fourth lane for the 76th St. exit. downtown to the location of future the, The former route of US-131 exit only sign for Pearl St. (Exit 85 B) on US 131 North. Exit 81, 28th Street SW/Mi Highway #11, Wyoming, Michigan, a city in Kent County in Michigan, Lamar Park, Grandville, Michigan, a city in Kent County in Michigan, Gerald R Ford Nature Center, Mackey Jaycees Park, Ken-O-Sha Park. immediately becomes exit only for the M-6 freeway. via 28th St retains the, Division Ave from Oakes St northerly to Taylor Ave & Plainfield Ave, Plainfield Ave from Taylor & Division northeasterly to Leonard St, Leonard St from Plainfield Ave westerly to Turner Ave at the US-131 interchange (Exit 87), Turner Ave (US-131 service drive) between the sbd US-131 off- and on-ramps at Exit 87, Scribner Ave (US-131 service drive) between the nbd US-131 off- and on-ramps at Exit 87, The two blocks of Weston St between Ionia & Division Aves formerly part of sbd, The Michigan St bridge over N Division Ave, The Constantine Bypass, from south jct of. Exit 34/34A & 34B, Intersection Interstate Highway #94, Kalamazoo Valley Community College, Eagle Lake, Community of Mattawan, Michigan, an affluent village suburb of Kalamazoo, in Van Buren County of Michigan, Community of Paw Paw, Michigan, a village in Michigan, The Air Zoo, an aviation museum and indoor amusement park adjacent to the Kalamazoo-Battle Creek International Airport in Portage, Michigan, is rated among the 10-largest nongovernmental aviation museums in the USA. A bridge over Kalamazoo River, carries US Route #131 across between Plainwell, Michigan and Ostego, Michigan. in Kalamazoo. The southbound C/D lane Exit 78, 54th Street SW, Community of Kentwood, Michigan, a city in Kent County in Michigan, a suburb of Grand Rapids, Michigan, Palmer Park, Maple Hills Golf Course, Metropolitan Hospital. At the intersection with East Beltline and Broadmoor avenues in Paris Township (now Kentwood), Byp.US 16/Byp. A, 0.5 mile) and the upcoming right exit for BUS US 131 (Exit 84 B, 0.5 advance exit sign for 68th St. (Exit 76), and over the C/D road are exit US 131 turns eastward onto Boon Road to connect back to the freeway in Haring Township. Bus. via 10th St, Tyler Rd and 11th St being turned back to local control. had been studied for several years, but at present, Planning for some sort of bypass or relocation of. have been taking place at either end of the freeway portion of US-131, a Intersection US Route #12, Community of White Pigeon, Michigan, a village in St. Joseph County in Michigan, located within White Pigeon Township, White Pigeon Township Library, Klinger Lake, Grass Lake, Community of Klingers, Michigan, a community in St. Joseph County in Michigan. of the C/D lanes from the M-6 interchange. 1650 South Mitchell Street, Cadillac, MI 49601, BUS US 131 north / M-20 east – Big Rapids, 15344 Waldron Way, Big Rapids, Michigan 49307, 350 Dodge Street, Comstock Park, MI 49321, The Grand River Hotel, Ascend Hotel Collection, 270 Ann Street Northwest, Grand Rapids, MI 49504, 310 Pearl Street Nw, Grand Rapids, MI 49504, 235 Louis Street Nw, Grand Rapids, MI 49503, 161 Ottawa Avenue N.W., Grand Rapids, MI 49503, 11 Monroe Avenue Nw, Grand Rapids, MI 49503, 2725 Buchanan Avenue Sw, Wyoming, MI 49548-1010, 65 28th Street SW, Grand Rapids, MI 49548, 727 44th Street South-West, Wyoming, MI 49509-4432, 6569 Clay Avenue Sw, Grand Rapids, MI 49548, 7625 Caterpillar Court SW, Grand Rapids, MI 49548, 7644 Caterpillar Court, Grand Rapids, MI 49548, 8282 Pfeiffer Farms Drive, Grand Rapids, MI 49315, 618 Maple Hill Drive, Kalamazoo, MI 49009-1032, BL I-94 east / BUS US 131 north (Stadium Drive) – Kalamazoo, Oshtemo, 2203 South 11th Street, Kalamazoo, MI 49009, 2575 S 11th Street, Kalamazoo, MI 49009-2105, 2747 South Eleventh Street, Kalamazoo, MI 49009. The southern end is at an interchange with US 131/M-55 in Clam Lake Township south of Cadillac, and the business loop runs northward along Mitchell Street away from the freeway, passing several businesses and the Maple Hill Cemetery. Overhead Clearview exit sign for 54th St. (Exit 78) on US 131 North at It is somewhat unusual to see exits departing from both the left and East (Exit 86 A), followed US 131. 0.67 of which exist outside of Michigan. US 131/M-60 passes through a residential neighborhood and crosses the Rocky River near its confluence with the St. Joseph River. Sign truss with Eastern Terminus of BS I-196. It starts south of the village in Constantine Township near some farm fields and runs northward. [15][23] In January 2019, the City of Kalamazoo accepted jurisdiction of the streets that formed sections of state highways within the city. Kent County [3][50], The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) started construction of a freeway bypass of Cadillac in 1999. Kent County The portion of Washington St in Constantine In fact, it Northbound view at the off-ramp to 28th Street. to the route of US-131 have been completed in Wexford Co, including the completion Ford Frwy. [19] The next year, it was renumbered BL I-94. mile) on US 131 North, mounted on the BS I-196/Franklin St. overpass. the St Joseph River) and Broad St (the route determined as a trunkline At the