Plarium won't do anything about it, that's why none of the admins have truly addressed the issue. Contact the player using the in-game mail. Plarium should absolutely pin a timer on these spots....why are they allowing this sort of ugly player interference? I can see some strategic reason for blocking these tiles,in fact I am aware of kingdoms where it is a policy to stop other kingdoms doing as has been suggested. If you notice that such players violate the Terms of Use, please let us know and send screenshots where the violation would be visible so we could investigate it. How long would it take to transfer 200 billion of each resource  assuming you even had it ? Though this may be possible if you are at least level 21,which will only give access to pioneer 2 . Many of the players squatting on the spots aren't even clan members and/or don't respond to requests to move. Please sort this out Plarium because you make a hell of a lot of money off this game and you should respect what your players are asking for pull your finger out and sort this out soon. Ok, I'll open with my 1 post, which is going to cause some discomfort to some. 12345 14-09-2020 00:57 Can you do it in 1 go? Share your experiences, log in now! In Vikings: War of Clans, you now can receive them after performing certain activities. Upgrade your achievements and become the mightiest Jarl in Vikings: War of Clans! CVC, kvk/r, fury. Teresa 20-10-2020 19:59 This is a combo achievement meaning one has to do more than two things to achieve it. 1 0. Share if you have had the same experience. Let us kill, maim, and invade in PEACE! If you want Plarium to respond to this problem. Any player could place their town at any free spot on the World Map. Have to repeat the process for each level. Our forums have gone through some significant changes! They established the Pioneer spots then changed the rules after some players maxed the achievement with low level Palaces. This will make them stop demonstrating this kind of unsportsmanship behaviour. Our forums have gone through some significant changes! We understand your situation however we can't perform any actions in regards to an account without the player's consent. New change was a poor decision forced on the majority to benefit the few. Not a good Secret Achievement ... all location is getting blocked by a town and a new level 1 stronghold areaÂ, i agree the area around those tiles should be blocked from any sh being allowed there and that the tiles in question are time sensitive where once achievement is gained the player is automatically relocated on the kingdom map if they dont move, this is just pure greed by some players demanding gold and they should be banned from the game on ALL accounts that they play with. Plarium really with this one. If you don't have your reward, then you need to reset your device. By upgrading an achievement’s level, you earn more economic and military bonuses.  had a player demand 5b silver to move the other day. In some kingdoms players were already there.  That tile is essentially blocked forever.  You should allow the holder of PoP in guarded status to clear any Pioneer tile.  That should liven up the competition for PoP a bit.Â. 3. No achievement. Pioneer Acheivement seems to have stopped working in the last 24-30 hours.  I move on, wait a minute, kill a ghost or invader and move off.

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