When the two meet in the hallway she reveals to everyone that Sam and Miguel kissed and then viciously attacks Sam. Origin She has the upper hand over Sam for most of the fight, but when Sam starts to get the upper hand, Tory fights more viciously, using her spiked bracelet as a knuckle duster.

Tory Nichols There are two sides to Tory. The show makes a point of keeping its characters complex and nuanced, yet sets them on constant collision course to make sure that everyone has a nemesis to struggle against. The Karate Kid (2010): Master Li | Cheng | Liang | Zhuang | Song, Television When Johnny tries to confront Kreese, Tory and the other Cobra Kai students block his path. "Teachers can actually be sued if they put their hands on students in some way, so that is my guess," enchantedlife13 continues. They also point out that the teachers might simply opt to steer clear of the situation because it's above their pay grade. After work, her mother would often bring leftover food home from the restaurant so she could always feed her children. The most prominent conflict is between Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka) and Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio), and their lingering animosity from The Karate Kid days of the 1980s trickles down to the next generation. She enjoys being out with her friends as much as any teenager. In a Reddit thread about this potential plot hole, user MBmondongo questions the teachers' actions — or rather, the complete lack thereof — after hearing Tory's threat. One night she was caught red-handed by the manager and fired for stealing from the job, despite the fact the food would have been disposed of anyway. After all, when one teacher actually tries to intervene and gets promptly knocked down, another one immediately notes that he doesn't get paid enough for this kind of thing, and leaves. The Moment of Truth A later gift to GenKay as although our stories are VERY different, we both see the importance of Miguel and Robbby and the fact they have a stronger bond then other characters. There were no teachers in the classrooms just yet," Redditor genkaus theorizes. During the fight she kicks Miguel in the stomach because she was angry at him for kissing Sam.

Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka) and Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio). Warning: SPOILERS for Cobra Kai Season 2.. Cobra Kai season 2 introduced Tory Nichols (Peyton List) and many fans theorize that Cobra Kai's bad girl could secretly be the daughter of Ali Mills Schwarber (Elisabeth Shue) from The Karate Kid. Tory (Cobra Kai) Summary. "I believe this was before the classes started and while the announcements was still going on. 2001 (19 years old) However, some viewers have pointed out that a certain, pivotal scene in the pair's season 2 arc is downright strange. Occupation She is generally welcoming to those she considers her friends and acts flirtatious towards Miguel. She helps Miguel get over his breakup with Sam and ends up starting a relationship with him. In Season 2 Episode 10 (No Mercy), there is a slight error as Tory is seen walking up to Miguel's unconscious body next to a cop, but right at the next scene, she was seen lying down on the stairs again to where Samantha kicked her. Tory Nichols is a major antagonist in the YouTube Red/Netlfix original series Cobra Kai, serving as one of the main characters and a major antagonist in the second season.. She is a troubled teenager with a dark and cruel past. Beat up Sam for kissing Miguel. When Sam manages to push her back, Tory pulls her spiked wrist collar around her hand and punches Sam with it, gashing her skin. Tory Nichols is the tertiary antagonist in Season 2 of Cobra Kai. When Sam attempted to check in Tory's bag, Tory shoved her into a cart full of food. Still, regardless of the in-universe reason behind the teachers' lack of initiative, it's hard to be too sorry about it as a viewer — even though the ensuing brawl had tragic results for Miguel and pretty much everyone else. Powers/Skills Cobra Kai Despite Amanda's promise to have Tory expelled from school, it's possible that Tory is already expelled after all, given that she attacked a school staff member to warn Sam through the school's speakers that they would fight. The Next Karate Kid: Colonel Dugan | Ned Randall | Charlie | Gabe | Morgan Affiliation With its surprisingly complex themes and deliciously straightforward karate battles, Netflix's martial arts comedy-drama Cobra Kai has been enticing viewers left and right. Student of Cobra Kai Not everything on the show is complicated, though. She is openly flirtatious to Miguel, taking an interest in whatever he's doing and later, trying her best to help him get over Samantha. She is assertive and has a sarcastic sense of humor. Tory Nichols is a major antagonist in the YouTube Red/Netlfix original series Cobra Kai, serving as one of the main characters and a major antagonist in the second season. Full Name Her philosophy and worldview make her very easily embrace the Cobra Kai motto of "no mercy". It is evident that Tory along with the others blame Johnny for Miguel's injury and have betrayed him as a result. "Like you hear a person threatening your student for the whole school to hear and you don't at least: A) grab her and go to the admin or to the closest security guard; B) lock your classroom and call the principal or security, 911 or something?". Tory explained to Miguel Diaz that she grew up very poor with her family, and her mother was a waitress that struggled to make ends meet. She joins Johnny Lawrence's revived Cobra Kai dojo and becomes Miguel Diaz's girlfriend.

