeo power coin and Scorpina easily escapes.

At the end of the issue, he dons a brand new Green SPD Ranger outfit and is ready to keep the universe safe from the likes of Lokar, Zedd, and anyone else who threatens the safety of the Morphin Grid, boldly stepping into the role established by his father.

Click the button below to start this article in quick view. Although J.J. wears the Dragon Shield as the Green S.P.D. In his early 20s, JJ joined Shade Force Rangers to try and live up to his legendary father's expectations of him, but he was somewhat resentful of living in Tommy's shadow due to the pressure it brought on him. Zordon told Tommy that the Zeo Rangers become more powerful with age and Tommy has been the Red Zeo Ranger for 20 years. Before Homelander: Who Was Ultraman, the FIRST Evil Superman?

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They run into Scorpina and find out Tommy's son, JJ, is working undercover for SPD. He is the second White Shade Ranger of the Shade Force Rangers. Since he was a young child he's been consuming and studying comic books, movies, video games, heroes, villains, story arcs, and pop-culture. During the rescue J.J. used the last morph of the Master Morpher to become the original Green Ranger. Tommy was born in February 1985 in Starling City to his parents, Malcolm Merlyn and Rebecca Merlyn.

When Malcolm had an affair with Moira Queen, the affair also led to the birth of Thea Queen, Tommy's paternal half-sister.In between the two years, Tommy … He is the second White Shade Ranger of the Shade Force Rangers. After the battle with his son, Tommy finds a piece of the illegal crystal and uses it to track him with the help of Finster's magic.

Homeworld: Season: Gender: In his early 20s, J.J. joined S.P.D. Now he gets to relay a lifetime of passion and knowledge to the people! Tommy only has one Morpher in his possession and it's a special device called the Master Morpher. Green Ranger (II)S.P.D. RELATED: Power Rangers: Lord Zedd Is BACK - And That Changes Everything. J.J. Oliver is the son of Tommy Oliver and Katherine Hillard-Oliver, and an S.P.D. JJ is only briefly heard off screen, being told by his father to put his bike away. —J.J. Tommy's White Ranger form is arguably his strongest class and it's the next power up during his confrontation with Scorpina. WARNING: This article contains major spoilers for Saban's Power Rangers: Soul Of The Dragon by Kyle Higgins, Giuseppe Cafaro, Marcelo Costa, Ed Dukeshire, Nick Robles, and special consultant Jason David Frank.

When Tommy and Anara began looking for J.J. they screwed up his investigation.

He was taken hostage by Scorpina who intended to sacrifice him to Lokar to gain more power.

Jon graduated from Central Washington University with a Bachelor's in journalism and concurrently works as a head editor and digital content specialist for RespectMyRegion.com. Green Dragon Ranger.

J.J. Oliver is the son of Tommy Oliver and Katherine Hillard-Oliver, and the brother of Andy Oliver.

Soul of the Dragon Green Number of EpisodeAppearances: This sent Malcolm into a state of depression, even leaving Tommy for two years.

Color: A one-stop shop for all things video games. He & Anara were later called to action off planet, with J.J. using the last dregs of power from the Master Morpher to manifest the Dragon Shield along with his standard S.P.D. Green

He infiltrated a gang selling crystals that gave users the ability to obtain Ranger powers based on MMPR.

The story opens twenty years after Tommy is forced to lay down his Power Morpher and retire as the Green Ranger. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. Tommy is ambushed by one of the dealers but quickly shifts into turbo mode and Morphs into the swift Red Turbo Ranger. He went undercover to find and stop The Witch.

Scorpina is getting ready to sacrifice JJ to the demon-god known as Lokar. Even after Tommy flexes his Black Dino Ranger suit, the bar's occupants attack him and he swiftly defeats them and gets the information he needs to continue his search.

First Appearance:

Jason David Frank, who portrayed Tommy Oliver in the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers television show, is notably listed as a special consultant on the issue. Tommy has five power coins from five different eras of Power Rangers, and therefore has one last ride in each of his suits before retiring his Power Ranger legacy once and for all.

Red Zeo Ranger.

He was taken hostage by Scorpina who intended to sacrifice him to Lokar … Green Dragon Ranger.

X of Swords: What Do the X-Men's Fortunes Mean? On its last charge, JJ transforms into the mighty Green Power Ranger. Male 1 (Super Ninja Steel)1 (Graphic Novel)Full list of appearances

Hulk: Could Marvel's Modern Immortal Avenger Still Become the Maestro. He is the second Ranger to be only known by his teammates by his nickname, after. When Tommy was eight years old, his mother was killed by Brick as gang initiation in The Glades. Oliver.

"I will revenge for my friend's death!" uniform. He breaks free of Scorpina's grip and quickly takes out her minions so he can focus exclusively on her. This is when he finds out his Master Morpher is destroying his power coins and only has four more Morphs to find his son. J.J.'s Counterfeit Green Ranger costume is strongly reminiscent of the Power Ranger costumes worn in the. Tommy originally wielded the power of the Black Dino Ranger during Power Rangers Dino Thunder. Guardians of the Galaxy: Marvel Boy's New Costume Makes Him a Cosmic Rock Star. He infiltrated a gang selling crystals that gave users the ability to obtain Ranger powers based on MMPR.

Tommy's White Ranger powers dissolve after Scorpina delivers a massive blow. And he replaced Drackenmiller as the new White Shade Ranger because he died during battle with Lord Drakkon and slain by him. However, his Master Morpher is damaged and it destroys his power coins after each use. Cadet who morphs into the S.P.D. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers.

After the battle with his son, Tommy finds a piece of the illegal crystal and uses it …

His son used one of these illegal crystals to invoke the power of a Green Ranger and challenged his father on the battlefield. Fan favorite Power Ranger Tommy Oliver draws on a few final morphs for one last adventure in Power Rangers: Soul Of The Dragon. S.P.D. Before JJ even has the chance to deal with Scorpina, Lokar appears for his sacrifice. Guardians of the Galaxy's BEST Detective Just Adopted an Old Identity, Marvel and DC Resurrected Their Most Powerful Watchers. An aged Tommy Oliver is on a quest to save his son in Saban's Power Rangers: Soul Of The Dragon.

Lokar rules the Talos dimension and Scorpina made a bargain with him in exchange for enough power to destroy Rita Repulsa and the rest of her enemies.

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