These people these days saying the same recycled shit like "all the x nowadays worshipping satan" and "x sold their soul". This girl has no pupils and a snake is chilling on her head. Trippie Redd, US: Gold) Auszeichnungen für Musikverkäufe ... 2020: für die Single Topanga; 2020: für die Single Poles 1469; Anmerkung: Auszeichnungen in Ländern aus den Charttabellen bzw. Then, the video turns into an all-out ritual. While Trippie Redd appears to be an eccentric individual, his act is 100% in line with the elite’s agenda which includes normalizing satanism through deceptive symbolism. The crown of candles is a direct reference to Saint Lucy Day as celebrated in Italia, Scandinavia and some parts of the United States. It grabs people’s attention and makes them look cool and rebellious. All the community rules apply here. Made with the grand piano from the keyscape library. Charlie Wilson's Bound 2. But you're just reacting the way these artists want you to. Because of his use of shock. No respect for Saint Lucy. Do your research. In the spiritual context of the video, snakes can represent Satan taking the form of a serpent in the Book of Eden. Don’t try to knock a black successful man and say I’m satanic or illuminati. Sample Title/Composer Performer Time Stream; 1 : Topanga. Instead of submission to God, self pride and ego of the individual is used to order the spirits to carry out tasks such as levitation.” Description : A sad, dark emotional piano melody. The original gospel song has a heavy “Lord praising” vibe as the chorus goes like this: It ain’t over until God says it’s over I'm not a fan of his music as a whole but he does have some really good tracks here and there. 2006. Since a youngin’ I’ve been totin’ bangers Copyright © 2020 Limited. If you like the music then don't worry about what anyone says and just listen to it. Of course, Trippie Redd wasn’t the mastermind behind this video. by Trippie Redd. I seriously couldn't tell you myself how this ended up in my tens. "Topanga" by Trippie Redd sampled Maurette Brown Clark's "It Ain't Over". Please send your work with the loop ,I am pleased when i see the work of others. Through obscure yet unmistakeable references, the videos is an actual satanic Black Mass, complete with invocations and the desecration of Christian symbols and rituals. 2 | Free Dancehall…, Top Trap Kontakt 5 Libraries 2017 [FREE DOWNLOAD], FREE Trap Kit For Logic Pro X – Trap Attack, Black Ice Nexus Expansion 2018 by Dj Frosh, Loop Kit – 7th Heaven | 10 Original High Quality Samples With Stems by SYNTH SAVIOR, TRAP & BOOM BAP ‘CALIBER’ DRUM KIT by PHOBIA, ‘Golden Cole’ J Cole Drum Kit by Romax Beats, BUTTERFLY DRUM KIT by Yung Brix / Brixx Records, Free Acid [DrumKit] Sound Kit by NastyBoy, Rnb Hip Hop Sample Pack / Midi Kit by ANGELIC VIBES, ‘HILLS’ Trap Drum & Loop Kit by DJ XD BEATS, Splurge x ChasethMoney x Xanman x Valee Drum Kit by GELATO RICH, Starborn Drum Kit ft Ardist by Z minor Beatz, Trap/R&B Drum kit 2019 | DrumStar Vol.1 by FABESTAR, Synth Drumset – Preset for HALion Sonic SE by FreeMusicProduction. Fuck no. Things are about to get very satanic. Piano Loopkit coming soon. The latest mixtapes, videos, news, and anything else hip-hop/R&B/Future Beats related from your favorite artists, Press J to jump to the feed. CLICK PROFILE PICTURE TO FIND THE LINK Big time. News; Browse; Charts; Submit; 6º Game; GET AD-FREE WHOSAMPLED PREMIUM! Charlie Wilson's Bound 2 sample of Ponderosa Twins Plus One's Bound. This scene sums up the entire video. RYM has been updated with a new front page, a "New music" page, updated Sonemic charts, 50+ new features, fixes and improvements, and new subscriber features. spiritual, male vocals, uplifting, love, eclectic, repetitive, sampling. Description : I'm bad at guitar but i hope you enjoy anyways. That was the reason she became the patron saint for people who are blind and suffer eye disorders. Share your work with me! If you need more confirmation of the Satanic agenda behind Trippie, the lead single from his debut album provides it. Use the boards for extended discussion. The word “Topanga” appears approximately 6 times in the lyrics of this track. AllMusic Rating. eval(ez_write_tag([[468,60],'vigilantcitizen_com-box-3','ezslot_10',172,'0','0']));Trippie Redd is part of a new generation of artists that some affectionately call “mumble rappers”. Trippie Redd Topanga . The wreath of candles that was on Redd’s head is thrown on the ground. This clearly represents being possessed by evil. User Ratings (0) Your Rating. A look at the occult meaning of Trippie Redd’s “Topanga”, a video that is actually a Satanic ritual made to look cool for young people. Feel free to contact me if you want loop for you (CLICK ony my photo). juice wrld, killval, the kid laroi, thehxliday, trippie redd, lil tecca, polo g piano themed loop. – Ancient Pages, Why We Celebrate Saint Lucy’s Day. Comments that are off-topic or insulting to other users will be removed. The free trippie redd loops, samples and sounds listed here have been kindly uploaded by other users. Swedish girl as Saint Lucy wearing a crown of candles. Anyway this is the first Trippie song I 100% fw, his singing seems a lot more polished than shit like Love Scars and Poles1469, I feel like his singing sounds better because he left out all the "aaaaAAAUGH" bits, This is by far my favorite song of his that hes ever made, You should listen to never ever land, deeply scared and it takes time, he can sing but sometimes he likes to do wired stuff, Listen to Hellboy and Stoves on 14th. Trippie himself looks like a demon on his social media profile pic. In another scene, we see the result of Redd’s magical dealings. DM me on Insta! She prophesied against her persecutors, and was executed by being stabbed to death with a dagger. Please send your work with the loop ,I am pleased when i see the work of others.

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