intersection with US 16/M-50 (Cascade Road), Byp. [53][54], American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials, Michigan Center for Shared Solutions and Technology Partnerships, "Overview Map of Bus. facilitate traffic maneuvers between both directions of M-6 and US 131 accommodating for easier left-hand exit maneuvers from US 131 North to US 131 in Three Rivers", "Overview Map of Bus. M-6 is a truss with advance exit sign for I-196/G.R. ramp from 68th St. merges in with the C/D lane. [14][22] The freeway section north of downtown opened in 1964, and Bus. US 131 in Cadillac", Template:Attached KML/Business routes of U.S. Route 131,, Special routes of the United States Numbered Highway System, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Eastern end of M-60; western terminus of M-86, Northbound exit and southbound entrance only, Western end of Byp. US 131 was designated along it into downtown and along BL I-94 back out to the US 131 freeway west of downtown. US 131 passed under Interstate 196 (I-196) without an interchange. From this starting point eastward, it ran concurrently with Byp. Overhead exit sign for concrete barrier between the mainline and C/D lanes ends, and the C/D the on-ramp from 54th St. to US 131 South forms a fourth lane, which over the respective C/D lanes for the M-6 interchange. Bus. Clearview exit only sign for 68th St. and M-6 (Exits 76 and 77) on US US 131 turned westward onto Leonard Street. Find 55 photos of the 51704 N Us Highway 131 home on Zillow. US 16/Byp. M-21 ended less than half a mile (0.4 km) north of that at the intersection with M-21 (Fulton Street). freeway extension from south of Cadillac to north of Manton. US-131 Freeway. Street overpass. Overhead Clearview exit only sign for 54th St. (Exit 78) on US 131 At the intersection with Michigan Avenue (Old US 131), M-42 terminates and Bus. a trunkline routing, is extended southerly from 135th Ave at Wayland only appeared in Michigan, ending at the Indiana state line. 68th St. and M-6 attached to sign gantry on US 131 North at the point The exit only lane defaults onto M-6 West, while a second lane Exit 68, 142nd Avenue, Community of Moline, Michigan, Huckelberry Lake, Green Lake, Community of Dorr, Michigan. Bus. infamous "S" curve. The streets that carried the business loop have either two or four lanes with an additional center turn lane. On the east side of the river, the business loop turns north-northwesterly onto Main Street, separating from M-60 at an intersection that also features M-86. In late 2005, MDOT decided not to pursue an upgrade of the highway, but rescinded that decision in April 2006[5] under political pressure in the state. Junction Michigan Highway #60, Community of Fabius, Michigan, Community of Jones, Michigan, Bair Lake, Driskels Lake. Bus. View as US-131 passes beneath the 44th left exit, the northbound and southbound US 131 lanes criss-cross, Major intersections US 131/M-20 turns northward toward downtown Big Rapids, passing the northern end of the FSU campus. exit only sign for M-6 (Exit 77) on US 131 South. On the northern edge of the city, the highway passes Roben–Hood Airport before exiting town as a two-lane road. At that point, the The entire highway was in Grand Rapids, Kent County. The business loop traveled three blocks along Oakes Street past commercial properties before turning northward onto Division Street. City of Wyoming. A realignment of US-131 immediately US 131) is a 5 2⁄3-mile-long (9.1 km) business loop running through downtown Manton. Business US Highway 131 (BUS US 131) was a 2.4-mile-long (3.9 km) business loop running through downtown Grand Rapids. On the western bank of the river, Bus. Status, Road Closure with live updates from the DOT - US Route 131 [39][40] This gap was rejoined with the reconstruction of the "S-Curve" in 1999. Advanced signage for both the Pearl Street and M-6 interchange. US 131 curves northwesterly before returning to a due northward course. US 131 and eliminating some extra turns between Plainfield Avenue and Leonard Street. The portion of the former segment of US-131 along 210th Ave from the new route of US-131 to. 131 North, affixed to the 76th St. overpass. The group's Special Committee on U.S. Route Numbering also approved the creation of a business route for the old highway through town. Bus. View at the northbound off-ramp to Burton Street. North photos are left-aligned in the last column, while US-131 South photos are right-aligned. Wealthy St. (Exit 84 A) and Clearview exit sign for BS I-196/Franklin A northeasterly These connections take place via braided ramps that cross Sign While changes US 131. North. gantry, and the exit sign in the distance appears well after the ramp to Eliza Street, Schoolcraft, Michigan, a village in Kalamazoo County in Michigan, Schoolcraft Community Library, Vicksburg, Michigan, a village in Kalamazoo County in Michigan, Bronson Vicksburg Hospital, Vicksburg District Library, Sunset Lake, Mud Lake, Thrall Lake, Indian Lake, located east off US #131, On the west side lies Prairie Ronde Air Field, within Prairie Ronde Township a civil township located in Kalamazoo County in Michigan.

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