Tory was the daughter of a poor waitress who often struggled to make ends meet. She soon becomes friends with Aisha Robinson but develops a rivalry with Samantha LaRusso when the latter accuses her of stealing her mom's wallet. Love Interest(s) TheftAssaultSchool crimePossible attempted mutilation

Due to her sadistic and cruel tendencies, it's possible that Tory may have wanted to kill Sam or at the very least severely maim her due to her act of wearing her spiked wrist collar to hit her. Miguel attempts to pull Tory off of Sam but Tory shoves him away and continues going after her. However, after witnessing Miguel and Sam kiss she decides to punish Sam. Tory has a confidant and outgoing demeanor. The fight then sprawls into a massive brawl between Cobra Kai and Miyagi-Do, leading out into the lunchroom. When angered Tory has a similar demeanor to both Dutch and Mike Barnes. When John Kreese asks if any wants to take on Miguel, "the champ", Tory volunteers and faces off against him, fighting him to a standstill.

Enemies Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Peyton List's performance as Tory has been widely praised, having been called a departure from her previous family-oriented roles on shows like the Disney Channel's. In the teaser, Tory is shown walking in to, what seems to be some sort of club. Tory later goes with Aisha to a country club, where she meets Sam LaRusso and the two develop a dislike of each other when Sam accuses her of stealing her mom's wallet due to her having previously stolen a bottle of liquor from the country club bar. After all, Cobra Kai is still a show about karate and drama, and boy, did the episode deliver on both fronts. Evil-doer She has been described as a troubled teen who is new to the Valley, who speaks her mind and is willing to fight anyone who gets in her way. The surname is confirmed by Jon Hurwitz on. they ask. https://villains.fandom.com/wiki/Tory?oldid=4022876. The Karate Kid (1984): John Kreese | Johnny Lawrence | Dutch | Bobby Brown | Tommy | Jimmy Her striking technique is a bit sloppy but she makes up for it with her natural strength, speed, aggression, and fearlessness, allowing her to hold her own against the more technically proficient Samantha. Tory already had kickboxing experience before joining Cobra Kai. Sam's boyfriend Robby Keene tries to intervene and diffuse the fight but Miguel believing he is attacking Tory attacks Robby and then a huge school brawl between the Cobra Kai and Miyagi-Do Karate Dojos occur. Latest Appearance After witnessing Cobra Kai's demonstration at the Valley Fest Fair, Tory goes to the Cobra Kai dojo to sign up. Name Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. A recurring nightmare. Goals
On the first day of school she threatens Sam over the intercom.

She can be a bully, particularly to Sam, whom she views as uptight, privileged, and worst of all, her competition for Miguel. Series Information By using our Services, you agree to our use of cookies. Later, when Miguel goes to her to ask her for advice on repairing his relationship with Sam, Tory instead convinces him to go out with her culminating in them kissing and dating afterward. In fact, Johnny's star student Miguel (Xolo Maridueña) and Daniel's pupil Robby (Tanner Buchanan) — who's also Johnny's son — soon manage to develop an equally complex rivalry. Despite this, Sam still is able to fight Tory off and knock her down a stairway.

She joins Johnny Lawrence's revived Cobra Kai dojo and becomes Miguel Diaz's girlfriend. None She is portrayed by Peyton Roi List as her first villainous role. When Robby kicks Miguel off the railing Tory screams "Miguel" out of horror. That seems like a fairly valid point, because after Tory's announcement, it's pretty clear that a student's well-being is under jeopardy. Portrayed by Previously, she portrayed Holly Hills in the. After Miguel falls on the ground and is lying unconscious Tory and Hawk go to Miguel. Karate Training Thank you to TheEmpressAR for the help editing and assistance. First Appearance Cobra Kai season 2's ending brawl at West Valley High started because Tory wanted to fight Sam - and she even announced her intention over the school's loudspeaker. Peyton List, Miguel Diaz Eli MoskowitzJohnny Lawrence (formerly)John KreeseMitchRaymond. After witnessing a drunk Sam kissing Miguel at Moon's party on the last day of summer, Tory decides to seek revenge on Sam the next day on the first day of school. Later she is seen with Hawk, Raymond, Mitch and other students training at the dojo with Kreese as Johnny confronts Kreese telling him that she, Hawk, Raymond and others are now his students and that he owns the dojo now. Despite this, Tory seems to be very good at hiding her more vicious and sadistic nature from her friends, as she was able to convince Miguel that Sam was the aggressor in most of their encounters. However, Tory also has little regard for most rules, believing in doing whatever it takes to survive. Miguel Diaz(boyfriend/Unclear) Some viewers are asking a straightforward question: Why Sam's teacher didn't do anything to save her after Tory's hijack of the school's PA system on the Cobra Kai season 2 finale? Though the bad blood between the two is partially based on misunderstandings, it eventually boils over, and kick-starts a school-wide karate brawl that will leave a lasting impact on Cobra Kai season 3. When asked by Aisha about why she's joining Cobra Kai, Tory mentions that she's had a few kickboxing lessons in the past.
Tory Nichols Here's why Cobra Kai fans are puzzled about this Sam and Tory moment. Daniel's daughter Sam (Mary Mouser) and season 2 newcomer Tory (Peyton List) dislike each other pretty much instantly. No Mercy Spending time with Miguel Diaz.Tormenting Samantha LaRusso. After witnessing Sam and Miguel kissing she attempts to get revenge the next day by threatening Sam over the school intercom, viciously attacking her, and resorting to dirty tactics such as cutting her with a spiked bracelet.

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